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  1. How do you help football?

    The Internet is a great place to start a charitable campaign. If your message is rock solid and the destination for your funds instantly believable, serious funds can be raised. The message and the destination are intrinsically linked. ‘Cancer kills …

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  2. Bundesliga 07-08 Attendances

    Bill Turianski from has the map. Highlights: Hoffenheim are the fastest risers thanks to the club gathering a following from their surrounding region. 11 of 18 clubs get 40k or more fans on average. Compare this with England, where …

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  3. Newcastle sign Xisco for £4.8m

    Newcastle have completed the signing of Spain Under-21 striker Xisco, 22, on a five-year deal worth £4.8m from Deportivo. Necessary move before Owen heads to Tottenham so that Berbatov can head to United so that Campbell can go to Hull …

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  4. Serie A 07-08 Attendance Map

    The Serie A 08-09 season kicks off this weekend with a host of tasty fixtures (the highlight of the opening weekend being the Fiorentina v Juventus game on Sunday evening). Bill from has a map showing the 07/08 attendance …

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  5. Primera 07-08 Attendance Map

    The 08/09 Spanish Primera kicks off this weekend, a brief warmup before the international break for World Cup qualifiers. Bill Turianski does a nice preview of the season, looking at attendance figures from the 07/08 La Liga season.