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  1. Serie A 07-08 Attendance Map

    The Serie A 08-09 season kicks off this weekend with a host of tasty fixtures (the highlight of the opening weekend being the Fiorentina v Juventus game on Sunday evening). Bill from has a map showing the 07/08 attendance …

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  2. Primera 07-08 Attendance Map

    The 08/09 Spanish Primera kicks off this weekend, a brief warmup before the international break for World Cup qualifiers. Bill Turianski does a nice preview of the season, looking at attendance figures from the 07/08 La Liga season.

  3. Who’s Better: Finnan or Arbeloa?

    Rafael Benitez has preferred Alvaro Arbeloa in the right-back position in recent times over Steve Finnan, and to be honest, it’s not a move that’s made much sense. On ability they are roughly equal, and Finnan has the added advantage …

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