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About ryandunny

Hello my name is Ryan Donovan and I'm from the great country of Ireland(Well it's not that great but theirs good craic!). I'm writing this blog to share my views on topics related to Manchester United, the Premiership and among other big football subjects. I hope you enjoy my blogs and talk to ya later! RyanDunny
  1. Wayne – Grow Up!

    What a difference six months make. Only last March Rooney was being cited as the second best footballer in the world and the only hope of England winning the World Cup on. Until that night in Munich where more misery …

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  2. Let’s Get Behind Wayne!

    Since Wayne Rooney scored that goal as a freshly faced 16 year old way back in October 2002 that ended Arsenal’s 30 game unbeaten run and alert the world that a new superstar had been born, it’s fair to say …

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  3. Ooh Aah Berbatov?

    Well that was crazy wasn’t it? I mean from the joy of watching United storm into a two goal lead to the despair of watching Liverpool pull two goals back in the space of six minutes to the sheer ecstasy …

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