Angel di Maria loves Manchester United

Angel di Maria loves Manchester United


Benfica midfielder Angel di Maria has been the subject of much transfer speculation recently, with Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool all linked with the Argentine international. A ridiculous fee of £36million has been mentioned for the 21 year old, although somewhere around £10-15million is more likely.

According to an interview with NOTW, di Maria has his heart set on a dream move to Old Trafford.

He said:

“Since I was 13 or 14 years old, I’ve been telling my mother and my father that my dream is to play some day for Manchester United.

“And I won’t stop till I get it.

“When I watch [Wayne] Rooney and all of them on TV, I can’t wait to play there at Old Trafford.

“When I was a little boy I watched Arsenal games as well, but Manchester United always dazzled me most.”

Di Maria is another one of those players that Arsenal ‘missed’ out on – he’s probably too expensive for Wenger now (and the side doesn’t really need creative reinforcements in any case) – and idolises Carlos Tevez (United fans rest assured – he loves Tevez for his work ethic, not for his inflated ego).

“I have known Carlos since I was in the Argentina Under-20s side and he was in the national team.

“I identify myself with him closely as a player.

“For example, at times when I have not been scoring many for Benfica, I watch him and see that Carlos doesn’t get exasperated when it happens.

“And then he ends up scoring.

“I think that I’ll follow in his footsteps in the sense that I will have his positive attitude and I’ll score goals.”

Angel di Maria to Manchester United? Or will it be Manchester City?

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  1. I find the 10-15 mil. figure hard to buy. Benfica paid 8 million a while back for the player. For a team in contention for the Portuguese championship and who could do well in the Champions League if they retained their current set-up, any price under 20m euros would be poor, poor business.

  2. if he wants to play for man utd and if utd r intrested in him then neither chelsea nor man city can buy him.
    Pedro-15m pounds means around 20m euros.
    if SAF can pay 17m pounds for nani 3yrs bck then 20m shud’nt b a problem.its only that he has to be convinced that di maria is the one for man utd.

  3. alby: I am a Portuguese (economist!) living in the UK. The reality of the euro/pound exchange rate has not eluded me :). Current exchange rates would imply 17 mil. euros for 15 mil. pounds, which is, I think, pretty cheap if you consider what people have paid for players like Fellaini. Besides, Benfica are a pretty big club who needs the money but can hold their ground if need be and sell only to whoever is paying most. The deal with Nani would be very interesting (another Simão?) but he is still far too rated in Europe for Benfica to be his first option. Plus, he’d command some pretty hefty wages people at Benfica would be unwilling to match.
    Not sure how well Di María would suit United though. People say he plays well on both wings but that’s just bollocks. It’s one of those myths about modern wingers that doesn’t really hold in Di María’s case (take the match in Liverpool for a perfect example of that) and I’m not convinced he’d be any more effective than Nani. Worse than that would be if he played him with Valencia on the opposite side. The team would become much more rigid as a consequence (note that Di María is currently shining but has two strikers and Aimar to play off at Benfica) and I can’t see them flowing as nicely in that case. Would possibly fit Liverpool the most, but I can’t see them coughing up the dosh.

  4. i am a united fan and would love it if united signed di maria as i admire the player. he has huge potential and i think that 20 mill would be feasable. possibly a money/player deal. united definately need to buy in midfield with giggs and scholes ageing and nani not performing to his potential. i hope if the rumours are true that he will choose his heart and go to united rather than the stupid wage packet at city

  5. I´m also portuguese. In general I agree with Pedro´s comment. He will be much more adapted to the left wing. His talent is huge. And the mentioned fee is not “ridiculous” as mentioned in the article. It is quite feasable taking into account his age and progress margin.

  6. Angel Di Maria fits the Man Utd outfit! I can already picture him in that glorious red army jersey! Character, charm and classic man-utd quality’s all over him! Man Utd suits you Di Maria!

  7. di maria should go after is dream on not for money do what ronaldo an go to real madred it is dream

  8. i think di maria will suit at man utd very well coz he is an amazing prayer for me,go to ot di maria and thats makes your dreams comes true.

  9. according to skysports (this was in january)
    we had an offer of 10million pounds and nani rejected for di maria

  10. I have watched the clip showing his 10 best goals. Di maria has great potential and can be the next ronaldo. He has a great eye for football and can already do some amazing things at 22years. He is a pure talent and United is the best place for him to shine. I think SAF would not regret sighning him.
    I have become a fan of Di Maria and I now desperately want to see him play for United and United only.

  11. Di maria is nice to Barca not another team.
    if he is like to english then chesea and liverpool is much better than unt

  12. Angel,come to City..they are your dream..come to City Angel we ar de mustard.we wil be de next global great..sod united..they dont have pot to pee in. has to laugh out loud at some of these comments made on here. CTID.

  13. He will be one of the remembered players if he wore the red and black outfit and play at the theatre of dreams. Cme’on De Maria let your dream come true by being United!!!!

  14. this guy iz brilliant. type him in you tube. com and watch the video called honor, heart, skill….

    again anything under 25 million i think is waste

  15. di Maria is a good ball player but i highly doubt he will sign with United. United are in massive debt and have already signed Javi Hernandez and Chris Smalling. With that said a more realistic destination for di Maria is probably Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester City.

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