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Max Zeger

About Max Zeger

Max Zeger is a soccer writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. He also writes a blog at His favorite clubs are Chelsea, and Everton. He also is a proud supporter of the USA national team.
  1. Twitter: More Reliable than the BBC?

    Oh, Inverted World!  Besides being my favorite Shins Album, it’s how I’m feeling about Twitter.   Allow me to explain. I’m on twitter.  I use it to connect with friends, colleagues, and American footballers who by and large are willing to have …

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  2. MLS 2008 Power Rankings: Week 15

    There were six games spread over this holiday weekend culminating in an exciting double header. Only DC and Toronto didn’t play, making the potential for a lot of movement. We saw 9 out of 14 teams switch positions and with …

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  3. MLS Power Rankings: Week 14

    7 games and much to think about. Week 14 highlighted the equality of MLS quite clearly. Each team receives 2.2 million dollars in cap space so naturally, teams will be relatively even. This was evident in Week 14. Six out …

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  4. Jack Warner, Unethical or Savvy?

    Jack Warner is the President of Concacaf, Vice-President of FIFA, and one of the sketchiest businessmen you could encounter. His questionable ethics when it pertains to advancing his own self-interest and that of Trinidad & Tobago are legendary.

  5. The USA will beat England. Here is why…

    This article refers to a previous USA-England matchup. Follow the latest England v USA match here. The USA is the habitual underdog in football, and England is the habitual underachiever. Those two virtues make the upcoming friendly exceedingly interesting. The …

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