Arsenal and Manchester United goals from Tuesday night

Arsenal and Manchester United goals from Tuesday night


A quick recap of the results and goals from the Arsenal v Manchester City and Manchester United v Sheffield United games on Tuesday night.

Arsenal were generally in control of the game at the Emirates and in the end ran out as comfortable 3-1 winners, despite going into halftime at 1-1.

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City (Rosicky)
Arsenal 1-1 Manchester City (Beasley)
Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City (Fabregas)
Arsenal 3-1 Manchester City (Baptista)

Manchester United had a torrid time at Old Trafford against Sheffield United, a back five of Kuszczak, Fletcher, Brown, Heinze and Evra (who was replaced by Richardson in the first half) managing to keep a clean sheet against a hardworking but toothless Sheff Utd.

Manchester United 1-0 Sheffield United (Carrick)
Manchester United 2-0 Sheffield United (Rooney)

Rio Ferdinand needs to return for the Boro game, or United need to play Cathcart as a center-back, Heinze as left-back and another youth team player at right-back – the current setup is rigged for disaster.

Last week, I jokingly wondered if United would have enough players left standing for the key end of the season games.

That’s becoming a serious worry for United’s defence right now.

However, as long as Rio returns, Manchester United should be good.

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  1. No comment on how it should have been a penalty and a sending off then? didnt think so.

    Fergie said “we deserved a slice of luck”

    HA! coming from him with players of ronaldos quality winning games with dives!

    great pic in the sun of the pen,,2002390000-2007170784,00.html

    As a guy comments on the article “There were only two things wrong woth that decision. Firstly, it was at the wrong end, and secondly, it wasn’t Ronaldo taking a dive.”

  2. Richard – oh my oh my, are you blinkered enough not to notice that this isn’t a match report?

    I didn’t comment because I haven’t seen video replays of it yet.

    Trust the Sun for great journalism, eh?

    When I see the vid, I’ll get back to you. From what I’ve read so far, yes, it’s probably a penalty, but so what?

    2-1, 2-0, boo hoo.

  3. Have to agree, that pairing of Brown and Gabby would get ripped apart by a decent team, would have conceded several goals last night against a top 6 team.

  4. Richard – Yes it was a penalty. And as for the luck, every team needs it whether you have a Ronaldo, or a lcuky 8 deflections from a Lampard shot, even a Tevez clearance in front of the line. Every team needs luck in this game! Also have a proper look at the title of the article as it mentions that it’s the goals from last night, nothing more.

    Anyway, a great finish from Carrick, starting to get forward a lot more now. He seemed a little reluctant in the first half of the season, also picking up a few goals too!
    Rooney’s was a quality goal too. One touch and got the shot off, across the keeper. Great ball from Giggs too!

    Hopefully, Evra’s scan won’t prove to be bad news and that it’s just a knock as we could do without losing another defender to injury.

  5. Richard,

    havent seen the replays, but I guess it must’ve been one. That was some horrible defending with Richardson totally missing the player. Would have been interesting to see if Heinze had let Kuszczak make the save instead of diving in like that.

    A red card for Heinze would have hurt quite a lot.

    Conor – on Carrick – He was roaming the pitch in the first half, wasn’t he? He got back in the second to help the defence but in the first half, my god, he was popping up on the wings and in the box, it was quite funny.

    And Lamps hasn’t had that many deflections – I think 5 or 6 in the last 5 seasons (not counting this one, where there were a max of 2 if any).

    Richard – bashing United about ‘luck’ and ‘diving’ is petty – Chelsea do it just as sweetly. Too bad Joe Cole and Arjen Robben were injured most of the season, right? :)

    Bad luck, I guess.

  6. Im not being petty ahmed, its consistency mate. Would chelsea or any other prem team get the decisions go their way like man u? Not a chance.

    Man u had denfensive issues, with heinze gone last night would have made for a good game, plus added more woes for manu.

    But what amazes me is how the ref’s never give the right decision when man u are playing.

    and btw im not saying robben and cole dont dive, i have never denied it. But im not gonna try defend them for what they do,like u try and do. Chelsea may do it just as sweetly according to you, but they dont get half the “luck” man u get.

  7. Richard, since you’re so hellbent on cussing, let me clarify what I was saying:

    1) If you’re going to come into this with the belief that manchester united get favors from refs (fergie scares them, gill pays them, etc etc), then yes, united are ‘lucky’.

    2) If you’re going to come into this with the belief that I defend Ronaldo’s diving, then whatever I do will not convince you otherwise (or at least tell me how I can show you that I don’t defend it)

    3) Long story short – if you’re going to come into this with strong biases, then you’ve already made your decision. Nothing I can say or do will change it.

    So yes, if refs favor United and if I defend Ronaldo blindly, then yes, I’m a dick and United were lucky yesterday and no other team would have been that lucky.


    Note: Swearing at me won’t change anything. I’ve got all the time in the world to remove pointless comments. If you’ve got an argument, make it without cussing at me or anyone else.

    And you might want to read this – it’ll help explain that scott adams quote.

  8. Richard: Oh yes of course, I’d forgotten all of Chelsea’s dominant performances this season, when they simply ran the other team off the pitch with their slick play and dominance. No room in those kind of games for that piece of luck, that penalty not given, nope they’re doing it the good old fashioned entertaining way. I understand why everyone loves them so much :) !

    Oh wait, the world looks so much clearer when you take the blue glasses off!

    Totally a penalty. But given the amount of times United don’t get penalties (did like the defendign on Rooney just before then? a jersey pull combined with a shove combined wiht a hand ball…hrm…?) it all balances out over a season. But you don’t really want the truth do you?

  9. In the words of Steve Stifler “well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake”

    Everyone should chill, im just winding everyone up for a response, i just like the banter and responses i get, its comical!!

    beachryan, – mate all i care about is 3 points nuttin else, so i dont really have time to read your crap about chelsea. Like it or lump it, they are 3 points behind with a trophy in the bag and are in the same position as man u in the other 2 comps, so i wouldnt be sitting there saying your so dominant when the difference is only 3 points. Or are you an arsenal or a yid fan in which case you cant really say anything at all!!

    Im like the Jose mourinho of this forum everyone hates me, I LOVE IT!

  10. Why are people on about the penalty???
    YES, it should have been a penalty (we had luck on our side)
    PS, Sheffield also had luck on their side with the Rooney – in the box – incident. That should also have been a penalty (actually a double penalty a) for the tackle, b) for the handball).
    IMO. the ref was pathetic…

  11. If ManU got the ‘decisions’ last night, then why was there no card shown to Sheffield players when:
    a) Smith lost half his pants during silly a tackle (obvious foul)
    b) Evra got kicked off the game during another silly tackle (another obvious foul)?

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