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About mattwood040

Matthew Wood is a freelance sportswriter and blogger specialising in football and cricket; more of his commentary and analysis can be found at or you can follow him on Twitter @balanced_sports.
  1. Mario Balotelli: Where’s the fun?

    I’m sure your mum said, like mine, that a joke’s only funny when everyone’s laughing. In forgetting Mum’s golden rule, Mario Balotelli has drawn heat from his manager Roberto Mancini and teammate Nigel de Jong. His attempted back-heel goal from …

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  2. An Apology for Carlos Tevez

    An apologetic … for Carlos Tevez? Just days after a scathing open letter? The same guy writing both? I guess stranger things have happened – remember Julian Faubert once played for Real Madrid. Less than a week ago, I suggested …

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  3. An Open Letter to Carlos Tevez

    Dear Carlos Tevez, For five years now you’ve been a shedload of trouble for the entire English Premier League. With this letter, I’d like to invite you to please stop moaning about the loneliness of Northern England and return to …

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