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About Oli

Writer of the no.1 fan blog about Barnsley FC; I also love a higher calibre of football, and so have recently started a World Cup blog; I'm here to pass on my knowledge and views, as well as improve my writing credentials. I'd be overjoyed to see you returning to my site.
  1. Group G – The ‘Group of Death’

    “There once was a man from Korea, Who drowned all his sorrows in beer. ‘Cos his team had done poop, Finished bottom of their group, And now he’s got to wait four more year” – William Shakespeare (Korea Sonnet – …

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  2. Group D: Deutschland Über Alles

    Blog readers, football fans, sod it, people of the world… We all owe Kevin Prince Boateng a pint. Thanks to his awful tackle in the FA Cup final, Germany are in this tournament without their chief playmaker, and of course …

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  3. Group F: New Zealand are gone

    There’s always a lot of talk about the Group of Death, a phrase used past the point of cliche, up until it has become little more than irritant. This year it is widely accepted that the hardest group is formed …

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  4. Group C: The Group of Life

    With the footballing space on the internet dominated by Britain and America, this group is being intensely studied. But it shouldn’t be. I mean, really, it’s not all that interesting. England have been given a group to cruise, and U.S.A. …

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  5. The Best XI not at the World Cup

    With hours left of the qualifying campaigns it looked like the best player in the world (Messi) and one of his competitors (Ronaldo) wouldn’t be at the World Cup. But, El Diego scraped it for the Argies, and Portugal beat …

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