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Ahmed Bilal

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  1. Soccerlens Evolution T-Shirt

    The Soccerlens Evolution t-shirt is a remake of the popular ‘evolution’ shirt. It’s a classic black t-shirt with the ‘evolution’ graphic (tracing humanity’s evolution from primitive roots to the modern day footballer) etched in white across the chest, with ‘EVOLUTION’ …

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  2. Why does the press protect Fabregas?

    Update: Excellent piece on Arseblog over the Fabregas-spitting incident. Read here. The tabloids have been depressingly unimaginative this morning. They lacked perspective (no mention of Fabregas’ past misdemeanours and no discussion / description of Gallas’ disputed goal,) and repeat the …

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  3. The ‘Cheryl’ Cole

    Football is driven by exaggerated caricatures. The ‘role model’ Kaka, the ‘inspirational’ Gerrard, the ‘lazy’ Ferdinand, the ‘fat’ Lampard, the ‘brilliant’ Messi, the ‘petulant’ Robinho, the ‘balding / granny-shagging / goal-shy / striker-who-plays-better-elsewhere-on-the-pitch / everton man’ Rooney, and so on. …

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