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Gerry McDonnell

About Gerry McDonnell

Gerry McDonnell was born in 1973; a result of a drunken liaison between the world's foremost football odds compiler and a super-model. Gerry now compiles odds professionally, and is the leading football expert in the world.
  1. I’m a Berby Girl…Ouch

    It may appear unfair to a cynical minority, but nepotism remains as common as Coleen McLoughlin. I certainly have my father to thank for my first job — he was a kerb-crawler. Dimitar Berbatov also has his father to thank …

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  2. Ade and a Bet

    Even though I’m the proud owner of a Y chromosome, I love reality TV. I even applied for ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, but I didn’t fancy wearing a white suit. I had a much better time on ‘The …

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