Angel di Maria loves Manchester United

Benfica midfielder Angel di Maria has been the subject of much transfer speculation recently, with Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool all linked with the Argentine international. A ridiculous fee of £36million has been mentioned for the 21 year old, although somewhere around £10-15million is more likely.

According to an interview with NOTW, di Maria has his heart set on a dream move to Old Trafford.

He said:

“Since I was 13 or 14 years old, I’ve been telling my mother and my father that my dream is to play some day for Manchester United.

“And I won’t stop till I get it.

“When I watch [Wayne] Rooney and all of them on TV, I can’t wait to play there at Old Trafford.

“When I was a little boy I watched Arsenal games as well, but Manchester United always dazzled me most.”

Di Maria is another one of those players that Arsenal ‘missed’ out on – he’s probably too expensive for Wenger now (and the side doesn’t really need creative reinforcements in any case) – and idolises Carlos Tevez (United fans rest assured – he loves Tevez for his work ethic, not for his inflated ego).

“I have known Carlos since I was in the Argentina Under-20s side and he was in the national team.

“I identify myself with him closely as a player.

“For example, at times when I have not been scoring many for Benfica, I watch him and see that Carlos doesn’t get exasperated when it happens.

“And then he ends up scoring.

“I think that I’ll follow in his footsteps in the sense that I will have his positive attitude and I’ll score goals.”

Angel di Maria to Manchester United? Or will it be Manchester City?

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