Arsene Wenger to quit at the end of the season?

Arsene Wenger to quit at the end of the season?


Gunners boss Arsene Wenger may leave the club at the end of the season, with TuttoMercatoWeb claiming that the Frenchman is considering his next move.


Wenger, in his 1000th match in charge, watched his Arsenal side get taken apart by Chelsea on Saturday, with the 6-0 scoreline making it a day to forget for the 64-year-old.

But it is not the first time Arsenal have been picked open by their top four rivals, with Liverpool coming away with a 5-1 scoreline last month, while Manchester City also dealt out a 6-3 smashing back in December.

These results have reportedly had Wenger consider his long-term future at the club, as with every damaging and humiliating defeat, the calls for his head grow louder and louder.

The veteran Frenchman joined the club way back in 1996, and although many Gunners fans have been quite vociferous with their calls for him to quit, Arsenal without Wenger would be as bizarre as it was for Manchester United fans when the great Sir Alex packed up his things and head upstairs last summer.

But is it time for a change in North London?

What do you think? Should Wenger finally call it a day? Who could take over at Arsenal? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. I think dey shuld allow wenger to quit this team will not be goin on this calamity arsene wenger should be send away.

    • There is no doubting the fact that Arsene Wenger has lost it completely. Nothing new can come out of him anymore. You can’t be loosing to your title rivals so scandalously at this time of the season. Its completely unacceptable. Wenger should go and I suggest we should go for either Roberto Martinez or Denise Bergkamp.

  2. I think its a time the french man call it a day because the more he stay at arsenal the more humiliation and embarrassment he brings on arsenal and himself. Looking at his time at arsenal you agree with me that he had show enough his believe and approach to football which to many remains a static approach which does not fit into the ever dynamic system of football of twenty first century. I believe its high time for arsenal and arsene wenger to separate as a matter of mutual consent, so that both parties will be able to progress in their different professions and arsene wenger will be able to prove his worth to the whole fans of football worldwide with another team. Thanks

  3. wenger quitting is overdue. I just hope he wins the FA cup so tgat it cld be a befitting send off. with tge amount ge earns in emirates, arsenal won’t b short of suitors, d list are enless….. klopp, conte, van gal, capello, d last bayern coach, hitzfield, guis hiddink, wit 8million pounds a year they will think twice not to take it

  4. I think this is as far as Arsene Wenger can go. The most honourable thing to do is quit at the end of the season. These trends (arsenal capitulation) have become all too familiar for the past 5 or 6 seasons,and calls for him to go will ever become more vociferous.

  5. wenger quitting is overdue. I just hope he wins the FA cup so that it cld be a befitting send off. with the amount he earns in emirates, arsenal won’t b short of suitors, d list are endless….. klopp, conte, van gal, capello, d last bayern coach, hitzfield, guis hiddink, wit 8million pounds a year they will think twice not to take it

  6. One more term but as an assistant coach might teach him some lesson.why didn’t he buy a striker?

  7. To be given 2years, also to given full responsibility and to given enough money to strengthen his squad,because he worked for some of resources at the club.

  8. His time is long overdue..honestly its time for him go,cos his mentality is affecting the teams chance to win a trophy.. we need a new mentality..bring on KLOPP,

  9. Enought is enought u have to quit at the end of this season the club need a somebody who have a fighting spirit

  10. Me personally would like to see wenger go upstairs and do the job david dein use to do ie transfer activities etc.The man that should replace wenger is jurgan klopp of dortmund as this man is young and has champions league experiance and most of all has fire in his belly

  11. i think its about time dat wenger should be sacked,he had all the opportunity of going clear at the top of the league but he fluffed what will now be is excuse of not winning the league when he had the chances of doing so.all in all,i think its about time wenger should resign.good riddings to bad rubbish,they re lots of good,quality coaches out there in the quality of klopp,martinez and lots more whose credentials says it all.i’ll advise wenger should kick the bucket,what do u think guys?

  12. Personally I believe that he should take the contract extension and stay another couple of years.If we had had Ramsey, Walcott and Ozil fit then I believe it would have been a closer contest. Wenger has transformed this club. More important than the trophy-laden years was the years of tight resources after moving to the Emirates, when our best players were sold and somehow Wenger kept Arsenal in the top four. I love the style of football that he instils in his team; when playing at their best, it is wondrous.

    • I disagree with you, its not about the players but abt management and tacticts, just look at mou, sometimes he acquire players dat can help his rivals, do u think mou really need sallah? he acted quick to prevent arsenal dat av just lost walcott from getting. dis is management and excellent choose tacticts accordin to matcges. how can wenger play ox nd arteta in d devensive midfield againsr the likes of luuz nd matics, and with understrenght squad he shldnr av cm out to play his usual game, infact I expect modern teams to change tactics nd formation regularly within 90mins as d occassion demands, I think wenger has lost in touch with tines in terms of tactics, he belongs to d late last century nd d first 4yrs of this century, he does not even kno how to use the high-line system, that’s what is killing him agsinst the high-paced, counter attacking teams. its ce-fi-ni for him. ZE NIGMAR

  13. Hm, it should be seen as decency if Mr Wenger realises that he has not improved us but a taken us backward. Hopefully he can win an FA cup and at least end on a high. This recurrent thrashing started with Man Utd 6-0. Few years later 8-2, not this recurrs every few games: 6-3,5-1 and now 6-0. How much more humiliation can can we as fans endure?

  14. I think he looks tormented and is suffering, and I don’t like to see that. I think the game has passed hin by and he should be given the opportunity to step down with dignity – and hopefully with an FA cup to show for his final season at the helm. It’s a shame but I think the club has to move forward without him.

  15. Arsene is the mananger that can take the club forword he knows what to do come next season there is money now for him to spend and I no he will turn the club around. He need to get rid of a lot of players that we have now and buy new players the problem is not Arsene but the board.

  16. The problem is Mr Wenger has to be sacked because he won’t go. No one will take him as manager because he will be sacked within a season or two.

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