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Oliver Rhodes

About Oliver Rhodes

20-year-old football enthusiast wanting to write more on the subject.
  1. Beckham Fever To Fashion In Paris?

    The story of David Beckham’s football career has been an extraordinary tale. And yet, even at the not-so-tender age of 36, the world’s most famous footballer appears to have another chapter. Currently, Beckham’s MLS career is dwindling towards its conclusion …

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  2. The Importance of Juan Mata

    Juan Mata’s £23.5million transfer seemed to happen on a breeze. With the perpetual summer transfer saga of Luka Modric, hype was outwardly reserved. However, now with the foliage on the floor and the Premier League blooming, Mata’s importance to the …

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  3. Troubling Times Ahead for Everton?

    Everton’s summer has been a downpour of disappointment. The tale of the club’s financial hardship may be legendary, but, after the recent transcript publication of their perilous situation, the reality is stark. The club has stagnated; the future forecast is …

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