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About crashbang

I am an avid Liverpool fan and have a fascination for the tactical levels of the game. My main interest is the premier league, although given more time I would like to see more of the other big leagues in europe. I'm the guy who tries to understand the odd descisions managers make, and I am going to try and change your outlook on the game. Try, being the word.
  1. A Darkness Closes In On Arsenal

    Being a Liverpool Forum Obsessive I’ve read plenty of transfer gossip this season, most of which I won’t bore you with since it consists largely of hysteria about only having signed one player, albeit, a fairly big one. What I …

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  2. Corner Tactics: Arsenal’s Defensive Dilemma

    Hansen was very old school in his analysis of the Arsenal West Brom game on Saturday’s Match of the Day. When swinging into his usual tactical musings, he explained that West Brom, more so then Arsenal were organised defensively, had leadership, organised themselves where …

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