Arsenal fans protest against Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger

Arsenal fans protest against Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger

Arsenal chief Ivan Gazidis with manager Arsene Wenger
Arsenal chief Ivan Gazidis (left) with manager Arsene Wenger (right)

Arsenal are currently 10th in the league table and we are nearly at the half-way point of the season. This has been the worst start for the Gunners since Arsene Wenger took over at the club in 1996.

Last night they suffered their fourth defeat of the season against an efficient Swansea side. But more than the defeats or current league position, it is the way Arsenal have performed that has concerned the fans.

In yesteryear, Arsenal would dominate matches, create lots of chances (without finishing them), play eye-catching football and would yet lose at times with teams hitting them on a break. In yesteryear, most of the victories for their opponents had some element of luck involved.

But Swansea weren’t lucky, they deserved it; So did Schalke 04, Norwich City and QPR.

With alarming regularity Arsenal have put up performances which lacked cohesiveness, cutting edge or the silky football we have come to expect from them – the performance against Manchester United being the lowest point.

The fans were out on the streets of Emirates before the match protesting against the board and Arsene Wenger. The team was booed off the pitch during the half-time and at the end of the match.

BSM (Black Scarf Movement), an Arsenal fan protest group, carried placards with “What the f*** do you do?” and “Let’s kick greed out of football” onto the streets.

The fans protested against the board members, specifically Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, the price hike in tickets (Arsenal have one of the most costliest matchday tickets in England) and in general how the club is being run.

Kelvin Meadows, Spokesman of BSM, clarified that despite their protest ahead of the match, they continue to support the team, but they demand some answers from the board.

Meadows was quoted in press:

‘We are doing this walk to highlight a few concerns, but when we reach the end at the stadium we will get all our flags out to show we are 100 per cent behind the team.

‘But we want to know a few things with regard to what’s going on at the club.

‘If there is money for the manager to spend why isn’t he spending it or why isn’t anyone telling him to spend it?

‘If there’s no money to spend then where on earth has our money gone?

‘We’ve got some of the most expensive ticket prices, yet where is the expenditure on the players?

‘My personal point of view is that I think Wenger is partly responsible. But I think to a degree he has been left working with his hands tied behind his back.

‘But the one thing we are trying to make clear is that it’s not about Wenger, but the way the club is run. That’s what we have to stay focused on.’

Arsene Wenger in his post match press conference was defiant as usual. He is sure that his team will turn things around. He even shrugged of questions regarding his future and the protest from the fans and left it for the share holders to deal with. But sooner or later he will have to address the concerns.

The club has slipped to mediocrity, instead of challenging the likes of United, City and Chelsea; Arsenal are currently battling Stoke City and West Ham; how the mighty have fallen.

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    • Much of it WAS against Wenger. The Directors did not dream up the crippling flat wage structure. That was Wenger ! They did not tell him who to buy (Santos, Squillaci, Gervinho, Silvestre, Cygan)! They did not tell who to back (Manone, Fabianski, Djourou)! They did not tell him who to play out of position … or not at all (Arshavin, Bendtner, Denilson, Chamakh, Arteta)! They did not tell him which absurd substitutions to make ! Nor to fix the tactics and formation for all time so that every other team knows exactly how to play us !!

      • Its so unfortunate but to be honest arsenal board looks like a secret court to me, they don’t care about the fans they only care about there pocket. I believe wenger follows a rule from inside the board and believe he can talk to the fans and they would still continue to believe in him till he gets to the time he would retire. Who knows what he gets from all this. Two things i believe is either the fans watch the match from there house or the entire arsenal club is sold then the board can be reformed and unprogressive hidden policies can be changed then maybe arsenal can be called ARSENAL again. My opinion

  1. Arsenal is sitted on a time boom. Time is coming when all our good players will refuse to extend their contracts, players we will want to sign will not accept because the club has no vision of competing for the trophy but exploitation of players for profit. Funs will refuse to go to the stadium and Arsenal will collapse like Leeds. We need a coach whose vision is to compete for a trophy and not succumbing to the pressures of the board. Enough is enough…….. It could be time for New drivers — Gadiolla, Riikad or Adams. Wenger’s games are now so predictable.

  2. I think the protest is 100% going in the right direction. It gets to the heart of the matter which is the extortionate ticket prices compared to negative net spend on players over 10 seasons almost every season. It’s up to the club to fix the problem whether it is the manager or the board themselves but the important thing is to put across a clear message that represents the opinion of the majority. They’re doing that. If the club does nothing it would be yet another example of them failing to appreciate that the club belongs to the fans.


  4. its time wenger to say goodbye bcoz each every fun got tired of u our aimed not to finish top 4 big club like goonerz demand a come rise club like man city deserve y not goonerz this prove much that u are tired of this shit am suggesting u to give up b4 we as a funzz goona make it possible right same to board must b suck

  5. Helo Arsenal fans world wide,Wenger kNows he can not try wot he is doing nw wi our club in any oda league in dis world.Wenger av deceived us tu much & we ar exhusted.If a coach av wining mentality his players wil av d same philosophy tu,so he suld go nd we want Guadiola in.

  6. I think two groups of individuals should be blamed.
    1) The board, the owner, and CEO. They are in it for MONEY. They know that football fans will always show up and pay high ticket prices regardless of performance. (Think of it as addictive substance, once you are addicted you tend to buy it regardless of the price) The board know this fact and exploit the “addictiveness” of Arsenal football for MONEY.
    2) Wenger is a well paid stubborn man and the board love him. My prediction: no one at Arsenal will ever consider firing him.
    Only Wenger can make money for the owner (out of fans’ pockets) at such low costs to the owner. (Low cost players, 4th Champions League spot every season.)

  7. Let’s think a bid further along this line, Wenger announced that “The 4th spot is a trophy for Arsenal”. Why the 4th spot is a trophy to Arsenal?
    It is because the profit maximum point for the owner!
    1) if the team really want to win the trophy, they must spend so much that it becomes an unattractive choice for the owner–Running losses. They WILL NOT DO IT.
    2) if they do not spend at all, they cannot reach the 4th spot and therefore no big income. Again, anything less than the 4th spot is not attractive. They WILL NOT DO IT.

    So, the best spot to MAKE MONEY is maintaining 4th spot every year. END OF STORY.

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