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Adam Bate

About Adam Bate

I'm a 29 year old journalist from Wolverhampton. I write about football on my blog GhostGoal and for various other sites, blogs and magazines.
  1. The Mysterious Avram Grant

    He wins and he’s slated. He loses and he’s feted. I don’t get Avram Grant. It all began when his buddy decided to give him a job. Fortunately for Avram, that buddy was a billionaire Russian oligarch with a football …

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  2. Sam Allardyce – A Case For The Defence

    So we’re all agreed then … Allardyce is an uncouth buffoon, his teams play archaic football and the mere prospect of the man daring to entertain the idea that he be entitled to better things is confirmation of a delusional state. Right? … Wrong.

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