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  1. The Lower Leagues: Fantasy Football?

    I appreciate that there is nothing more tiresome (or tragic) than listening to somebody harp on about the decisions behind the selection of their fantasy football team. “I’ve got Lampard in the middle, you’ve gotta have Lampard and double points …

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  2. The Jack Wilshere Predicament

    A second, successive excellent pre-season display by Arsenal’s 18 year old prodigy Jack Wilshere has prompted Arsene Wenger to suggest that he is ready for an international call-up. This leads me to ask whether: Wilshere is ready for an England …

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  3. A Footballer’s Weapon of Choice

    This week ‘professional footballer’ Gavin Grant (…yeah, I didn’t have a clue who either) was sentenced to life imprisonment for the shooting and killing of Leon Labastide. You can’t help but feel that the ex Millwall, Wycombe and Bradford striker’s …

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