Arsenal: Twitter Reacts to Ozil’s performance – “Coward, Disgrace, Pathetic”

Arsenal: Twitter Reacts to Ozil’s performance – “Coward, Disgrace, Pathetic”


Arsenal suffered a 2-0 defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League at the Emirates on Wednesday night. The Gunners went down to 10-men after goal-keeper Wojciech Szczesny was given the marching orders for a foul on Arjen Robben inside the penalty box.


While Arsenal fans feel that the red card was bit harsh, there was little sympathy shown for the record-signing midfielder, Mesut Ozil, who has had a shocker of a game. Not only did he miss a penalty in the first half, but his body language and overall involvement to the game earned huge criticism from the fans.

Arsene Wenger said after the match that the Germany international lacked confidence. Many even suggested that Ozil should have been taken off instead of Santi Cazorla.

The criticisms can be harsh, but with just 26 passes in the entire match, surely you expect more from a record-signing player.  Let us take a look at some of the reactions about Ozil’s performance:







Share your thoughts on Ozil’s performance. Are the criticisms justified? 

Arsenal: Twitter reacts to Szczesny red card - "Harsh, Disgrace"
GIF: Szczesny gesture could spell even more trouble for Arsenal


  1. Everyone who support Arsenal was very disapointed about the penalty. Ozil should have left someone to take the penalty that is my own openion, but we should learn more about how football is played in the pitch, to point the finger at Ozil is not right at all. All those who have been watching football they witnessed wha happened. I blame the referee, he spoiled the game for the benefit of Buyern. If it was not for the refree, the results was going the other way round. Refrees at times should be selected according to their perfomance. Refrees should know players who dive better than even their coaches. There was no reason to give a red card, penalty yes, but red card no. These Referees are somehow support certain teams when they handle these games. I watached Man City and Barcelona, the way the referee was handling the game was suspecious from the begining. Soccer is body contact, for Man City penalty yes, but the refree was suspecious.
    He had his own vision. Poor refering are spoiling good games, the spectetors need to enjoy. Referees are not getting enough panishment like coaches when they do something wrong in these games. Fifa should panish these refrees as well.

  2. Actually he’s a £42m waste, too lazy and lacks confidence in the big games. As for yesterday Wenger should have sub him when the red card was given instead of carzola.

  3. Stonewall penalty and SENDING OFF !!! This is what happens when you talk smack about Liverpool’s second STONEWALL PENALTY 😉 YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE 😉 Out of EUROPE 😉 Soon to be out of top 4 😉 And out of the CUP…

  4. ozil shoild be on the move at the end of the year, I saw his look on the day of his first match for arsensl, he is sad being at arsenal, he view coming to arsenal as bieng a downgrade. he is not happy. the loss against bayern is all wenger fault, he has lost it, no more in line wit modern trend. in 2010, mou taught us how to park the bus nad I wonder why wenger refused to learn from him. mou said then that when u hold onto the ball u lose ur positions, so I just cldnt understand why wenger was looking for a goal with ten men against the best team in the world. time up wenger, leave emirates for young coaches like kloop or conte

  5. i failed to understand when Arsenal fans criticized Ozil of losing the penalty. How many best players lost the best you know ? Come on guys Ozil needs support from us. what he gets every match is nailing him. i once read on his tweeter saying every game we loose it hurts him so badly. Why don’t you blame the referee for killing the game for always siding with Bayern a red card given to Sczesny ? where does those two FA CUP VS lIVERPOOL came from ? Same Ozil . Come on Guys give him the Support.

  6. Ozil dis ozil dat…yes he wasn’t in the game but all these criticts are meaningless…ever since ozil joined the club there’s been some progress,lake of confedenc if so then why did he take the penalty? It becz he knows he’s capability and he believes in himself…messi missed a penaly against chelsea in the final where they criticts no..why becz the fans,players and the entire team understood he’s position…you guys lake appreceation for me ozil has shown he’s worth more than 42m…all he needs is you guys believing in then in the 2nd leg you’ll see why wenger changed carzola instead of him…he believes so why don’t you do the same rather than pointing fingers

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