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African Cup of Nations – Angola 2010 – Fixtures & Results


Watch the 2010 African Cup of Nations Live Online.

The 2010 African Cup of Nations begins on 10 January in Angola, with the hosts kicking off the tournament against Mali.

That will be the first of 32 matches that will be played in Angola over a three-week period, culminating in the final in the capital city of Luanda on 31 January.

The complete list of 2010 African Cup of Nations fixtures is listed below, and when the competition starts, you can check back here for results and reports.

Group Stage

Group A – Algeria, Angola, Malawi, Mali

Sunday, 10 January 2010
Angola v. Mali

Monday, 11 January 2010
Malawi v. Algeria

Thursday, 14 January 2010
Mali v. Algeria
Angola v. Malawi

Monday, 18 January 2010
Angola v. Algeria
Mali v. Malawi

Group B – Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo

Monday, 11 January 2010
Ivory Coast v. Burkina Faso
Ghana v. Togo

Friday, 15 January 2010
Ivory Coast v. Ghana
Burkina Faso v. Togo

Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Burkina Faso v. Ghana
Ivory Coast v. Togo

Group C – Benin, Egypt, Mozambique, Nigeria

Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Egypt v. Nigeria
Mozambique v. Benin

Saturday, 16 January 2010
Nigeria v. Benin
Mozambique v. Egypt

Wednesday, 20 January 2010
Egypt v. Benin
Nigeria v. Mozambique

Group D – Cameroon, Gabon, Tunisia, Zambia

Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Cameroon v. Gabon
Zambia v. Tunisia

Sunday, 17 January 2010
Gabon v. Tunisia
Cameroon v. Zambia

Thursday, 21 January 2010
Gabon v. Zambia
Cameroon v. Tunisia


Sunday, 24 January 2010
QF 1 – Group A winners v. Group B runners-up
QF 2 – Group B winners v. Group A runners-up

Monday, 25 January 2010
QF 3 – Group C winners v. Group D runners-up
QF 4 – Group D winners v. Group C runners-up


Thursday, 28 January 2010
QF 1 winners v. QF 4 winners
QF 2 winners v. QF 3 winners

Third-Place Playoff

Saturday, 30 January 2010
SF 1 losers v. SF 2 losers


Sunday, 31 January 2010
SF 1 winners v. SF 2 winners

African Cup Live
Gerrard v Fabregas – outrageously talented captains fighting for pride
FC Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Action!

Comments (69)

  1. I always want to follow the nation cup. To see how the 5 countries that qualified for w/cup will perform

  2. yeah diddo, used to love checking it out on eurosport, remember seeing one of the finals – cameroon nigeria penalty shootout (epic)

  3. am very patience to wait for the cup

  4. My comment is that i want my country Nigeria to win this has been long.we need a better chance.i pray God to help our country Nigeria

  5. Ghana will won the African cup of Nation in Angola

  6. The teams to watch out for are (in order of superiority) 1.egypt 2.cote d’iviore 3.nigeria. Whereas, the first and third on the above list are in same group. So, sit at the edge of your tv seats to watch out. Starting from jan 12th where nig will be taking on egypt

  7. Jus t as much as most people think that we (Zambia) is an underdog, it is as much as Iam thinking that we shall image victorious.


  8. The cup for Angola 2010 belongs to Cameroon. There is no big noise to make here because its needless killing an ant with a hammer.

  9. i just hope nigeria do well and the five african countries going for the world cup i just cant be able to watch the world cup but will kepp knowing the results through this sites

  10. Hope Zambia will take the Africa cup 2010

    I can’t wait to see our Chipolopolo boys in action.

  11. there is no reason to panic for the trophy belongs to Cameroon.bravo to the lions.

  12. The African Cup of Nation 2010 has Nigeria written all over it. All other Countries are just there for “child’s play”.

  13. Am having 100% hope that Malawi will make it to the finals,flames woyeeee!

  14. Other countries are required to participate because Cameroon cannot win against itself. Go Lions and do what you do best.

  15. This nations cup and world cup we want come in nigeria, because if it comming 2 cups we doing big celebration. I am proud to be a member of foot ball sporters people in nigeria. Nageria stop all nation to wins the cup god help we…………… wins the cup, nation cup and world cup.

  16. nigeria will win the nation cup

  17. SILENT!SILENT!!SILENT!!! all of u including nigeria,ivory coast,cameroun and the rest b’cos we the african champions .(BLACK STARS OF GHANA) are coming 4 the cap. :RESPECT US:

  18. no nigeria or egypt will pot hand or foot on that cup,all i know ghana or ivory coast will take nigeria and egypt should wait for another time.good luck black star and the elephant.

  19. SILENT!SILENT!!SILENT!!! nigeria,ivory coast,togo and the others b’cos we(BLACK STARS OF GHANA) are coming for the cup.RESPECT US.

  20. cameroon 4 life

  21. i now believe that empty barrels make the most noise.. those who struggle in even qualifyn 4 da africa cup not even da world cup are those dreaming of taken it.. remember BLACK STARS of GHANA qualified 1st in da whole world n unbeaten 4 both world n africa way b4 some countries making da most noise even got 2 know their stand even 4 africa cup qualification.. so u should know wat dat means…

  22. Nigeria will make it to the finals because we have world class and experienced players, GO NIGERIA, GO GIANT OF AFRICA, GO THE MOST POPULATED BLACKS IN THE WORLD.

  23. as i said befor ivory coast and the black star of ghana must go to the final of the nation cup. I hope egypt and algeria will meet agen for another foot ball war what a war but fair play to u guys there.

  24. Egypt will win the AFCON…….the fixtures dosent show the time

  25. The best team should come victtorious,,,,and also by God’s grace bring the world Cup….I hope our leaders will not siphon the proceeds…God help us!


  27. I am praying to God for Zambia to do wounders. Zambia if you never called on Jesus, call on him Now!!!!!! He Will help you.

  28. why should everyone contemplate on the winner when GHANA is the competetion

  29. there is only one unbeatable lions; camroon. you can ask nigerians.

  30. i hope and believe that malawi will come home with that cup

  31. Wishing the flames all the best to the AFCON.GO FLAMES GO KINAH!!!

  32. i believe the team 2 watch is cameroon,i wish them gud luck.go 4 the cup the lions.

  33. Zambian football is that of mathematics/ or chances. All what we can do is have a draw or lose.
    Please let the makula come back instead of finishing our tax payers money.

  34. I strongly beleived that Ghana Black Star would carry the cup 2 Ghana, since I am a proud citizen of Ghana.

  35. ghana will surely win,…….. But why are the kick-off times not displayed!?

  36. Go zambia go. The cup is our. The rest should just wait and see. Go chipolopolo,we r behind u

  37. watchout 4 d super eagles of nigeria,ivory coast n ghana.its realy goin 2 b tough

  38. The only thing we have to prove is winning the world cup in South Africa. This should be a practice tour for the lions.

  39. I’m a Nigerian. But lets just wait and see who emerge the winner guys…

  40. People of Africa, can surely Malawi win the AFCoN?
    Lets face it. Cameroon, Ivory Coast, or Ghana may. But dont forget that South Africa is in good mood. Not forgetting Angola the hosts, they are a great neglected force. Lets wait and see.

  41. I wish all the African teams a fair play

  42. Zambia National Team our Chipolopolo Boys are always underrated by being called underdogs but we do perform wonders i know we will make it to finals!!!! go,go, Zambia Chipolopolo

  43. keep your comments. just sit back and watch the games. may the best team win the cup.

  44. God is the last to say who will win the cup to me any country that prove to play well should take the cup i am from Cameroon if we do not do well then we do not mere it.

  45. May this Cup of Nations be a golden opportunity for African teams qualified for South Africa 2010 to showcase their worth, and keep our hope alive. Indomitable Lions will never stop creating surprises, …while roaring.


  47. Hopefully Nigerians will lift the cup once again!

  48. Just take a look at everyone boasting away 4his country
    ,4geting wat is most important which is surporting any
    african country to southafrica to get dat cup from
    coloured hands its been in dier pocession for way too long now

  49. I love Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana! They are the best three teams!

  50. We love U Lions and wish you a smoothhhhhhhhhh Victory in Angola! Just take it for it’s yours.

  51. I believe the saying that, GOD helps those who help themselves. All the 16 teams are good. If not so they wouln’t have qualify to represent their Countries. So guys let’s not underate any team. I hope the mighty teams will fall before the final match. GOD helps Africa Football!!!

  52. What the hell did the Angolan rebels do to the Togolise Players, this is unfair, Why didn’t the rebels settle this before now, why hurt another mans child to gain attention, I don’t care if the Government calls it Terrorism or not, all I need is
    the problem to be solved. Will the Togo players Play in the match?
    Ebenezer From Nigeria.

  53. Why would the people of Angola fire bullets on Togo team.
    How can the tournament be held where security is not guaranteed?
    Shame shame

  54. I don’t know about zambia Malawi Angola etc
    but one thing for sure, Nigeria will not win it. Just look at how much they strugled even to reach the ACN.
    Nigeria might have been the king of African football but that has changed.
    Every Dog has it’s day. And the day for Nigeria is long gone.

  55. I think, with the big incentive given to the Nigerian Coach he can win but the same should have been done to the players too. But for the attack on the Togolis players it might affect their performance negative and why on the Togolis instead of the Angolans

  56. Nigeria i s out of the cup let Ivory
    Coast have the cup.

    I’m from Nigeria, but i do not believe
    NIgeria football.

  57. This time Zambia takes the cup why always western countries?
    wish you luck Zambia

  58. I think Cameroon will win the African cup of nations because they will want to show the world how prepare the are for the world cup like always. Bravo……….. lions long life.

  59. OH OH OH what the angola rebles did to the togolees was not good.The african football association should not allow a fighting or disagreement country to host any national games.

  60. People should begin to think streight. How could the rebels do that to the Togolees player? May the Lord deal with them. Given Gigs of Zambia. Wishing all the teams the best. I love Zambia my mother country God bless Zambian. Peace to all reading my email

  61. Many may think Malawi, the Flames, are @ the AFCON just to give out points but they will be surprised to see how the tables will be turned up side down by these undisputably sleeping African biters.

    ALL THE BEST MA FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. I dont think it wud be right for one to say any team at the AFCON is an underdog to others cos that stage is the last any BIG African team dreamt of been at, so thumbs up boys for havin qualified to the African cup of Nations 2010.

  63. what are the timings for these games? i havent come across a place where time is being displayed. please show us the the timings……..

  64. The cup belongs to Ivory Coast. We better all accept this sooner than later.

  65. “i’m frm nigeria, buh i do not beleive nigeria football” wht on earth r uu talkin about? if u r a nigerian u’ve got every reason to support our team nt other ppls team!!

  66. there is only one african team that one can trust,the black stars.gud luck boys,the cup is ours

  67. it is an animalistic behaviour on the part of Angolan rebels…….what could have prompted such unacceptable and destuctive act in this era. i think the Angola government should carefully investigate this case and appologise with immediate effect to the Togolise government.

  68. The Afica football association should be held responsible for what happen to the Togo team. How can they allow such an important competition be hosted by a country that is run by rebels. All rebel know how to do is claim lives unjustly to establish thier claims or presence. I pray and hope no more problems.

  69. For sure Cameroon will win the Nations cup.Forget about Ivory Coast,Ghana,Nigeria,Tunisia,Angola.These are all flashy teams.They impress their fans by playing stylish football and not by winning.