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Graham Fisher

About Graham Fisher

Graham is a 46 year old freelance football writer from Salisbury in England. He has a passion for football, in particular, Watford and the team he coaches, Wilton Town. Graham writes opinions and observations for various online sites,,, and Visit his football club's website at
  1. The Euro 2008 Best XI

    It’s that time when we have to look at the performances of of all the players in Euro 2008 and select our team of the tournament. I know it’s subjective, but I’m going to pick mine and invite you to …

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  2. The Euro 2008 Soccerlens Awards

    With Euro 2008 all over and the winners Spain still celebrating their great success and the losers Germany still licking their wounds, I thought I would take a hopefully ‘light hearted’ look at who might be awarded the Soccerlens ‘alternative …

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  3. Euro 2008 Quotes

    If you didn’t see all of the Euro 2008 tournament then you can get a decent picture of what it was like by looking at some of the quotes made by the people taking part, and measuring what they said …

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