Arsenal’s Ozil waited for one call from Manchester United But it never...

Arsenal’s Ozil waited for one call from Manchester United But it never came

Mesut Ozil

Reputed La Liga expert Graham Hunter says Mesut Ozil wanted to join Manchester United ahead of Arsenal, but with the Red Devils making no bids for him and time running out on the transfer deadline day, Ozil was forced to join Arsenal instead.


The 24-year-old was heavily linked with a move to both Manchester United and Arsenal throughout the summer, but the German international was initially against leaving the Spanish club. However, with the arrival of world record signing Gareth Bale from Tottenham; it became very clear to him that he doesn’t feature in the plans of coach Carlo Ancelotti, which eventually paved the way for his departure.

Hunter reports that Ozil and his father were waiting for a call from the English champions, but the Red Devils never made any formal approach, as a result of which, the German maverick had to go with the only remaining option left, Arsenal.

Though the signing, prima facie, looks a cracker from every angle. Arsenal have shown their ambition by smashing their transfer record for Ozil and with him now the chances for a serious title challenge cannot be ruled out either. Ozil, on the other hand, is a type of player, who thrives on the faith from his manager and coaches in order to demonstrate his true quality, and will find Arsenal as good as his home. Under the caring eye of Arsene Wenger, he will be highly valued at the club, which would help bring out the best in him.

As for Manchester United, there probably wasn’t a genuine effort to sign him at all. The club already has a world class attacking midfielder in the form of Shinji Kagawa, who is expected to do lot better this season. Therefore, Ozil who would have represented a marquee signing no doubt, but would have created an unnecessary competition in the squad, in an area the Champions are well stocked with – the last thing David Moyes needed.

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  1. I think ManUre and their fans are jelous, they envy Arsenal. They have always ran fast to grab every player Arsenal wants, now they claim Mesut is suitable for them, bull – sh-t, get on with your life. They are holding on to Rooney against his will, they are no longer attractive, even RVP wants to come back home to Arsenal i am convinced, he’s got Arsenal in his blood, he already started complaining about the discomfort in a foreugn place,after all he wanted marquee singins at Arsenal and to leave was the last option. He will come back and retire at Arsenal for sure he is on loan now at Manure

  2. Hunter is just a glory seeker. Arsenal kept the transfer of Ozil so quiet. Hunter is not aware the process started three months before. Hunter and Guillem Balague cannot come out and say they knew nothing, for fear people will see them for what they are, gossip mongers!

  3. “Ozil who would have represented a marquee signing no doubt, but would have created an unnecessary competition in the squad, in an area the Champions are well stocked with”

    WTF? Just who is in this well stocked area apart from Kagawa (who for some bizarre reason doesn’t even get a game!)


  4. According to another article I read arsenal had this deal wrapped up a few days before deadline. All smoke and mirrors to make united fans feel better about their club.

  5. and even if we were well stocked compeition is a healthy thing.

    You could say I guess that we are well stocked with players who aren’t up to the level required. If we’d picked up ozil we could have shifted some of the dead wood, and Ronnie loves him so that would have been an extra factor when he considers whether to rejoin us next year. he would have jumped here if Ozil had been waiting for him.

  6. Smells like a manure contraction this blog. The reason they’ve won so many trophies over the years is because of money, buying all the top players if Fergie wanted a certain one he usually got him. It’s always been like this with greedy clubs ie “you’ll be allowed to sign this player if we allow you to”.

    Now that we Gooners can compete they don’t like it, it’s all jealousy and sour grapes, and with Moyes in charge nice bloke that he is they won’t always have their own way from now on, That also applies to all the greedy moneybags bully boy clubs who’ll sign a player so that clubs like us don’t get him. Towards the end of last season when Chelski
    signed Demba Ba to stop us having him in the fight for the 3rd spot.
    Proving my point they’ve hardly played him since and stopped Ba signing for us in this transfer window…

    • It’s this blog post that is the joke. I’ve no problem with your lot picking up Ozil. Just wish we had been in for him – he’d have been perfect.

      Whoever is actually ‘managing’ our transfer activity this summer should be sacked. I don’t have a problem if players don’t want to come, that’s absolutely fine. What I have a problem with is whoever is ‘managing’ our bids / interest etc. is being a tight fisted you know what where there is no need to be. We wouldn’t have been impressed if they had managed to pick up a star for a bit less than the asking price. We just wanted the player(s) that the team needs.

      If you want a player then pay the asking price FFS Woodward. We have money to spend so what’s the point in trying to shave a few million off and then wondering why no deals are going forwards. Even Fellaini had to make up the 4 mil from his own pocket so that whoever is ‘managing’ our transfers didn’t look like a d1ck for paying more than the expired release clause. That is so out of order it’s ridiculous. Everton were NEVER going to sell him for less than 23.5mil after the clause expired. The incompetence shown this summer is beyond belief.

      I’m a bit concerned now that Moyes does not have the mentality for big money buys – if the haggling, penny pinching, hesitation and indecision is down to him then he’s not the right man for this job. if it’s down to Woodward then he should be replaced with someone more able. Simple as that

      I’ve now read that Moyes, Woodward et al are going to be conducting an enquiry into the summer’s transfer failings – that’s like a criminal being the judge at his own trial!

      Anyway, it’s going to be an interesting season. Now get Kagawa on the pitch pronto. We’ll be ok this season as long as Moyes actually plays our best players.

  7. you’re delusional dude – why in the hell were they trying so desperately to sign Fabregas if they’re so well stocked with the “world class” ability of Shinji Kagawa

  8. No you are wrong, Sir Alex Ferguson did not always get what he wanted-for example: if that was the case- then today both Ronaldinho, Robben, Essien and Bale would have been a BIG part of Fergie’s legacy. Hence, I think Arsenal fans should be more p***d with City after all they half bought half off your squad and not United! Well back to the point, the emergance of lottery winners – Chelsea, Man City, PSG & Monocao who all benefited from ‘sugar daddy’ investments contributed in Alex Ferguson losing number off his targets – which incude: David Silva, lucas Moura, Eden Hazard, Yaya Toure, Sergio Ageuro, Samir Nasri and Eden Dezko. Theirs a massive difference between Fergies spending than the clubs mentioned above. Firstly, United spent the money they earned after Fergie was successful on the pitch, during his legacy he won trophy after trophy for United and that boosted United’s commericial revenue and profile world wide. In contrast, the mentioned clubs above all benefited after overseas take overs and investments. I think Mesut Ozil was a good signing for Arsenal, but does it make them title contenders along with Man Utd, Chelsea and City? I don’t think so! Why – because they still lack a Luis Suarez type striker, a power house in midfield (like Fellaini/Yaya) and a world clas centre back – Arsenal just don’t have a big enough squad either! Finally RVP, will never leave United, and will certaintly not want to go back to Arsenal just because Wenger has ally signed a ‘big name’ lol, and certaintly not after winning his first premiership titles medal in his first season at Man Utd. Would also like to add: yes, Arsenal have signed a world star player, but Wenger better match is embititons by winning a tropht each and every year, or else we all know where he’ll end up – Nasri, Clichy, Adebayor, Toure rings alarm bells ! Lol.

  9. Overall This is a really poor article.
    I agree with the comment about utd being aware of his availability and passing. I have no clue why they did this?? Because its something they desperately need. The fact Ryan Giggs is still starting a big game like Liverpool at Anfield AT 39 years of age is shocking (all credit to Ryan Giggs for a fabulous career but even he must be scratching his head at utd approach). Or Scholsey being brought out of retirement is testiment to they’re lack of creativity. Cleverly doesn’t cut the mustard. Carrick lacks the ability to move forward with any pace. Kagawa is taking a long time to bed in if he ever does still remains. Watching them dominate Liverpool for 45 minute and create one chance against a team with far from a world class back line is laughable. Pursuits of Herrara, Fabregas (spectacular waste of time), sneider, last ditch bid for Khedira. The scouting researching process has completely failed them. ALL 4 of those targets were never going to leave their respective clubs. possibly Herrera but a.bilboa historically never sell cheap. So why barter?
    But having said that man utd passed. I don’t think there was any guarantee that ozil would’ve choosen them over arsenal. It’s seems like he’s choosen Arsene Wenger rather than arsenal fc. Given that statement which player on earth is going to chose David Moyes over Arsene? Especially a young talented, continental player. Regardless of money, historical success I believe ozil would’ve still gone to arsenal for the footballing good of his career. Arsene has surely spoke with him about building and moving fwd with this continuous trend of signings as well as having his faith and working with probably the most internationally respected manager in the premiership.
    I am 29 and have only really known SAF’s Man utd. Every other team has been through this period. its glaringly obvious….Manchester utd welcome to transition. We’ve all been there and done it. In fact arsenal are still in it. The signing of ozil doesn’t constitute a full recovery. But utd & the footballing world have to recognise these next 2 years aren’t going to be smooth. A new chief ex and a new not internationally known (but talented all the same) manager. Unless the players can dig in and find some of that fergie grit and determination I think it might be an incredibly trying season for all associated with utd. The lure and attraction of utd has retired along with Gill & ferguson. Moyes must build his own dynasty off of his own name. Currently they are an ageing team that lack that hollywood feel. yes they won the league last year. but it was down to every other teams lack of consistency rather than the brilliance of the team. the fergie mentally won the league. NOT footballing ability. Rooney is aware of this. yes some judgement is reserved for his ego. But am sure players will sacrifice ego for success, the tide is turning, I pray that it isn’t turning towards mourinho’s Chelsea for purest footballing reasons but for this season and the structure and consistency he brings I fear it is for this season at least. If there are established players, even potential superstars in the international market. Many of them will go elsewhere. Alcantara a prime example far from established bags of potential chooses Bayern Munich because of pep. Obviously bayern’s barca-esq euro dominance probably also plays a part. like fergie in the 80s Moyes must start from the bottom. Moyes has the advantage of the team (in theory) being at the top (we all know that, this has to be fergies worst team in 20 years). But I suppose being at the top makes the fall far more spectacular.
    Final parting shot – if RVP had known about fergies impending retirement last summer does he go to utd? I seriously doubt it. He has to look down the m6/m1 scratch his head & wonder if that one premier league medals was worth being a legend & part of something progressive rather than the regression (not because moyes is a bad manager but because fergie was the best club manager of the modern era) he now faces @ utd? No it wasn’t. Leave yes. To a ship threatening to sink no. Enjoy RVP, Enjoy!!!

  10. @max, The same goes for every ffkin manager dude, (even the fantasy football managers)….If wenger had managed to sign every player he wanted, he would have had invincible team in the last 8 years instead of being potless

  11. #Ramson, their is a difference between Fergie and Wenger when it came to their transfer targets. Sir Alex Ferguson would go to extreme levels to secure his transfer targets, be it Ronaldinho, Robben, Obi Mikel, Rooney or RVP for example: last summer, i still recall Fergie not joining the team for a friendly game in europe, he opted to stay behind in Manchester, to try and get deals done for RVP and notably Lucas Moura. Sir Alex would go to every desperate measure to secure his targets – like we saw in the Berbatov saga. In the other hand, Wenger, for the past eight years has been the total opposite. Wenger has been more interested making huge profits for AFC and the board, while securing ‘mega’ bonuses on the way for himself. Wenger has also been arrogant and stubborn. While ‘Mr Wonderful’ was busy making the Arsenal board happy – he also missed out on a host of top talented players who openly ‘stated’ their desire to play for Arsenal – not fewer than Yaya Toure and Eden Hazard. So, its not Man United’s or Sir Alex’s fault that the Arsenal board and manager ‘despite having a big transfer pot’ have been greedy making huge profits and stubborn at the same time from buying big. Wenger who lost Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and RVP has only spent £43m, on transfer deadline day, because the fan pressure was getting to him and the Arsenal board or else he would have spent nothing!

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