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Ahmed Bilal

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  1. WPS Kicks Off In Style

    The biggest footballing story of the weekend wasn’t Scotland’s defeat against Holland, it wasn’t Northern Ireland’s win against Poland, it wasn’t Spain and Holland getting close to World Cup qualification, it wasn’t even Beckham’s 109th cap or the new England …

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  2. Ronaldinho’s Hands T-Shirt

    Ronaldinho’s famous celebration where he folds all his fingers except his little fingers and his thumbs and raises his hands in the air. Now you can get a t-shirt with a graphic of Ronaldinho’s hands and his name written over …

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  3. Funny Football T-Shirts

    Our friends over at have a very interesting section where they put some really cool football related t-shirts. I’ve got one off them and trust me, it is a very nice shirt. Some very creative minds were put to …

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