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Arsenal 07-08 Away Kit


Update: this is official Arsenal away kit for the 2007/2008 season, as announced by

It’s come under some criticism and yes, it’s a bit whiter than it probably should be, but the design itself isn’t ‘bad’.

I don’t know, I wasn’t fond of the yellow away strip, so for me this is a better choice, and it makes most other kits look pedestrian in comparison.

By the way, for everyone who’s asking, the home kit is THE SAME as that of last season (i.e. 06/07).

Several websites got the scoop on this first – kudos to Arseblog who got this right. In the comments below you’ll find me saying that the pic looks photoshopped – guys, I stand corrected.

Arsenal 07/08 Away Kit

Arsenal 2007/2008 away kit

Buy the Arsenal 07/08 Away Kit

Get more pics including a closeup of the Herbert Chapman tag at

You can buy the Arsenal 07/08 away shirt here.

Also see: 2007/2008 Premiership Kits and our football kits section.

Comments (177)

  1. Yeh the collar is disgusting. Still the kit is nice…I wish Spurs and Arsenal fans would just get over the whole obsession with not having red/white on the kits.

  2. We had white away kits before we had yellow. I wish those idiots who moan about it being untraditional would just shut up!

  3. Untraditional or not, it’s crap.

    Nike lets the fans down yet again. I am predicting extremely low sales for this shirt next season, in fact, I’d bet a tenner on it.

  4. That is not the kit! It is a fake. The real kit is the one onlinegooner put on their site weeks ago.

  5. Absolutely dispicable, how can you get something so wrong.

  6. the blue kit was nicer

  7. Looks pretty nice – will look cool on the players. Collar sucks though in this pic.

  8. blood this is our real KITS our one is better than every kit exept for chelsea and liverpool

  9. Will only believe it once the OFFICIAL Arsenal site puts it up!

  10. Congratulations to all concerned, its a resounding masterpiece of style, design and comfort. Arsenal fans must be so proud to be sporting such a shining example of tasteful colours.

    I guess the green collar is to match with the green faces of the fans when they look at the clubs above them and the clubs that will overtake them next season…

  11. personaly i thought that the maroon kit from last season was the best kit weve ever had!! so we should go back to that. And im not too fond on thw white

  12. This is not real….

    It looks like a picture from ebay…. you no one of those sellers from thailand trying to sell fake replica shirts. Also Arsenal never show pics of new shirts untill a week or so before the release date and the release date for this shirt is August.

    I will only believe its real when i see it on

  13. Oooooooh!Am loving it,this kit is PERFECT!I just can’t wait 2 see our boys playing in it!It’s awersome,anyway i just wish the best for my boys the for the nxt season,this time bring all the trophies home.And for those who didn’t like this kit,I think you have a lack of good taste,atleast if it’s the one i’ll buy it for sure!!!!!!!!Go Henry,….

  14. urgh! god that is a horrible looking kit! to be honest i’m not fond of the whiteness, not because it’s “untraditional” but because, frankly, it looks shit. I love the yellow away kit, maybe even more than the lovely red we had this season (good riddance redcurrent!) it’s iconic arsenal and has been for a good few years under wenger. but on a purely aesthetic level it’s all about yellow darlings that white kit looks utterly shit.

  15. this kit is not da best ive seen but oh well its up to da gunners how they want it by the way wat does the home kit look lyk

  16. Not sure about the amount of white in the new kit, and the gold doesn’t really go. Oh well, maybe we will get used to it, after all at least we know what the away strip will look like on the future champions 2007/2008

  17. I love it. Even though the collar is . I cant wait till it goes in stores. Never saw them playing in white.

  18. Coooool.
    This new kit is better than the yellow one.

  19. This new kit will take arsenal to be the 2007/08 champions

  20. Arsenal’s home kit will be the same as last seasons due a fault in the manufacture of certain batches of the logos.

  21. dunno wot evry1s complaining bout. issa nice kit. better dn the s####y yella we had in the season jst gon

  22. There is going to be loads of fans that wont like this new kit and there will be loads that will, the fans that don’t like it will still most probably buy it anyway as it’s their team.

  23. It still nice to wear. I already have one! and im wearing it now! :D

  24. arsenal,i hope you can become a champion next season. Go FABREGAS!!!

  25. How do you have one? It’s not on sale yet.

  26. The shirt is nice and it dosen’t one bit look like crappy Tottenham’s shirt. Nice!

  27. kit looks great cant wait to get one!! all this talk about us wearing a white kit is goin against tradition is crap!! plus its not like its all white!! we’ve had one before so why not now? as long as its got the arsenal badge on it then it aint nothing to do with spurs!!!

  28. I think this kit is bare good and the green on their isn’t green its actually gold.

  29. this kit is sick. who cares its white they used to wear white anyway. but still its not better than the blue away kit we had in the 2005 season. also id like to say thierry henry aint as good as you lot make out. gilberto silva will make a better captain and fabregas is much better than him!

  30. I think this kit, is ok, i prefer the blue, i honestly think when arsenal were playing in blue, it looked more like arsenal, the yellow aswell looked great. However Nike has insisted on the white, thats what it is, trus arsenal supporters will support there team no matter the kit, i personally think that the collar should be red not that dirty yellow colour but o well, remember guys, its not about the kit on the players, its about the players in the kit, CUMMON ARSENAL

  31. the kit is alrght seen better, will stil buy it no, at least it’s no as bad as the new spurs kits!!!! arf whit arf sky blue wat is tht about and not to mention tht 4 different kit in 1 summer get a grip

  32. this kit is nice but the collar lets it down, i think nike should design a better collar, when the kit becomes on sale to the public, i think alot of people will buy it when they have seen arsenal lay in it.

  33. Nothing wrong with a gold collar.

  34. Well I can see why a lot of Gooners are a bit p***ed off at the idea if a white kit but look at it another way. Sunday afternoon live on sky at Old Trafford and Thierry finishes off another flowing move to put the boys 2-0 up. At that moment in time there isn’t a Gooner in the land who would care if Arsenal turned up to stuff fergies girls in leopard skin and tassles! Lets get behind OUR team whatever colour they wear!

  35. i really like this kit.. i think it would be the best premiership shirt… love the colour and the gold collar

  36. i dont mind it, would look great if collar was gold or something along those lines, the green is disgusting

  37. tbh, this kit would look nicer as a blue cus the blue kits well gud, and this is fairly similar to home one, in terms of the colours, still its looks well nice!
    still-nike- it could be better!

  38. every one says that it is rubbish but soon everybody will be bying it, good job nike!

  39. its an ugly footie top

  40. the new away kit is nice but the letters on the home one always rip so the should change the makeing of the letters

  41. yeah well nice, im lovin it..

  42. i think the new kit is alright and will buy it

  43. does anyone no when the new kit comes out in the shops

  44. nice kit & great colour, a sign of success 4 next season

  45. I think the yellow kit was much better
    But this on is really cool though- i’ll definatly buy it!!!!!!!!

  46. if you supported arsenal or tottenham then you would know why.

  47. This Kit isnt that bad. Once it goes on ARSENAL.COM the official arsenal website then i will belive that this is da new arsenal way kit.

  48. A brilliant design was made. This kit is the only red and
    white away kit in the premiership that is the cool part of it all. I can not wait until it comes out so I can buy it.

  49. i dont know, i really like this kit, but like the guy above, i cant believe this will be it right now, i mean, i have been looking for pictures of it for ages, and they all sseem pretty unnoficial, besides, why would they make their away kit the same colour scheme as their home one, it would mean constant kit clashes with other teams, and arsenal would have to resort back to the yellow kit as a thrid kit all the time, for example if man u were playing us at old trafford, both home and away kits would clash with thiers if this was picked, i like the yellow and understand its tradition in the club, yet am in favour of pushing the badge back out to the side of the kit.

  50. this kit comes out on the 5th of july. and im deffinetly buying it and the collar is gold not green.

  51. the green an blue away in 80′s was top drawer but this looks ok-ish even if white

  52. wot is the release date for dis shirt??????

  53. I like it, its nice……ive been sayin 4 a while now dat we should get a white away shirt. Cant wait 2 buy it :) ! Wen is the release date ???



  56. look im a chelsea fan and im tell u it fake u can just tell by looking at it !bule is the collar!

  57. That’s not bad. I bet Arsenal should hav more than 2 kits incase sth happens. As an arsenal fan i would like to hav as mani shirts as possible. I realli like the gold color where they put SEGA.

  58. really nice top better than the sick yellow one of last season

  59. wot colour r the shorts ans socks…..hopefully they r both white !

  60. wot colour r the shorts ans socks

  61. this is a fake
    arsenal wouldnt have green on there kit
    There REAL kit will be a badman kit

  62. i love it this is our kit

  63. i really like the away kit,i hope this bring glory to emirate this season/ 07/08 season

  64. i dont think any of the kits showed online will be the away kit this season.. I personally think its going to be gold with the maroon of the final season at highbury kit. I think that would be the best thing to do. Also those are the two colour on the arsenal website on the part about Herbert Chapman

  65. I dont believe that this is arsenal away jersey, this is fake.

  66. rox..better ‘an all premiership kits

  67. this kit just looks raw it doesnt represent the players of arsenal . with this kit the likes of fabregas, henry and adebayor will be on their way .

  68. I love this kit i think it looks amazing its really nice and i already want one

  69. they made it gold cos thats the only kind of silver/goldware theyll see all season

  70. We all should just support our team no matter what jersey they have. The jereys never affect our beautiful football.

  71. i like it, it’s a little bit old faskioned and the collars crap but i love the colours and want one even though i support liverpool

  72. dont support arsenal support west ham united there the best.
    come on you irons.(west ham united (1) arsenal (0)

  73. A mate i work with who works publicising arsenal has told me for a fact this is NOT the new shirt it looks very similar and has a few different bits here and there but there will be no gold on the collar.

  74. If you ask me I reckon its a nice looking shirt.
    I always thought a white shirt with red sleeves opposite to our classic home one would look great.
    Im not too sure if its real though ‘cos it isnt on yet, and wasn’t the new away shirt for 07/08 sposed to be based on Herbert Chapman, Whats white got to do with him?
    And on on the Chapman innovations where it said NeverStandStill was morone and gold not white red and gold?

    I hope its real though because nice shirt !

  75. the shirts dirty, n we wore white in the 50′s so its not different

  76. this kit is phat they need a new kit cuz that yellow is gettin a bit old yer know arsenal 4 life you got that right.

  77. this aint really a good kit if u ask me but hey it aint gonna really chnge the way we play our footie..only if they change the collar iit will look nice

  78. good deal with nike really n1ce shirt i am big arsenal fan and i will buy it soon! :D

  79. I hate the way Nike are bum-raping Herbert Chapman for every penny he can get them with their ‘Never Stand Still’ rubbish. Arsenal should be very, very ashamed. That’s a sell-out too far.

  80. who be whu to be who to be a gooner. we r simply da best and nuttin can change it so y he having a little sissy fit over a kit.

  81. ITSsss very nice..
    Same thing very diferent

    arsenal need that things diferent to spire then..=D




  84. that it is not the arsenal new away kit that kit is are 3rd kit for next season and i dont care what any1 says tht kit is gd enough for arsenal fans 2 buy

  85. The collar is not that bad, but I hope they change the color to red to match the white color. I hope this kit will be the premiership winning kit for 2007/2008…..

  86. its a kit! not the players!aslong as we win games i dont realy care about what the kit looks like anyway at least the home kit looks sick.

  87. As fans, we want our team to win but they way you stated your last comment you only care if we win. P.S. the home kit is the same as last season.

  88. mate the shirt has a dunlop tag

  89. Mate, that is so obviously photoshopped that it’s not even funny.

  90. Yeah totally, the line running straight through is a major give away.

  91. that kit above is just man utds from this season with the colours changed

    site about my shirt:

  92. the new away shirt is sikk but i dnt like the collar its like a boggie colour lol!!!!! make sure when the new ho me kit comes out wil be better!

  93. The home kit is the same as the 06/07 season.

  94. i think it is the new shirt, i have seen a picture of wallcot, henry,gilberto, modaling the new shirt in the under ground, there new away is white with dark claret trim and the socks are white and dark claret hoops. i think this picture of that shirt has been doing the rounds for quite some time now (i think i sdaw it last year).

  95. that photo bucket one is just bad quality i have seen a better one which looks very convincing and i dont think someone would go to that much effort just to fake a shirt!

  96. wicked….we r gonna rock in da away n home jersey…..wait…where is da home jersey??anybody noe where i can see arsenal’s home jersey for 07-08??

  97. It is much better then a yellow away kit. Yellow is for puffs! Also thats not the actual away kit Check their site and ull see the real away kit, not that different from that, but slightly different.

  98. Danial go up and read posts 20, 92 and 99.

  99. Ahmed Bilal and Andrew, look who was right about the new away kit, credit at the top of the page should be to me

  100. jackez – mind you, i saw it on Arseblog first but didn’t write about it cuz I thought it was fake. But yea, thanks :)

  101. Classy Jersey, the white will just help you see the lads doing their beautiful football even better

  102. Wot u talkin bout this kit if fit much better than the yellow one and it is real the players are wearin it nd it is on the website you fools

  103. Never mind the kit, there’s something wrong with Gilberto Silva’s shins.

  104. It’s real, folks. Its been put up on the arsenal website:
    and I think it looks really good.


  106. Bit plain but looks nice

  107. luvly kit il have that

  108. alrite kit wud b nicer wif better socks

    tuff crap reli nout we can do about it … kit is last of our trubles atm … a new kit isnt wat we need its some new stuff in the trophy room.

  109. some kits its unreel

  110. Tottenham in disguise….

  111. I my selve i saport arsenal, they good player and wenger should bay more player so that they can be able to well this season.
    Thanks; Awany Dismas,

  112. Yet again people will buy it because they love the claret, which is West Ham’s colour.

    The stripped socks are Total West Ham retro styling.

    Are you West Ham in disguise.

    Claret&Blue – Cockney Boys

  113. whoever says that its not traditional…. i thought it was based on one of the oldest arsenal legends kit back in the day.
    for whoever says it wont sell… i for one am dying to buy this new kit
    i wasn’t too keen on the limited edition arsenal shirt’s colours but this doesn’t even go over the top as it uses white as a main colour.
    just because a certain number of people don’t like it it doesn’t mean that millions of other people will like it!
    Thierry stay at arsenal please ur great!

  114. nice kit but not really feelin the socks!! thought the other kit was better, but hey wat u gona do?! COME ON ARSENAL!!!

  115. 2007-08 is going to be our season

  116. class new kit. although i was kinda lookin 4ward to the white with red sleeves this 1 is class!!

  117. being honest here
    id rather buy that shirt then the yellow 1

    atleast that 1 looks wearable

  118. wot r u people on about the kit is amazing much better than the yellow one u people have such high standards

  119. its on and its official

    atleast it’s better the the disgusting new chelsea away kit

  120. and if you look at it

    its pretty much the opposite of the 06/07 season kit

    burgandy top
    white shorts
    burgandy socks

    white top
    burgandy shorts
    stripey socks



  123. please guys stop acting childish i think da kit is cool and thats what we will probably wear to win the trebble next season

  124. please see if u could find news about the arsenal home kit

    because me may use the same kit as last season

  125. gobind: The home kit IS the same as last season, I’ve said this about 5 times now!

  126. andrew u taliban

  127. Don’t be so discriminating.

  128. the touch of red on the strip is bam, i love it. gunners 4 laif!!!!!

  129. LOVE IT! LOOKS WICKED! … shame to see the legendary Thierry Henry leave us! but, he will always be a legend to me and gooner 4 LiFe! cya Henry :(

  130. Kind of cool looking…….not. Too much like spurs. WHITE???

    too bad henry won’t be there to wear it :D
    hes off to barca

  131. take thierry henry off!!!!!!!

  132. henry doesnt play for them and fabrigas may go to real madrid as well for 25 mill. i hope he does i support real madrid

  133. im happy they got rid of that disgusting yellow kit
    been waitin for it to dissapear
    new one okay
    dont really like the striped socks

  134. it is alright but it is ashame that that Henry will not be able to play in it

  135. wot a kit, im gettin it as soon as it comes out and im getin the 3rd kit aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  137. Dont know what your all moaning about. You ggoners are such hipocrits…a few seasons ago, your home kit was that red current colour and you all loved it. And now that its used for the trimming, you all hate it. I for one think the away kit is class and should be used as the home strip.

  138. nice, but change the shorts

  139. I think it’s way nicer than the yellow one, go arsenal!!!!

  140. I have no idea what people are talking about, I haven’t bought an away shirt for years, I’m tempted at last and suddenly everyone’s all over it because it’s white. Newsflash: Chelsea play in blue, I hate them, but I didn’t cry when our away shirt was blue.
    Sorry, but that’s the best Arsenal shirt I’ve seen in a long time, since at least the 03/04 round necked home shirt.

  141. Hey, I just noticed this today, but look over henry’s head, on the underground station sign. kind of creepy, maybe he was already planning something… jk, but, imo, the kits look great.

  142. anyone know the exact release date for this?

    and they did a reshoot
    it know has denilson in it rather then henry,
    bet they payed henry quite alot to do the shoot, and then he buggers off to barcelona.

  143. well guys.. i noe t henry is an asshole to leave arsenal.. but i must say, he was a big help for arsenal for many years.. there’s also positivity him leavin arsenal.. he played crap last season.. hope silva does a gud job on replacing him.. bout the kit.. its iompresive.. and lastly.. arsenal need more signings!

  144. nice clean lines, very classy looking kit really. I’m not fond of over complitcated kits.

  145. haha half of you said this wasnt gunna be the away shirt next season and your all wrong

  146. lets clear it up then!!! all i can say is we’re gonna be showin certain neighbours how 2 play real football whilst wearin white!!!

  147. nice shirt although the worst thing is we wont b able to play against the spuds init =(

  148. It’s a brilliant kit, I’ve got mine now. We’ll probably use our new blue and red (3rd kit) against tottenham.

  149. i love that picture, do you think that was the last time henry put on the arsenal shirt?

    ha ha ha, face it arsenal fans, youre now the third best team in london.

  150. Club Captain Thierry Henry commented: “I like the new away kit. I understand that it’s a bit of history for the Club because we used to wear white and I always like it when there is a bit of history. It’s always good, something fresh something new. You know when you have something behind the shirt – you know why we’re playing in white. It’s not just something out of the blue; I can’t wait to wear it.””


  151. I think thats the last Arsenal shirt Thierry Henry wore..
    Umm arsenal the 3rd best team in london pffft. We the best, then Chelsea then QPR then Fulham then that team I forget who wear the white and will never win a cup again there called umm…TOTENHAM HOTSPUR BOO

  152. ace it tributes the lengend Herbert Chapman

  153. ive got myn on now

  154. Kyle- AusGooner
    You’re a disgrace to Arsenal fans
    Arsenal, who play the most graceful football, have a fan, who is so disgraceful… accept the fact that Arsenal are no longer the best club in London, but if you choose to believe they are, let the players save and show it for the pitch, and show all the other fans that they still play the best football…

  155. very nice kit. good to get away from the usual red and white or yellow. i like it alot.

  156. dis kit is brilliant, much much better then dat ugly yellow one n da design is simple, too.all those who r sayin dat dis is crap must sort their head out!!!

  157. if you actually see the kit close up the detail nike have put into this kit is amazing jus one thing wrong, why is henry in the picture?

  158. It was taken (the picture) a week or so before he left, ironically he says at the kit launch “I cannot wait to wear this”.

    The detail that has unlegible writing is annoying it makes the kit striped, but from a distance yes, its bueatifal

  159. i think its great very traditional to arsenal its dedicated to herbert chapman (legend) Hey any of you now if we are going to sign robinho or not lots of rumors flying around that we are

  160. Alright kit. The problem with it for me is that they wear a lot of white in the home kit. Its not one of the bad kits for the coming season. Would have been nice if it was blue like the 04/05 away kit

  161. i think its a nice change to have the kit white weve had red and yellow kits for about 3 years now

  162. i think the kit is great but im not too keen on the writing on it

  163. I think the blue kit looked a lot better.The writing on the new kit is almost illegible,it would look a lot better without it,the gold name and numbers dont help either.

  164. i love arsenal. goodluck

  165. arsene wnger u should get robinho he is wicked he will comlete arsenal i know da silva is good but robinho will help us win the prem he will score a good amount of goals for us and i know he will do fantastic for arsenal and he will properbly replace thierry henrys depature arsenal need that tipe of player van persie adebayor robinho edourdo da silva thats 1 brilliant skrike force arsenal will win the prem i know. look at man u they got tevez anderson nani hargreves and we just got da silva fabianski and sagna we need robinho he will be exellant i know it so im asking please please please get robinho

  166. this is the best kit in the world where can i get one

  167. I like the away kit =D
    Very nice =P

  168. kits nice but get a new pic henrys gone

  169. these kits are much cooler up close, they have a light grey writing on them that forns light grey hoops its actually a really cool kit.