Are Spurs better off without Bale?

Are Spurs better off without Bale?


Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale was the star for Tottenham last season and was named PFA player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year. His brilliance was what made them tick, he created everything. He is now expected to make a move to Real Madrid before the summer window closes, for a world record transfer fee.

Last season, losing Gareth Bale seemed like the worst thing ever for a Spurs fan. It seemed that without him, Tottenham had nothing.  He is a fantastic player and he is still young. Last season Gareth Bale was the one who made them challenge for a Champions League spot. Without him they would not have been even close.

Bale is now in Madrid and is hoping to complete a move in the next couple of days, for a fee believed to be more than the current transfer record of 80 million pounds (Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid). This will be the fourth consecutive time Real Madrid have broken the World record transfer fee. It seems like a lot of money for a single player, especially for a player who has only really had one spectacular season.

In all club competitions, Bale scored 26 goals and 10 assists in 44 games last season, before last season he had only scored 34 goals and 39 assists in 204 appearances (although he did originally play at left back). The stats show that although he was excellent last season, he has still not proven himself as a consistent performer.

So is he really worth all that money? In my opinion, no. Before Cristiano Ronaldo earned his big money move to the Spanish giants, he was consistently excellent for three seasons at Manchester United, and also had three decent seasons before that. Bale is still an excellent player and has the ability to do well in Spain, but he just isn’t worth that much.

Tottenham have already spent the money they will get from the transfer, buying; Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela, Vlad Chirches, Etienne Capoue, Robert Soldado, Nacer Chadli and Paulinho. AVB has improved the midfield no-end, as well as improving his attacking options.

This season the Tottenham side will be more about the team, than one player. They have spread the quality and now have a very good squad. If they did have Bale, this would be a side capable of making a possible title challenge this season, but without him they could easily pick up the fourth spot and qualification for the Champions League.

So no, I don’t think thay are better off without Bale, but they are not much worse off. They have so far spent the money wisely and could reap the benefits.

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  1. Flawed conclusion to otherwise well documented article.Of course Spurs are stronger than they were before the summer-only an Arsenal supporter would not admit to this!This is the start of a new era for Spurs-it’s been a long time coming but everyone can look out now.

  2. Personally I think when AVB gels this group together they will be a better team. It was becoming predictable that when Bale got the ball he could score from almost anywhere. However his assist rate dropped and he became almost the sole scorer. As I said predictable and eventually opposition teams would know how to stop him. with 3 at the front and one feeding (flanked by midfielders that also like to score) them and 2 centres that love to go forward and score this is going to be a team that is hard to defend against. As for getting anything past Capoue, Sandro,Verts,(L & R backs are improving and I feel are at a high level and support the forwards but need more experience as defenders (however they are still of a high standard)) Vlad and Lloris that too will not be easy.

  3. Spurs will play more like a team now, rather than relying on one individual who often failed to see the pass. The passing often broke down when Bale was wandering around the centre of midfield. This Spurs team is miles stronger than last season. There is no comparison.

    Now all they need is to get a great left back and one more striker. Get rid of Adebayor, Rose and Sigurdsson.

  4. The point about Spurs not challenging for a CL place without Bale is well made. So if he gets injured Spurs are seriously weakened. To sell him and use the money to buy seven players that improve the defensive strength, midfield power and attacking quality of the team is great business.

  5. Without getting too deep, Tottenham will be a different prospect without Bale and he wil never be replaced, however they have spent the money very very well and Erikssen is the signing of the season..

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