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thank god for footy
  1. Don’t believe the hype

    With this new job of mine I rarely get the time to write anything up here, and its quite unfortunate cause I was really starting to enjoy spouting my opinions on things while I sat on the underrated dole queue. …

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  2. Football Goes Crazy

    Stamford Bridge 3.00 pm – Everton go to league Leaders Chelsea where the home team have only conceded 1 league goal all season. Stamford Bridge 4.50 pm – Everton and Chelsea take place in a heartstopping 3-3 draw, which puts …

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  3. So has football lost its soul?

    What an emotional, mentally draining week its been.  Monsieur Henry’s handball has been talked to death at this stage, im sure some people will be rolling their eyes at another article over this much talked about topic, but I haven’t …

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