Arsenal: Mesut Ozil welcomes £30m Alexis Sanchez…and subtly mocks Liverpool!

Arsenal: Mesut Ozil welcomes £30m Alexis Sanchez…and subtly mocks Liverpool!


Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has praised the club’s £30m capture of Chile attacker Alexis Sanchez, and couldn’t help making a sly dig at rivals Liverpool in the process.


Sanchez, 25, signed for the Gunners on Thursday from Spanish side Barcelona, with Liverpool striker Luis Suarez making the move to the Camp Nou as his replacement.

Reports claimed that Brendan Rodgers wanted the now-Arsenal bound Chilean to move to Anfield as part of the deal, but that he was scuppered by Sanchez’s preference for Arsenal, with Ozil subtly mocking the Gunners’ Premier League rivals on Twitter by assuring his new teammate that he had ‘definitely’ chosen wisely (followed by a wink).



    • ozill you sai the truth, liverpool is a very small club compared to arsnl,what i think of looserpool is shit……shit……they only have history not gud players like ozil,sanchez,ramsey………..

  2. Sanchez has made his decision based on criteria most important to him and has chosen the right his Mrs can go shopping in Oxford Street and he can be seen at trendy nightclubs!
    Like Brendan says we want winners not posers! Good riddance to over-tattooed rubbish (not you Daniel!!)

  3. Lol…ozil is not lazy but he is a world class midfielder..can you compare ozil with any of your midfielder?…lol you just don’t know what to say to ozil so keep queit and watch him lift the world cup..hahahahahaahahaha…if ozil lift the world cup I think he might be the best midfielder in the world!

  4. It is not a mocking, it is the tabloid who want to vindicate and inculcate resentment, and as for the reader, i you believe it then you are dump enough to be caught by the tabloid bait.

    And as usually I aspect nothing classy about soccerlens.

  5. Liverpools best ever player wanted to be a Gooner so of course Sanchez would choose the correct destination.

  6. what is wrong with what ozil said. arsenal is the best club for him. wise decision As17

  7. It’s up to the player on where he wants to play his football. Outside of agents that is. I always believe you should go for talented players that want to play for your club.

    Sanchez is a good player. Good luck to him at arsenal.

    I’m not sure you can say one player is the best just because he lifts the world cup. What about his team mates?

    Isn’t football a team game?

  8. Lmfao
    Love these comments
    Ozil Real Madrid reject
    Sanchez Barcelona reject
    The thing with Suarez is he’s moved up clubs
    Your so called superstars have moved down….

  9. Are most posters foreign, their command of English is terrible?
    We will only know if he made the right choice at the end of the season.

  10. Say anytin u like outthere, who cares? Welcome to arsenal Alexis, we all saw what u did in d world cup,we look up you 4 d season ahead.

  11. Can you all stop being so deluded? Stop getting at each others throats like a bunch of thugs. Player can go wherever they want to go. If he wanted the team with the best history, he would have chosen Liverpool, same if he wanted currently the highest finishing team. We have automatic CL and arsenal dont. Maybe he wanted London instead. Maybe arsenal offered more money. Despite what the press think they know, they don’t know what a player is thinking. Good luck to him where ever he goes. As for this oil argument, yes he is world class, but he doesn’t help the team going back and winger dropping him to the bench says it all. He had a bad season and he hasn’t yet been worth his cost. Stop acting like a bunch of kids and just enjoy the world of football.

  12. Can also add that arsenal isn’t his dream club. Barcelona was and he wanted to stay. But as soon as they offered him to Liverpool he wanted to leave. Second choice arsenal. Just as it was for ozil.

  13. Liverpool have one good season and their fans getting big heads. Hahahahaha they nothing without their cannibal #suarez. They hating because they know Sanchez gna tear liverpool apart next season home and away AS17

    • Like Liverpool beat you 4-0 last season? We are not hating because we didn’t get him. Most Liverpool fans on here have said good luck to him and all you arsenal fans are doing is being childishhave and mocking us? Have you seen your trophy cabinet? It only fits into the corner of ours. And you arsenal fans think your so amazing? Wenger is so amazing? Sorry 1 trophy in 9 years is appalling. And your barely clinging on to champions league football hence you still get the odd good player. Time to get over yourselves

  14. Wow…why such a bickering and cursing…this is only football people cool down. Whoever ups or downs soon we will know. Can’t wait to see Alexis & Co in action.

  15. Pleae Arsenal fans stop winding up the Liv3rpool fans. I would b3 dispodendent, unhappy to see their only worldclass breaking 2orld record pace to get out of the north of England to be amongst qaulity players. Liverpool is only left with a player who is past his best, named Gerrad. No world class players will want to go to Liverpool because they need players of the same ilk. Liverpool of old had Alonso, mescarana excuse th3 spelling. The clubis now going the wrong 2ay. Te Liverpool fans know that. So Arsenal fans stop putting the boot in, have some kind of humility, its not the Liverpool fans fault they can no longer attract the best players in the world – realistically who are theygoing to play with. Wenger masterfully brougnt in the best No 10 according to Jose Maurinio, and as Renaldo said to the hierarchy,”why did you sell our best passer of the ball”. Ozil attracted Sanchez. Sachez already said he can’t 2ait to play with Ozil.. The Madrid fans wanted Ozil to stay and booed the Madrid hierarchy on Gareth Bales presentation. Barcelona fans disagreed to the sale of Sanchez. Everything I said is not to wind the Liverpool fans up, it can be found on youtube and the oline archives. Now around the world you can say without hesitation if you go to the Emirates one of the most classiest staduims in wolrd football, you can boost two worldclass players your garunteed to see week in and week out; like Liv3rpool had in Saurez without the bites.
    I know it hurts right now Liverpool fans, one dayngood things will come back to Anfield – you might have to wait some time. I hope your club does well in the champions league in order to attract quality player around the world as of the same ilk as Carzola, and Riscky or someone with the experience of a world cup winner such as Mertasacker or Podolski. You never know this season you could get back into winining things under Brenden Rogers because he is a good british manager 2ho does thi gs in a british way.

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