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Chris Mann

About Chris Mann

I'm a 20 year-old student from England with a bit of a football obsession looking to make my way as a freelance journalist and writer. I'm a big Southampton and England fan and write a daily blog on the travails of following the Saints ( Please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  1. Largest Football Stadiums

    In this article we look at ten of the world’s largest football stadiums, some perhaps better known than others, and assess their legacies and impact both on the game and in their individual countries. We also look ahead and ask …

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  2. The Oldest Clubs in World Football

    Although football today is a multi-billion dollar globalised industry which has spread its commercial influence to all corners of the planet, sometimes it pays to look back into the game’s annals and revisit the humble origins of what has now …

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  3. Football’s Greatest Clubs

    How does one go about measuring greatness in football? I mean real, obvious, blatant greatness; that rarest of qualities. Today “greatness” is such a woolly, over-used term that sometimes we lose its meaning and start labeling all sorts of mundane, …

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