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Matthew Wood is a freelance sportswriter and blogger specialising in football and cricket; more of his commentary and analysis can be found at or you can follow him on Twitter @balanced_sports.
  1. The Need For Advanced Football Stats

    As a sports fan living in America, you’re bombarded with statistics of increasing complexity across every sport – except football (or soccer, as the US calls it). Football analysis still relies on the same football statistics we’ve seen for years, …

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  2. Golden Generation or Fool’s Gold?

    Barring an almighty flop, England will qualify for Euro 2012. They’ll do so in marginally convincing fashion, maybe even topping a group which while not robust, provided more challenging than first thought. Now, England manager Fabio Capello said he knew …

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  3. Was Luka Modric right to ask not to play?

    The Guardian reported after Sunday’s match against Manchester City that Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric asked manager Harry Redknapp not to play. Allegedly, the Croatian said his “head was not right”, echoing Redknapp’s own words on the player from only a …

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  4. The next step for Financial Fair Play

    It is fact that the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in European football grows evermore larger. Last season in the English Premier League proved this adroitly when Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure reportedly earned more per week than …

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  5. Mourinho out of time in Madrid?

    Jose Mourinho has many gifts. For organisation, for having team buy into a philosophy, for quick quips and irritation. It’s perhaps fitting that a master of hyperbole has been pilloried by the more rampant sensationalists in the British media concerning …

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