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Liviu Bird

About Liviu Bird

Liviu Bird is a journalism student and goalkeeper at Seattle Pacific University. He grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska. He currently writes for The Falcon ( and plans on giving the professional soccer scene a shot before settling into a full-time writing gig somewhere. Follow him on Twitter @lbird90.
  1. Goalkeepers and Technology in Football

    With professional goalkeepers complaining about the new EURO 2008 ball, I feel like, as a member of the greatest union in football, I need to shed some light on this subject. Besides, Steve wanted my opinion.

  2. Mediocre US side disappoints at Wembley

    This article refers to a previous USA-England matchup. Follow the latest England v USA match here. One word can describe the United States Men’s National Team’s effort tonight against England: disappointing. The hype that this match has been getting was …

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  3. I hate Arsenal (I think…)

    This article was partly inspired by this incredible piece from the Guardian. As anybody who has heard me talk about the Premier League, and even European football in general, will tell you, I don’t speak very highly about Arsenal Football …

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