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Chris Nee

  1. FIFA 11 Review

    A decade or more ago the FIFA franchise was driven forward on an ethos of regular and fundamental change. Pro Evolution Soccer, in its various forms, came along and took a different approach, creating new versions with a hammer and …

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  2. CBA dispute threatens MLS progress

    It seems as if every other week this Major League Soccer column trumpets the league’s uniqueness as its most valuable asset and most challenging problem. That opinion hinges on the single entity system which dictates that money, players and competitive …

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  3. MLS says adiós to Blanco

    Major League Soccer is growing and improving but outsiders often criticise the league for having a lack of quality. It is a relatively fast football played in the US, with plenty of big, athletic players of the kind which is …

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  4. MLS Playoffs 2009: Preview

    Anybody casually tuning in to Major League Soccer’s Week 32 action and teetering over the great lake of MLS fandom will have jumped right in. The final week of the regular season began with a cluster of teams fighting it …

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