Arsenal to penalise players for Champions League failure

Arsenal to penalise players for Champions League failure

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

Arsenal have announced drastic new measures which will see players taking pay cuts for poor Champions League performances.

Arsenal have consistently performed well in the competition since Arsene Wenger took over as manager. The club have said there is nothing wrong with the proposals as many clubs have clauses in player contracts which are based around individual and team performances.

It’s a very shrewd move from the club if it goes through because the Champions League is the one competition which has eluded Arsene Wenger since he took over as manager 16 years ago.

Arsenal have a number of young players in their squad on the verge of new deals and such clauses could be a main talking point when negotiations start over renewals of these contracts.

An Arsenal spokesman said on the Guardian website:

“Each player has an individual contract that contains elements of performance-related payments, which are linked to a player’s individual contribution and also to the club’s progress in both domestic and European competitions.”

It is a slightly risky move in this respect because the younger players at the club such as Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs and others may not like the idea of automatically playing under additional pressure.

In theory it’s a good idea because it will naturally encourage players to raise their game when it comes to the Champions League. However, it’s a little confusing over how the logistics of the move would work.

Jack Wilshere, Karl Jenkinson, Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Gibbs are all expected to be offered new deals in the near future. It’s unrealistic of the club to expect those players to agree to such clauses in a new contract unless the rest of the squad are in the same position.

If this doesn’t happen then what Arsenal are proposing will create disparity and enhances the chance of player unrest should a player’s wages or bonus be lost through the actions of another player out on the field.

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  1. I think you’re missing the point. The performance related payments are essentially bonuses for things like getting an assist, a goal, keeping a clean sheet in addition to things like getting player of the month, the year, top scorer etc…

    And it’s bonus payments on top of they’re salaries.

    So really it’s an incentive for players to push on and not sit back and keep taking their salaries. Which is only fair really, players like Diaby and Arshavin (I could go on…) would be homeless if they’re salaries was performance based.

  2. if it is like that then arsene wenger should buy quality players with experience that will give young stars morale of staying in the club

  3. Whats the point, its not as though the money will be reinvested in the squad, it will just go into the arsenal to eventually add up gazidus1`s Christmas bonus

  4. I think its agood idea because arsenal players really don’t putin much effort when playing.

    • Ssempijja henry,which or what world do u live in,how do u support such,do u know how much these players are being given,when was the last tym u saw a very good signing for ARSENAL,get to check the facts first before u say what you want to say,the players lack motivation and it has been witnessed season after season,if u dont sign quality players to come and motivate the young ones still developing their talents and the injured ones in the bench then we wont have the issues of persuading players not to leave or getting to punnish players in a manner like they are rebels,lets get real

  5. the coach should be blamed for their poor performance. They dont mark their opponents at all, and when they have the ball, they enjoy going forward and forgetting their defensive duty. No surprise teams use counter attack to score goals. our defenders are not clever going forward and staying back and the coach will just sit their watching them. that’s absurd really.

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