Argentina beat Mexico to set up Brazil dream final

Argentina beat Mexico to set up Brazil dream final


For Argentina, today was just another day. Glorious, free-flowing, creative football so typical of the Albiceleste was on display yet again. For Mexico, it was just another Copa America. Nobody beats them at reaching Copa semi-finals and then bowing out.

Argentina continue to produce some amazing goals as they hit three past Mexico this evening. Juan Roman Riquelme took over from where he left setting up one goal and scoring another, further strengthening his case for player of the tournament.

The game started with Argentina showing positive intent right from the word go. A number of chances were created. The midfield was doing its job well maintaining possession and creating some good balls. Mexico had defended tightly and, after a while, it was they who began to threaten. Mexico almost took the lead when Andres Guardado shot just wide. Their plan of containing Riquelme was also working well with the gifted playmaker at the receiving end of most fouls.

One foul, however, cost them dearly. Riquelme, not surprisingly, took the 44th minute free kick that turned the game around. His brilliant delivery found Heinze who acrobatically guided the ball in, leaving three defenders and the keeper staring hopelessly at each other.

The second half saw Mexico almost grabbing the equalizer with Nery Castillo’s effort hitting the crossbar. But it was Argentina who struck again in the 59th minute. Tevez played in a clever ball to Messi on the right, who came up with a chip of the highest quality to beat a diving Oswaldo Sanchez. Within a minute of the restart, Riquelme squandered a glorious opportunity to finish off Mexico once and for all. Nevertheless, they were finished when Tevez was brought down in the box. Riquelme’s beautifully taken penalty kick shut the door completely on Mexico.

Argentina now face Brazil for top honours in a rematch of the Copa America 2004 final. On that occasion, it was the Samba boys who came out victorious on penalties. Argentina have revenge on their minds, a shot at a record fifteenth Copa title and a golden opportunity to end a streak of 13+ years without a major trophy. Not to mention, a chance to beat their biggest rivals. Now thats a hell lot to play for. It should be one interesting Sunday.

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  1. That is why SAF is wants Tevez.Tevez you can say is a miroor image of rooney and if united unites them then there is no stopping them.Go manu get this man.

  2. Riquelme for Arsenal lol :-)

    Messi’s goal is out of this world.

    The final is gonna send all neutrals around the world into a drooling stupor. ”no sex tonight honey, im watchin the final.”

  3. With all the rumours flying around and the clear intent that many teams have shown far specific players it strikes me as odd that nobody (other than a spark from Atletico) has inquired over the availability of Riquelme. His performance at the Copa has been absolutely world class and nothing short of sensational.
    His talent alone is worth 30 points in the standings of any club notwithstanding the rest of the team’s player’s efforts. For me the real need that Manchester United had going into last season was the attacking central midfielder position. Then Paul Scholes had a great comeback season and it seems the need is forgotten for now. The idea of Riquelme waving his wand at Old Trafford would have been total magic. I feel he has 4 or 5 good years left because his game is not pace dependent. He has always been slow of foot, but what a great sense of timing, skill, imagination etc. Oh to dream the impossible dream.

  4. TO CHELSEA, MANCHESTER UNITED, LIVERPOOL and ARSENAL. Do whatever it takes. Spend whatever you have but for God’s sake, please bring Lionel Messi to the Prem. The little man is truly a gift from the soccer gods and would bless the English game with his presence. I am tired of the Maradona’s, Ronaldo’s (Brazil version), Romario’s, Ronaldinho’s, Riquelme’s, and Messi’s of the world alway choosing Italy or Spain as their playing club country of choice. Money talks!
    Make it happen. I hate seeing the great players of the world always residing at Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter or Juventus. Let them starve a little. I believe that the 4 big Prem clubs have the money to make this happen, or at least the financial creativity to make it work. Don’t language and climate always dictate the rules. Fight for the player and show your commitment.

  5. UHHHH! I wish it was 2010 South Africa! During these off years between the European Championships and the World Cup, I always found it hard to find quality soccer to watch. But watching Argentina play is such an experience. Over here in America, I’ve been glued to Univision and Telemundo every night watching Copa America. Messi is playing out of his mind right now. That chip over Sanchez was sublime. By the way, out of all the players on the Mexican National Team, he is without a doubt my least favorite player, but that’s for another time. This Copa final will hopefully be epic, a back-and-forth game with lots of lead changes. Or I want Argentina to blow out Brazil. Sorry, I’m getting tired of Brazil.

  6. It may be a while before Messi plays for an English side. He owes a lot to Barcelona. I dont see him leaving Barca for the next 4-5 years. Also, the PL may not be the best place for him (atleast right now) considering his injury-prone nature.

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