€50m Manchester United target to join ‘within hours’

€50m Manchester United target to join ‘within hours’

Angel di Maria

Some times it becomes hard to fathom the transfer mechanism of Real Madrid. There is a certain degree of madness often attached to it. Barcelona have signed Luis Suarez, so, we must do one marquee signing as well, not just to appease the fans but to maintain the status-quo.

Don’t get me wrong. James Rodriguez is a fine player and may well become one of the best in the world in the next few years. In any normal transfer window, he could have cost maximum €40-45m, but just because he had a great world cup campaign behind him, his price inflated to a ridiculous level. And Madrid matched that. They can. They always do.


His arrival has surely marked the end of Angel di Maria’s future at Real Madrid. They are losing one of the performers last season, who produced the match of his life to hand Real Madrid their coveted La Decima. The Argentine has two offers to chose from – Manchester United and PSG. Real Madrid are willing to sell him for €50m, while his future could be solved in ‘matter of hours’ today, claim radio station Cadena Cope.

Although they claim that the winger will chose his next destination with ‘hours’ as mentioned in the report, we get a feel they possibly meant that a deal could be reached within next few days, or in near future.

French media outlet Le 10 Sport claimed earlier that Angel di Maria has a verbal agreement with PSG over the terms of his contract. He would join on a five-year-contract and would pocket about €8-9m per year as wages.

At the same time, there are also suggestion that PSG won’t be able to dish out such ridiculous sum again, having already paid hefty transfer fee for David Luiz. With FFP breathing down their neck, they cannot simply afford to break the rules and spend over their limitations.

Manchester United have been linked with Di Maria several times over the past one month with Spanish newspaper El Confidencial even reported that the Argentine’s agent Jorge Mendes, who has a good rapport with United, was planning a move to take his client to Old Trafford this summer.

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  1. What a waste of money, it would have been far better going in for Marco Reus, who is a far better player than Di Maria!

    • shut up and closed your dirty mouth.Are you the one going to pay the cash for us? we need Di maria at man united.

    • My stop fooling yourself, Reus better than Di Maria?????? Do you watch soccer or just not a fan of the man in question? If Di Maria joins United, we would plummet to outright favourite in the Premier League worse still without European football this season, we would be capable of bringing back our BPL home

      • everyone here is an idiot,why choose one when we can afford to buy both ,nani and chichi are exiting so ,united should get both reus and di maria,,reus scores lots of goals and assist,,more than 20 a season,,and dimaria is about just as effective,,,just get both coz it’s not our cash and 40 mill each is peanuts for manchester after they get back the cash from merchandise sales,,,getting both along with schweinsteiger and de jong will make us unbeatable,,,,keep feillani for champions lueage next year coz the opposition wont be able to handle a number ten of his calibre,,,

    • Maria z gud.bt we hav no problem up-front.remember januzaj? We hav huge troubles in defence n central park.

  2. Rues better than Di maria? That is an abuse to football world, we really need Di maria, given the new formation introduced by Van Gaal. Go go go Go for Di maria

  3. Di maria will be a fine player for united but we need central medfielders like schweinstieger,strootman,nigel de jong,clasie.

  4. Some fans beginning to sound desperate now. If your not careful we’ll make a few more Fellaini type ‘panic’ buys!

  5. Di maria is the current best wideman better than hazard,reus,sanchez etc.push on man utd and get him wearing man utd shirt next season

  6. bringing di maria to the EPL is indeed a mouth watering and eye catching prospect.however if he is not coming to chelsea,then no other EPL club should have him.very fantastic and dangerous player.far better than Reus in my own opinion.

  7. I am pretty sure angel dimaria will be at old Trafford next summer.can’t wait to see

  8. for me i prefer marco rues age is on is side than di maria he is more drageous than him also goal sence assit and wit a good tecnigue goo german manchine

  9. We need to focus on bringing hummels and maybe vidal to manchester before we spend time and money on attackers.

  10. If possible why not get the two ingredient to help resursitate our team mr excutive manager . We don’t need any Fellani type signing this time around.it is hightime we begin to think big and act fast to secure the signatory of creative players. Manut is a great team n that ligacy must be maitain now that we have a great coach LVG.. Once the money available plse don’t hesitate to spend -spend it wisely.

  11. Ok, so “if” we get Angel then where will he play? Cm? I dont think so. Rwb? Hmm i think he will asses that united are deploying a 352/532/343 however you may call it, and he will for sure not want to play rwb!

  12. can’t we get both Di maria and marco? after all both are better than the wingers we have

  13. If u dnt knw by now dat Reus is far a beta player to Di maria, dat means u dnt watch futball. Reus create balance in both width nd midfield and gifted with both feet. If liverpool lands Reus then im afraid we er doomed. We shld prioritise a world class defender if so is d case of liverpool involvin Reus.

  14. Lvg should pls try and secure the service of ANGEL DI MARIA cos his is a nice player to partner along side ROONEY and RVP.

  15. We hav no solid centre back n no back up on da left back,no holdg midfielder n u guys ar tokg di maria?cmon man.u fans.

  16. Di maria will be a fine purchase.
    He is a great player, always creating chances and a real work horse. rues would have been a great buy but don’t disregard di maria. He is high quality and will be a big loss for real madrid. Glory glory man united!

  17. if we can sigh Di maria,Hummels and vidal the better chance we stand to win trophies,but it seems Ed wood is not on our side i think he belongs to chelsea he has nothing to lose,ever sìnce Gil left nothing has been done.Sack the guy and look for someone who can do the job.

    • getting de vrij for 10mill and focus on schweinsteiger for 20 sounds more logical,,and the rest we can just wait till their contract runs so we can get them cheap,,

  18. i wuld love to see the likes of arturo vidal,matt hummels,di maria,de vrij and blind joining man utd which i know is possible

  19. Just stop dis crap,wat I wanna hear is we have sign him or vidal not will are clossin on signing him.all dis problem is david moyes fauth for bringin us back to 7th position now all players want to play champions League………….we need denfenders,united till I die

  20. Some if you simply dont know how to talk. Everyone has his opinion and it should be respected. Di Maria is left footed whiles Reus is good on both foot. Reus scores more goals than Di maria as well. Reus will always be better abd sought after than Di maria.

  21. stop wasting time bring D maria before it’s too late u r boring without fulfilling your promises

  22. We need Di Maria because he has pace down tje flanks, he can fall back and defend, is a monster at creating chances, provides the most assists per game and scores from wide positions. That does not mean if we get him ee will be prohibited from getting a top CB or a solid DM. He’s the piece that puts us at checkmate against Chelsea and Man City.

    • Manchester united need player like vidal, nd demaria ,hummel nd verji nd blind.machester should splash d catch since day said day hv d money nt by making mouth.up united fans.

  23. Pls get both angel di maria and reus vital hummels 4us both of dem are extreme gud as will all knw dat stupid moyes cost evrytin not playin Champions l. now dat will hv world class manager with full of expricence pls loius van gar get us 95% players not average again pls glory glory united I remain man u fan till I die

  24. we nid to work on three deals of defenders like hummels,devrig,blind and finish vidal deal.then think abt marco reus.that’s enough to become champs of Epl and FA.no need for dimaria.januzaj and Reus can make our wings better than any epl club.

  25. talking! talking!!, talking!!! window will soon close no good business will done .sack and tried manutd business

  26. Honestly di Maia dont suit man united since he is right attacking mid and Man U changed they system to 3 4 1 2.
    So when mata is bihind the strikers (rooney and rvp) where would he fit in.
    Plus rues and di maria is different players and do maria is more hardworking than reus.
    If di Maia where about to come premier league he should join chelsea cuz he can easily out take William at left attacking mid .

  27. Angel DM is a classic player.. We needy high speed game which Maria plays… Waste no time – sign ADM if the cash is there. United need to rise again…

  28. gil wasn’t so great in transfers,,,,remember what happened to ronaldhino ,kaka , and even james rodriguez transfers before they entered psg,ac milan and porto and soon after monaco,,we were meant to buy those guys as well but we buckled in transfer cost for these young players at the time,,,once they become renowned,,we cant even afford them anymore,,,this history of unitede was here way before mr. ed woodward was here,,so stop just blaming him,,,the only time i can remember us getting someone we wanted was only veron,ruud , and ronaldo,,,but even ronaldo was not as famouse as what ronaldhino,and kaka was when they were just young prospects,,,maybe just about as famous as james i guess,,,,

  29. di maria and reus…both of them are good… but di maria will never like the new formation, will never play rwb he likes attacking but reus is not as dangerous as di maria wit the ball, loves playing wit slow momentum but di maria z more dangerous when he enters the box, scores mad goals at the edge but reus loves moving in which links wit the way manu plays…reus will be able to adapt to the wing back but di maria i dont think so… both of them are good and they are good in what they do best

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