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Eddie Griffin

About Eddie Griffin

Eddie is a full-time sports writer/blogger and football fanatic. Fell in love with football during World Cup 94 and hasn't looked back.
  1. History of Footballs

    Given the very modest origins of the football, it’s amazing to think about what a modern-day one can do. More often than not, we think and talk about the people using it, which is understandable. Look at football as art. …

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  2. Famous Football Families

    Here’s a look at the most notable football family connections, past and present. Fathers and Sons The Ayews: Abedi Ayew, known more as Abedi Pele is considered the greatest player in Ghanaian history. He was a big part of Marseille’s …

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  3. Eco-Friendly Footballers

    Contrary to popular belief, not all athletes have air or rocks for brains. In fact, there are quite a lot of athletes who defy the stereotype. For example, the late Brazilian legend Socrates earned a medical degree during his playing …

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  4. 10 Most Overpriced Footballers

    There are many, especially those who don’t have very much of an interest in sport, who think that top athletes are overpaid to do nothing more than ‘play a game’. However, there are many like Lionel Messi, Tom Brady, Derrick …

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  5. 10 Great Footballing Chokes

    Everyone remembers the winners. Most know that Brazil have won a record five World Cups, that Real Madrid have won the European Cup/Champions League a record nine times, and that Manchester United have captured a record 19 English First Division/Premier …

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