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Corey Bennett

  1. The Case Against Ching

    As the World Cup approaches, Americans have reason to be nervous. I could tell you why in a few short sentences, but I have opted instead for a hypothetical, reverse-chronological narrative that reads like an episode of Lost. June 23, …

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  2. January Moves Should Boost US MNT

    The January transfer window was relatively uneventful for Europe’s biggest clubs.  Aside from Robinho’s loan deal to Santos, there were few moves that turned heads.  The view from this side of the pond was not so dull.  Several American players found …

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  3. Open Letter to Landon Donovan

    Dear Landon, I was wrong about you.  Along with most European and American pundits, I underestimated your talent and character when you left Bayer Leverkusen after an unsuccessful stint abroad. Even after your return to Major League Soccer (MLS), I …

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