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Brian Lomax

About Brian Lomax

I'm Brian. I'm 20 years old, from the USA. I enjoy football/soccer (Team USA and Manchester United), reading, writing, video games, etc.
  1. The Beckham Impact So Far

    Quick. Name a soccer player. David Beckham’s name is generally the first name that comes to mind to the average American followed by Ronaldinho in most cases. Sometimes Pele will be named, but for the most part, its Beckham. Becks …

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  2. Mourinho In The USA?

    Before anyone condemns this article, I’m not trying to say that USA National Team Coach Bob Bradley is doing a bad job. That’s not what this is about. This is about an opportunity. If US Soccer really wants to become …

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  3. USA U-20 Flying High

    Still down in the dumps after the USA debacle at Copa America? Forget about it. Instead, check out our u-20 team playing in the FIFA 2007 u-20 World Cup in Canada this year. If you’re looking for heart, passion, and …

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  4. USA: Striker Wanted

    Another day, it happens the same way. Team USA was handed its second loss of Copa America last night, this time at the hands of Paraguay. It’s almost comical to watch at this point. The US clearly had more opportunities …

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