Arsenal: Twitter reacts to Szczesny red card – “Harsh, Disgrace”

Arsenal: Twitter reacts to Szczesny red card – “Harsh, Disgrace”


Arsenal suffered a 2-0 home defeat to Bayern Munich on Wednesday night, with their hopes of reaching the quarter finals of the Champions League all but over.

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The game swung completely in Bayern’s favour on the 37th minute, when Gunners keeper Wojciech Szczesny was dismissed for a late lunge on Bayern winger Arjen Robben.

But was the red justified? Arsene Wenger said after the game that Robben made the most of the contact made by Szczesny, with the referee’s subsequent decision to send the Pole off effectively ‘killing the game’,

“Our keeper went genuinely for the ball, he touched Robben, who made certainly more of it, and I told him,” Wenger told BBC Sport,

“It killed the game completely.”


Bayern missed the resulting penalty, matching Mesut Ozil in failing to score from the spot, yet Arsenal were forced to defend bravely for the best part of an hour.

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They were to be ultimately undone by a moment of brilliance from the exceptional Toni Kroos, and a stooping header from the incorrigible Thomas Muller.


“He (Robben) has enough experience to know to make more of it,” continued Wenger,

“Overall I thought Bayern made a lot of every single contact, we are not used to that in England.

“There were fouls given today that usually are not given in the Premier League, but it’s different rules and we have to accept it.”

“The game was, until then, top quality, and in the second half it was boring for neutral people. It was one-way traffic.”

The majority of fans seem to agree with Wenger, with Twitter reacting strongly to Szczesny’s first half red card,


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  1. Robben should have been given the red card for being an absolute cheat and a thick kaaskop to boot. The keeper has as much right to challenge for the ball and if there is a clash ,its the result of them both going for the ball,nothing else. Robben went in studs up having already lost the ball which was heading well wide of the goal,and went down as if he had been shot and rolled around like he had had his leg amputated.And ‘praise the lord” his leg reattached itself and he was able to overcome his traumatic experience and jump around like a horny teenager at a party when the referee gave the penalty and the red card!

  2. those at the helm of affairs of this great game in recent times are killing it compared to years gone by, I just don’t understand the neccesity for all these rules. football is a contact ball, but wen a contact is intentional and the infringed players then went down theartrrically, I wonder why red card should b produced. I as enjoying the game until that moment. infact I don’t know why I put my hard earned money into watching football these days, refrees and ambigous rules are killing our great fame, rule officials please safe this gamebefore it starts third world war

  3. I think Robben lifted the leg too high and i consider him to have made a foul not the kipper! The kipper was to be protected at his area

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