Wenger makes phone call to convince €25m midfielder join Arsenal, formal bid...

Wenger makes phone call to convince €25m midfielder join Arsenal, formal bid lodged


Earlier in the day, we reported that Adrien Rabiot’s mother, who is also his son’s agent, was due to meet Arsenal officials over a possible move.

The 19-year-old has one year left on his contract and has set his heart on leaving PSG. Yesterday French newspaper L’Equipe claimed that Rabiot’s body language during training sessions was unprofessional while he gave fake excuses of injuries that suggest he doesn’t want to continue with PSG anymore.

Sky Italia reported that PSG are demanding in the region of €25m for the highly rated midfielder, but Arsenal so far have offered only €15m, some way short of their valuation.

French radio station RMC has an update on the story. They claim, PSG have received four bids, out of which Arsenal and Roma have tabled up “neck to neck” offers.

Two other clubs have also submitted their bids though RMC doesn’t mention their names. Premier League outfit Tottenham are also interested in him but the North London club haven’t lodged any formal offer for him.

RMC claim that Arsenal have a better chance of luring Rabiot, as Arsene Wenger has personally called the midfielder and convinced him to join the Gunners.

There is no doubt that at Arsenal, he will be taken great care of under the tutelage of Wenger. Negotiations are on going at the moment and there is a high possibility that Arsenal could sign him before the window closes.

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  1. The gunners need a defence midfielder and a center back if they don’t I think it will be the same same old story and the big teams will hamer them again

    • Spot on Kenneth. I’ve absolutely no clue why a defensive midfielder has not been signed yet. This I believe is the first signing we should have made in the transfer window. Granted we had to wait for Vermaleen to leave before signing a new Center back. But on that front as well I see no movement. Just hope that the deals are done before the window closes.

      • Hi Sahoo, i belive old wenger knows this problem. he is holding out till the last days to get a worthy Defensive Midfielder, i am sure that will happen really soon, i hope he gets Rabiot though , hes a fine talent and hes French 😛

  2. Wished there was more substance to that claim. Mostly, its gossips concocted by blogs during the day to garner hits on their websites which generates adverts money. Will only believe it when I see them on clubs website.

  3. Wenger is the wisest person on earth! Thinks he must get things only on his terms and can’t make up his mind!

  4. Why Arense Wenger is always Reluctant to sign talent player? I think he is doing a business and doesn’t give any attention to the Arsenal Fans. He is always dreaming to finish at the top four but he doesn’t seem want a trophy. Because he is thinking about the money he got from the champion league.

    • Is the money paid for the transfer of Players paid from the Purse of Arsene Wenger????? It seems like that. He is mixing Economics with football. And he is giving much attention for what he is paid for bot not for winning fir a Trophy.

  5. Once again trying to do things on the cheap. I know there maybe some issues with 3rd party ownership regarding Carvalho, but surely these issues aren’t insurmountable for a club of Arsenal’s stature? A Portuguese friend of mine who coaches football and supports Sporting, says he’s a class player and more importantly, he can play DM and CB. Why aren’t we making a concerted effort to buy him? Strong, can tackle, physically imposing – he’d be perfect.

    • He cant even get in the Portugal national side ahead of veloso or meireles….we might as well bid for momo sissoko once of Liverpool..we need cavani,Gustavo and benatia to really challenge on all fronts….please do not buy Carvalho!!!!

      • Totally agree with u deaniho…he is not proven or tested and to me looks very awkward on the ball,they were askin 40 mil now 20 mil??? U description of momo sissoko is spot on he’s identical just an average big guy makin money out the game,luiz Gustavo should b the one Wenger makes a gunner.@gunners4life..hes got vast experience in a very strong German league,he’s a winner of many titles/cups wiv Bayern and he’s a brazil regular..can also play cb if needed, stay away from Carvalho and let another club waste there money on another hyped up Portuguese lad

  6. This insane last minute game of poker, though exciting for Sky sports, does no good to anyone with the good of football at heart. Wenger to his credit has often spoken out against this system which the big clubs should challenge in the European court, as it clearly is restaint of trade. By agreeing to it UNDER CONTRACT they have no case in law but you may be sure this agreement would have a time limit under contract law and it could then be, and SHOULD be challenged, and it would be overturned.No other reputable business-though top level football is obviously disreputable-would tolerate this farcical nonsense.

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