Liverpool 1-2 AC Milan, Champions League Final 2007

Liverpool 1-2 AC Milan, Champions League Final 2007


Update: Read the Liverpool view on the CL final

The match drove home some key truths for Rafa Benitez, Liverpool and most importantly, their new owners.

One, in Rafael Benitez they have the master tactician, a man born to win cup competitions.

Two, while Liverpool got their tactics spot on, they lacked the sheer quality to beat Milan, and it told in Athens tonight.

Liverpool were better this year than they were 2 years ago, and you can put that down to the experience and quality the squad has developed in the last couple of years. Liverpool were also tactically astute, pushing down the right flank to use Pennant’s pace while packing the midfield with Mascherano, Alonso and Gerrard to ensure that Kaka had no space in the first half (and he barely did, except for one shot and the move that won the free kick).

Gerrard couldn’t put his chance away. Kuyt and Pennant, while good, could have done much better. A Champions League medal hinges on such fine differences, and where Inzaghi kept his nerve, Gerrard didn’t and that’s what it eventually came down to.

What if the game had gone into extra time? Liverpool’s chances of winning would have increased dramatically.

Overall, the other half of the ‘shit on a stick’ duo did its fans proud. They were smart, they gave it their best and in Europe, are the better team than Chelsea or United. And they have only Rafa Benitez to thank for it.

Congratulations to Milan for their win, and to Liverpool for their efforts this season.

As Hicks and Gillett will have seen, this squad still needs a lot of rebuilding.

Match Videos

Liverpool 0-Milan 1 (Inzaghi)
Liverpool 0-2 Milan (Inzaghi)
Liverpool 1-2 Milan (Kuyt)
Kaka roulette
Gerrard chance

Team Lineups

Milan 1-Dida; 44-Massimo Oddo, 13-Alessandro Nesta, 3-Paolo Maldini, 18-Marek Jankulovski; 8-Gennaro Gattuso, 21-Andrea Pirlo, 23-Massimo Ambrosini, 10-Clarence Seedorf, 22-Kaka; 9-Filippo Inzaghi

Liverpool 25-Pepe Reina; 3-Steve Finnan, 5-Daniel Agger, 23-Jamie Carragher, 6-John-Arne Riise; 16-Jermaine Pennant, 20-Javier Mascherano, 14-Xabi Alonso, 8-Steven Gerrard 32-Boudewijn Zenden; 18-Dirk Kuyt

Referee Herbert Fandel (Germany)

With due respect to Arsenal of last year, Porto and Monaco of 2004 and Liverpool of 2005, this is the first ‘real’ and ‘balanced’ Champions League final we have seen since the Milan – Jueventus final at Old Trafford in the 2002-2003 season.

And as balanced games go, this one is going to be hard, grinding and with few goals.

Liverpool Preview

Rafa Benitez, after a difficult start to the season, has recovered and led Liverpool to a second Champions League final in 3 years. For this alone the accusations of lucky Liverpool should fade away.

Liverpool may lack the consistency to do better than 3rd in the league but like Milan, once they were out of the title race around Christmas they battened down the hatches and focused on the Champions League while Chelsea and Manchester United were hampered by lean squads and the pressures of chasing the league, the FA Cup and the Champions League.

In other words, Liverpool have made their European adventures count, and for that alone they’ve done far better than Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United (Chelsea have 3 semi-finals in 4 years but haven’t made them count).

AC Milan preview

A lot of talk about the final will surround the 2005 matchup, but this is very different. Milan are older and wiser, and with 3 weeks to prepare themeselves they will not allow their concentration levels to drop like that again. Liverpool are also a better side, so Milan wouldn’t be able to dominate them as easily as they did in the first half in Istanbul.

Without Shevchenko, Milan will most probably play the same team that played against Manchester United with Maldini coming in as long as he’s fit.

Milan will find the 2007 final to be much tougher than the 2005 final – Liverpool will be on their case and after seeing the effects of sitting back for United, they’ll be sure to mix things up with Milan.


Can Milan avenge the 2005 loss? Yes.

Can Liverpool make it six times? Yes.

Will either team win their domestic league next season? Probably not.

It feels like a Milan win but it also felt like a United win on the 2nd so I’m not going with feelings the moment. The head says 1-1 at fulltime, winner in extra time.


Kaka or Crouch. Your guess is as good as mine.

Why Liverpool won it the 5th time
Hill-Wood should learn to shut up!!


  1. Come on MDH, Barca were the best team in Europe last season. Arsenal barely made it to 4th in the league.

  2. i dont get how this year’s final is more ‘real and balanced’.The previous encounters,Arsenal vs Barcelona, Liverpool vs Milan,Porto vs Monaco were all engaging affairs.

    More example of BS that this blog serves up on a regular basis

  3. Hmmm..

    Porto vs Monaco – where are the big teams?

    Pool vs Milan – Pool were underdogs going into the game, they aren’t this time

    Arsenal vs Barcelona – ditto for Arsenal

    Liverpool vs Milan (2007) will be balanced (no clear favs here), and it will have two big teams in it (not like 2004).

    That’s not too hard to understand, is it?

  4. MILAN will rip pool…..pool are still underdogss……kaka is gonna be the star of the show…

  5. Im one united fan that will be supporting the pool on the day of the final. I just feel that if liverpool stand any chance then they must stop the threat of kaka, and i just feel that the defence of carragher and agger will find this difficult due to there lack of pace. Good luck to liverpool. There destiny is in there own hands.

  6. I think AC will take the pool apart. 3 – 0 by half time again – this time no suicide 15 mins of allowing weak pool goals.

    Can’t wait for those giro’s bastards to win nothing again this year. Focusing on Europe only – big clubs fight for all comps!! The pool might have history – but the current team is a one trick pony!!

  7. TrueBlue – the fact that Rafa Benitez is pragmatic enough to sacrifice the Prem when he knows he’s going to play qualifiers and subsequently resting his players as much as possible should not be counted against Liverpool.

    If Liverpool were still in the title hunt they wouldn’t have prioritised this way. The fact that the team wasn’t consistent enough in the Premiership shouldn’t count against their achievements in Europe.

    We can argue all our lives that Barcelona self-destructed, that PSV were a joke, that Chelsea were too tired to play and that Liverpool’s win in 2005 was a joke, but these things aren’t going to matter in the end. A title win is a title win is a title win as long as you win it on the pitch and not in the court.

  8. Okay first of all you have to take consideration about where the finals is goin to take place. This year is athens ad i guarantee you that there are gona be more milan fans then liverpool fans. I should know, im from their. But liverpool also has a strong team and a good captain, so you never know.

    AS for barcelona and arsenal, that game sucked. It was way too boring, barcelona barely beat arsenal.

  9. The argument can go on and on…what matters is who is the better team on that day!!! I hope that Pool is.


  11. True Blue,
    I assume you are a Chelsea fan. “Those giro bastards” – is that the best you can do? You need to get out more.

    Have you begun to realise why the whole world laughs at your manager, and you have become the most universally loathed group of johnny-come-lately fans who have no songs, no passion, and no appeal to neutrals.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this ‘one trick pony’ (actually Britain’s most successful club, domestically and in Europe) knock you out in another semi-final next season. Wouldn’t that make it four in a row?

    Here’s to United in what was going to be the FA Cup final, but is now recognised as the 3rd and 4th play-off for the Champions League.

    Hope Chelsea have organised a massive parade around London for your big win the the League Cup. Who Hoo! And it only cost Roman 500 million quid.

  12. True Blue,
    Your just another bitter blue. What are you talkin about, that Liverpool are just a one trick pony? This is the second time in three years that Liverpool are in the final, and just incase you forgot it was your team who we beat both times in the semi.
    Just face it, Chelsea don’t have the bottle to make it to the final, and Mourinho will never be able to outwit Benitez when it really matters.
    I will be in Athens on the 23rd to see us bring it back home. Come on the Reds.
    p.s at least yous always have the Carling cup.

  13. I think the game will be difficult for Milan but more dificult fo liverpool…Milan will attack for sure. the question is will Liverpool attack? personally I don’t think so. They will try to keep it very close otherwise no way they gonna win. worst part if they start to play fo PK as soon as the second half….
    will rafa assign someone to mark Kaka or not? he will be in trouble either way..because Milan got more solution..Seedorf, Inzaghi and maybe Pirlo…

    Last word..Unless the ref. miss it up, Paolo will take his 5th title home and in this case he will match Liverpool recod…

  14. Fair enough, Milan are favourites. However Liverpool will have the ’12th Man’ and Rafa Benitez, a tactical genius. This time he will not get it wrong, like he did in the first half in Istanbul. Both teams will be prepared! Can Liverpool deal with Kaka? Yes; they dealt with Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Drogba, etc.. So why not Kaka?
    I think its a gonna be a tough tactical battle for both managers. And the pressure on Milan to avenge the defeat from 2 years ago will play a key role. My Prediction is a 1-0 Liverpool win; an early or late goal.

    If Liverpool do get a draw, then i have 2 words for ya: Pepe Reina!

  15. To all of you reds out there, I am a Chelsea supporter. So feel free to attack me at will. But, Milan is the stronger side and will win the Champion’s League. I like the speed of their midfield and their ball control. The score will be probably be 2 to 1 because Gerrard will not allow his team to go scoreless.
    As for the mindless Chelsea-hate, whatever. Liverpool hired Rafa to win silverware. Y’all got a CL and an FA. We hired Jose to do the same and we have 2 Prems and 2 Leagues. Which is more important: glory in an international tournament or supremacy in a full domestic season? Who would be happy if the shoe were on the other foot? As for Roman’s money, what are Liverpool’s new owners impoverished? Do the players live on public assitance? Fools! Just watch the games. Ain’t none of us playing and getting paid.

  16. Liverpool fan always try to describe rafa as a genius but he not. How could a “genius” managers afford not to win the EPL in 3 years???

    He is very good coach-no doubt- but NOT genius.
    Liverpool fan know that thier squad is not as good as Milan’s niether individually nor tactically…so the idea of “we have a genius coach ” makes them feel better or “less frustrated”..


  17. Milan will pay back their lost in Athens when they meet Liverpool in the final THIS.., Milan will bring up the same game when they bit MU in San Siro…!, Kaka will show his good performance once again! out The Reds..!!


  18. Two cat3 tickets available for champions league final,


    I paid through the nose to get them a while ago and my team never made it, highest bidder gets them.

    Good luck to Liverpool, make it 6 times!

  19. Then game will be tight with both teams playing counter attack and it will take a mistake(s) (like it did for both teams in the semi’s) to break through. I wouldn’t want to bet on Dida’s handling of the ball but he is a good shot stopper and Riise always has a lapse at left back so anything is possible. As a red – I’d play : GK – Reina, DEF – Riise, Agger, Carragher, Finnan, CM – Mascherano and Alonso, ATT MID Kewell, Gerrard, Pennant and Crouch in Attack, playing a 4-5-1. I know everyone will say defensive approach but Milan aim to play balls between defence and Mid that are most dangerous and all the players mentioned can keep the ball bar Pennent but need him for crosses and his performance vs Chelsea. Predicition 0-0, 1-0 extra time – Kuyt (sub). I would Like Fowler to score a hatrick and win 5-0 but lets be real!

  20. My friend “Alias” said,” Liverpool will loose with 3 goals”, but I think that’s just a part of his good dream, the other part of that dream is bad dream, there Milan will be back to Italy with same result as last UEFA Champions league final.

  21. I’m definitely a Liverpool fan. There’s not one club in my heart but LIVERPOOL.
    They’re going there to do the job.
    The Old Big Ears will once again return to Anfield.
    If I don’t believe they can, why am I being a Liverpool supporter?

  22. FORZA MILANO!!!!!!!!!!

    They’re playing like a legend team.. can they do it again.. they smashed Manchester at San Siro.. should be an excellent match.. good luck both teams.. but..


  23. We all know that anything can happen in football so sure Liverpool has a good chance of taking advantage of that fact like they did in 2005, but how long are they gonna keep relying on luck?

    Milan in historically a better team and have certainly played better than liverpool in the UCL this season and should win it on the 23rd of May. The only thing that might stop Milan from winning is devine intervention.

  24. Pepe might be a pretty good keeper but I doubt whether it’ll matter with Liverpools unsure back four. Jammie is pretty good when he’s up for it and Steve is not too shabby either but with the likes of Kaka, who’s being in incredible form, I really seriously doubt that there will be an even game. Pool do not have a really ‘potent’ striker in its line-up as well.

  25. Johnarejr.. Only bitter british, or somebody who don’t realy follow football, can invent, that league counts more than CL.
    Go, take a walk around, and ask what is the moust wanted trophy after worldcup..

  26. Franzzzz – you’re arguing that the CL is the most wanted after the WC, and using it to counter an earlier statement that league titles are a greater indicator of quality than the CL.

    That’s a false argument – you’re using two unrelated elements to make a point that satisfies your emotions.

    It IS debatable whether league titles are a better indication of team quality as opposed to continental cups like two Uefa titles, but just because a trophy is ‘more wanted’ doesn’t mean shit.

  27. Well, ill’ say, that as an indicator of a clubs quality is.. league.. it’s a kind of narrow and incestuous measure.
    It’s a good indicator do.. but.. Utd declaring beeing the best team in the planet? ..hehheee..
    Anyway, i think you can’t argue, that for 95% of the players, what they most want, is to be seen in cl.

  28. I was in hurry before..
    I see CL as a league, more than a cup. Teams try to get at the firs 4 position in domestic leagues (4 if a “big” league)to be part of the “super league” next year.
    It’s often a choise, where to aim your efforts. If you are a Mcfootball team like Utd, Milan, Chelzzzz, Real…. you might have inaf manpower for more fronts.. You haven’t won domestic league for a while? you propably will try to invest on that and so on..
    And for last, yes, football is not played only in the iland of dumbo ears..

  29. I beleive Ac Milan is going to win Liverpool 2-1. That is my dream and I know my dream always come true….watchout

  30. i,ll never walk alone.but i,m really supprised for most chelsea fans b,cos they dont know what they are saying.i wount blame them anyway b,cos thats what their coach is,he talks any how without noting his WORDS.kudoss to him for HE won the whole cups this season for local and cl.
    liverpool will win milan on 2-1 .goals frm crouch and kurt.

  31. The Rossoneri’s will subdue and humiliate the Reds, i give the man of the match to Kaka,the not to distant future world’s best footballer

  32. The undisputable and most consistent champions league team for the last 5 seasons, the ROSSONERI’S will humble the reds in Athens come May 23 2007.Kaka,world best.

  33. OMG~….i cannot understand wats rely goin on in the UCL…Never rely tot that Liv would make it all the way to the FINALS…However…AC Milan proves to b the betta team(Duh!) n they would win the finals…GUARANTEED!!!

    My prediction~…3-1 or 4-1 to the Italian Giants…Go Go Gattuso!!!

  34. well after man united got knocked out by milan fergie gave a bottle of chamapgne to milan and said you will win liverpool no problem. why the sour grapes? how can he predict that as if he is a fortune teller. how come he couldnt predict getting knocked out by milan ha ha. I AM FROM LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL IS MY PLACE.AND LIVERPOOL IS MY TEAM. I AM A SCOUSE TILL THE DAY I DIE. IF LIVERPOOL LOSE ILL DRINK THE MERSEY WATER.

  35. AC Milan has a much better chance at winning because they beat manchester united in the semi final by 2 goals. Liverpool had an okay win with a penalty shoot out, luckily they won.

  36. Bravo.. And i’m from milan, and alone u shall not walk home from Athena, with empty hands back to rainy Liverpool..
    Ps. All my creetings to Kop, great fans!

  37. I hope it wont end up as a repeat of 2004/2005 but obviously im on the right side of supporting Liverpool and hope we get a solid win, anythings possible when your playing Liverpool Football Club…

  38. OI true blue how will we win nothing again? what do you mean nothing again last year we won the fa cup! and this year we beat shitty chelsea in the Charity shield, and jus cos we fucked you up in the semis dont start crying m8, what did you win this year fa cup wow! Champions league is the best cup, why do you think the best teams from all leagues in europe get entered. How many champions leagues have chesea or everton won ?????? …….. 0 thats what i thought! Liverpool will win 2-0. Thanks.

  39. remember that liverpool are in the barclays english premier
    league but milan are in serie. judge the differences yourself. Then you will know that liverpool are the favorate to win final. if u have a bad memeory let me rmind u that milan got their ass kick on 2005 by the liverpool.

  40. milan need to get one thing straight. without shevchenko they are nothing. they rely to heavily on kaka and the pressure will tell when the true world’s greatest, stevie g, will rip him apart. seedorf has been lucky so i think his time has come too. maldini is too old and so is pipo. gilardino is over rated and all gatusso can do is foul the opposition. so where are the goals going to come from? 41 year old costacurta perhaps?

  41. Iv read most of the comments posted and im suprised how most of you haven’t realized how the unexpected always happens in europe.the last four years porto and monaco’s amazing comebacks in the semis no one would have predicted a porto monaco final.liverpool’s performance three years ago after they were nearly knocked out at the group stage to win that was unexpected,n stop with the “it was luck”,luck is wen the goaly spills a back pass or a defender scores an own goal when under no pressure, come on fellaz none of liverpools goals was luck.point iz some teams just seem to have something special in the last four years and that s’thin makes them beat even the strongest opponents.n we all kno who the stronger side is n we all know who has that s’thing special so whether milan is a better side doesn’t matter liverpools will still walk home with the title

  42. Both teams have had topsy turvy seasons in their own domestic leagues, and it would be anyone’s guess to the hows and whys of they performed such.

    The domestic leagues aside, both teams have chosen AND performed to european cup standards, somehow or rather, to meet in the finals. If history is any guide, both teams deserve the respect for coming thus far.

    However, whilst statistics and game plans might prove to indidcate punter’s choice, the magic of soccer, the works of Kaka, and Giggs/Gerrard, cannot be denied. That’s soccer for you.

    All said, I’d pick a Liverpool victory. Why? Cause it’s Liverpool F.C.

  43. Correction, no giggs. Though a giggs would be wonderful for Liverpool, albeit the old legs of trafford.

  44. Both teams have had topsy turvy seasons in their own domestic leagues, and it would be anyone’s guess to the hows and whys of they performed such.

    The domestic leagues aside, both teams have chosen AND performed to european cup standards, somehow or rather, to meet in the finals. If history is any guide, both teams deserve the respect for coming thus far.

    However, whilst statistics and game plans might prove to indidcate punter’s choice, the magic of soccer, the works of Kaka, and Gerrard, cannot be denied. That’s soccer for you.

    All said, I’d pick a Liverpool victory. Why?

    Cause it’s Liverpool F.C.

  45. Got to go with Liverpool – and they must start and play first half tightly – so Milan don’t score. Cannot afford to go down by many goals this time – because AC Milan will not let them back into the game after what happened two years ago.

  46. I dissagree with the statement that the ‘2007 final to be much tougher than the 2005 final’. I think AC Milan will breeze this match.

  47. Milan will beat that shit team, wich play such an ugly football 4 – 1.
    Come on people, football is not played only in the iland of dumbo ears!

  48. I think this year Milan will tonk liverpool. Im sure liverpool will play tight and effecient. Gerrard to get his knob munched off by Gattuso though. I hate alonso from liverpool, such a cocky bell end.

    Ahmed is right about arguing though, we can all admit liverpool are a one competition team, rest all their players after cementing europe. But thats the way it is, Liverpool cant win the prem, how many are they off the pace 20 odd points? not happening.

    I give them some credit for the fact they always do quite well in europe, but i just feel like they give up on everything else where as man u and chelsea give everything in all competitions. I want Milan to beat Liverpool.

  49. My opinion is, that Liverpool is simply not big inaf as a team, to play seariously for more competitions. If you compare the people sitting in the bench between Utd and Liverpool.. Money talks. They knew it well, and made a clear choise of priorityes.
    Sucsess in CL means a lot of publicity and visibility..
    I allso want to say, that it didn seem like they completely gave up on Premium league..

  50. AC Milan has always been, through its various players and managers, a team to be reckoned with. They’ve proved it time and beyond that they are no pushover, and certainly so, to have reached the finals of the UEFA champions league cup.

    That being said, Liverpool F.C, despite it’s dismal performance in its domestic league, has made it clear over the season that it’s focal point is the UEFA cup. Having done so, it has not only proven its merit to reach the finals for the umpteenth time by beating legendary clubs, but has kept to it’s aim; the UEFA cup.

    The lessons learnt two years ago may suggest an aggressive and matured AC milan side, but that can also be said of Liverpool. Whilst younger players with more tenacity can’t be said of AC Milan, despite its ticket to the finals, Livepool can boast thus far, of teamwork, independent of the likes of Kaka.

    It would be one tight match, especially with a 4-5-1 formation to Liverpool, covering the flanks and a midfield to pierce the offside traps.

    With consistency throughout the match, I’d say Liverpool should be able to pull a victory with at least a goal difference.

    May the better team for the night win!

  51. I am predicting for milan this year. Liverpool had a fantastic win in 05 but this time around it is milan that is hungrier. Liverpool has a great ability to pressure and swamp the ball but milan has the talent and pouse to deal with it. Kaka will definately have a good game bc he is not the only link up man in the mid field (Pirlo Seadorf). The only problems with milan is that they tend to go in and out of the game. I do not think the defense is a weakness….if maldini can play. The rest is speculation, the most important thing is that milan wants vendetta.

  52. It will be a close game. I think Liverpool will win because, lets be honest, they do have the best fans in the world and Benitez will have some great tactics up his sleeve. Cant wait for this one. People should remember that Liverpool have beaten teams like Juventus, Chelsea, Barcelona, AC milan, PSV and more within the past couple of years. Unbelievable how underated they are. AC Milan hate playing teams like Liverpool becauser Liverpool are strong defensively and won’t give them any room. I have a feeling Gerarrd will score a goal.

  53. Liverpool play the long ball game , milan are more the close passing side. Different tactics , so you can’t say who the better side is.Milan are a wiser side that the one in 2005 , Sheva has gone but they have got players who can really turn it on. Liverpool are stronger too which should make for a great final. The pace of Bellamy upfront could be crucial. All in all a good game , a final I would be looking towards. My team went out in the semi’s and I was bitterly dissapointed however Im hoping Milan beat Liverpool. The chant of 18-6 is just too annoying to perceive 😛

    We’ve won it 9 times !
    We’ve won it 9 times !
    Without the Scousers Touching it !
    We’ve won it 9 times !

    Just had to say it

  54. liverpool will definately win this time god willing,once you stop kaka,seedorf and pirlo,our gerarrds,kuyts,crouchies,kewells, can rip ac milan aprt,fingers crossed,god willing we will be victorious

  55. i think it will be hard this time but the key is to score the first goal and den capitalsie on that, we have won most of our matches when we have scored first.steven gerrard is going to be the key player for liverpool. liverpool win 2-1 all the way champions leauge trophy is ours again NUMBER 6.

  56. When Liv’pool beat Milan before two years Milan was very strong to beat. In this year I think that Milan is not to strong than two years later, and Liv’pool is very very very strong when they beat Milan for the least time. I think Liverpool will kill Milan.

  57. to be at the champions league final is amazing to see and liverpool will be among the finals for years to come. liverpool will win 2-0 tomorrow and riise will be there with a screamer. also carragher is long due a goal same as stevie G. COME ON YOU REDS

  58. This argument, can indeed go on. The speculations and basis of who wins and why. Underdogs walked in, outclassing their rivals, and anything can happen in those 90 minutes or more.

    A close & good match is what we hope to expect, with lots of attacking football hopefully.

  59. Most people would say liverpool have been the underdogs in most rounds this year, plus we havent had such an easy walk through like milan we had to beat barca, chelsea, psv. people would say milan diserve it more but the truth is they dont! we have been in 2 champions league finals in the last 3 years now thats a good achievment, and to all you scummy chesea fans 4-1!

  60. Match prediction 2-1 Dirk Kuryt, Risse & Kaka. Comon the Reds we can do it again lads! Bring home old BIG EARS back to ANFIELD, the heart of football!

  61. I totally agree with Jgearz, we can do it and we will do it, we have been underdogs all the way through and now its time to show that we can fuck up any team in Europe!

    You’ll Never Walk Alone !!!

  62. TrueBlue – you havent been writing on here since Brian made a valid statement. Your a loser! Liverpool to 100% win the Champions League!

  63. ————- !!! Internazionale are fully behind you liverpool team. Forza FC Liverpool ——–!!!!

  64. I am a Man Utd Fan …… but I’ll back liverpool, since i really believe they have a fighting chance.

    A few of you guy saiding AC smashed Manchester at San Siro so they will have a easy game win liverpool, but have u consider?

    Since our captian Neville,two world class CB Ferdinand and Vidic (Vidic was back in the San Siro game.. but was rush back and unfit) was out with injuries there for with out a proper defence the game was virtuely handed over to them.

    With the defense Man Utd had the so call legend team as a few of u be calling AC should of won at Old Trafford but they didn’t and if they didn’t win San Siro with the advantage of having there fan behind them they shouldn’t even be consider a world class team.

    Here a question for you guy.. would AC win that easily if Man utd had a full defense and the referee wasn’t too lenient on AC tackles (Get real some of these tackles from Gattuso should been carded.) If any of you think yes, you really need a reality check.

    Liverpool… is defense strong both in the back and mid-field, they got a match winner just like kaka call steve would not only good in attack but also defense duties, with Mascherano he speed should just be able to mark Kaka the only guy with pace in AC attack. As long as Liverpool keep they head in the game.. they are more then capable stoping AC attack and getting the one or 2 goal on the counter.

  65. CORRECTION – Non European fans around the world (especially East Asian, Arab & African Fans) dont have a clue about English Football teams! They just root for teams like AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid & Barcelona & just assume because of their reputation & size in the 90’s they will win over their “inferior” opponents today! These critics need to get their heads out their arses & actually study English Teams. In this case, Liverpool are in the finals of 2007 & are no Underdogs! We beat both Borussia Monchengladcach & FC Brugge – twice in the space of 2-4 years in all european finals & both were talking about exacting revenage after losing in 1973 & 1976 respectively!! Instead we beat them again – in 1977 & 1978 respectively!! Now Milan have become the 3rd team to seek to exact revenge over us!! Wont happen.

  66. none those teams in the final are my favorite…but since I’m an internisti, I’d like to see liverpool wins. beside history belong to liverpool: 6 Finals…5 wins…the only lost was to Juventus after 39 Juventus’s supporters died…so with all respect to Juve’s fans some people believe that was “given”…while Milan if I’m not mistaken 10 finals….6 wins…
    even so, fairly Milan have a chance to win if they are not underestimating liverpool too much. I watched how they beat Man-U in 2nd Leg semifinals. if they play like that, they can actually got their 7th title. they got their confidence on their highest point now.

    Final score : 2-1 liverpool


  67. so….is Aus included in your ‘truths’ cuz I’ll be backin Merseyside reds forever. Gerard and the boys will pull through, again

  68. Walk alone my ass!!! The article contradicts itself. The fact that liverpool came out of the group was itself a fluke. Liverpool is a fucking FLUKE!!! Try not to compare previous laurels in current times when team strcuture and players change. Monaco had a great season in the previous year, who says they would accomplish the same fate in 2005. Get a brain andrew the moron.

    Olympiakos had sent them home expcept for a fluke comeback. Then they met bayer leverkusen who were no indication of the team that last reached the final in 2002. Leverkusen played so badly, it fel the match was fixed. Of course, juve had a goal ruled out otherwise it would be 2-2 and syonara right in the QF. Against Chelsea they scored a goal that was never verified a goal.

    In the final, Milan proved they are a fluke by blasting them with 4 goals in JUST ONE HALF!! Sheva’s goal was unfairly ruled out (the assistant referee or referee could never has seen his heading leaning in inch forward to be denied by offside, isn’t this a fluke or luck or what?????)

    Bet if liverpool scored that goal, it would have counted by the laws of luck???? Use your head. If liverpool were such a great team, they would not have conceded a goal to a 37-year Old DEFENDER in just 57 seconds. Milan added 2 more classy finishes, just watch how hernan EMBARRASSED CARRAGHER, a defensive JOKE!!!!If liverpool were not a fluke and a good team, the 3-0 deficit SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED in the 1st half. That’s becoz they were not in lucky zone. Milan slept in the second half, being completely surprised by HOW BAD LIVERPOOL ARE, ALREADY CELEBRATING!!!!

    Then rafa told his team to create a shock element with a fluke (odd) goal somehow and shock milan at which point milan could become vulnerable due to lack of concentration.
    Nesta allowed Riise (european reject) to cross and Gerard scored an on-rushing header from running 10-15 yards, never acceptable italian standards. The second goal, was a luck shot from distance scored somehow and almost HANDLED by baros!!!!! The third goal, gattuso does NOT EVEN make contact with GERARD WHO DIVES and the ref gives a fucked up penalty. Guess what, the FAGS NEEDED A PENALTY FOLLOW-UP TO SCORE. GUESS WHAT MORE, if that penalty had hit the bar or post, it would have NEVER BEEN A GOAL. So ANOTHER FLUKE!!!!

    This year, in group phase, bordeauz and gala (teams) more than capable of qulaifying, played the most HORRENDOUS GAMES Of their lives to help LIVERFLUKE/FUCKPOOL qualify!!! Barca had their own GK SCORING FOR LIVERPOOL!! Now how OFTEN DOES A TEAM ENJOY ITS OWN OPPONENT’S GK DRAGGING THE BALL INTO GOAL!!! what are the ODDS, mister Bookmaker?????

    Against chelsea, they were a fluke not to lose by a bigger margin and scored another GOAL against CHELSEA WHILE KUYT was FOULING a chelsea PLAYER? Was this some new advantage rule or something in the world game interested 10s ago from someone’s ass!!!!

    PSV, the team that beat assanal, had aruna kone, farfan and alex (most important players injured) for the first leg to have any influence on the game. PSV was absent in their game, what are the odds this happens to any team??????

    Cmon man, liverpool are piece of shit hanging from a stick, and no greater bogey team or fluke exists in this world. To support a team is human right, but to flush your brain down the toilet is simply a sin.

  69. Liverpool will teach Milan a lesson one more time. Why? Because there is a leader…Gerard. Milan will just be happy to play the final.

  70. african fans are even more knowlegeble about english football. what with african shining stars in the likes of drogba, obi, essein, mccarthey ben, etc. yes, africans have all it takes to comment about english football. liverpool will be loserpool against ac milan in uefa champions cup finals today


  72. the truths, don’t try and insult us just cause u’r from Britain, i’m a liverpool fan and im from africa never missed a game they played in europe, premiership or fa name any cup,iv watched them play,the world is smaller than u think and u’d be suprised to find some of us know more about the reds than u do, but i do agree with u on the ass kicking we will give them,but i hope rafa’s statement about not marking kaka are just a ploy to let milan put down their defence cause that kid can cause major havoc to any team in the world

  73. haha i agree ahmed, wot a penis!!! i dont like liverpool much and talk about them being a 1 cup team, but calling them a fluke and trying to justify it all is quite hilarious!!

  74. Hello Ahmed, here’s something from us.

    Liverpool take on AC Milan in the Champions League final on Wednesday night, with the English side looking to claim their sixth ever European Cup, and second under current manager Rafa Benitez.

    Will it be a year of redemption for AC Milan or another return to glory for Liverpool?

    Liverpool are streets above fellow English teams in terms of winning European Cup’s, and they have once again produced their magic this season by reaching the final. They will undoubtedly face their toughest challenge so far in Athens on Wednesday evening though, after their Italian opponents destroyed Premiership champions Manchester United in the semi-final.

    Milan certainly have the better players technically, but after losing the 2005 Champions League final to Liverpool after leading by three goals at half time, mental strength may prove to be the biggest factor in deciding who comes out on top in this mouth-watering affair.

    Skill and tactics will still definitely play a major part however, and Rafa Benitez will hope his immense brain power will see his side overcome the huge mountain ahead of them. His has proved on many occasions in the past that he is a tactitional mastermind, but such is AC Milan’s quality that he, and his players, will have to be on top of their game to even think about winning the Champions League final in Athens.

    I think Milan will go into the game as slight favourites, and deservedly so. They have better players than Liverpool, but that was the case two years ago. Being the marginal underdog will probably suit Liverpool though, as they always seem to do well under such circumstances in the Champions League. Whether that will be the case this time around, though, is very debatable.

    Liverpool have the determined midfield powerhouse of Steven Gerrard, whilst Milan have the skillfull and exciting Kaka — who will come out on top though?

    Despite being a very passionate Liverpool supporter, I am going to tip Milan to come away with victory in this one, but it will be close. The first goal will be extremely important, and whichever way it goes it will completely change the game. Liverpool will probably sit back if they manage to snatch the lead, but Milan will carry on attacking if they go 1-0 ahead — as they demonstrated in the first half in the 2005 final.

    A number of Milan’s players have insisted that revenge won’t be on their minds, but this is surely something which the fans will cherish if they manage to achieve it. Liverpool will need to play fantastically to stand a chance of lifting the cup at full-time, and they will need to display the determined qualities which they showed off in 2005.


  75. Hey man, we had 6 crazy minutes in Istanbul , and one of your goals was not regular.

  76. I feel confident that Liv`pool will win atleast 3-2 in extra time.2-2 full time so maybe an older Milan side will probably fade towards the end of the first half of extra time.

  77. haha…great stuff…i am betting on liverpool to win with a single goal. They will score early and will defend like hell. A tight and tactical game which liverpool like to play. what the hell…what do i know.

  78. well , what Chole says was the strong point of Italian teams before , isn’t it ?
    Where is old British football ?

  79. robert what are u going only about….. grow up…

    “OPSV, the team that beat assanal, had aruna kone, farfan and alex (most important players injured) for the first leg to have any influence on the game. PSV was absent in their game, what are the odds this happens to any team??????” Quote of robert.

    If you call beating a team that missing it important player a fluke.. then should we all start callin’ AC Milan a fluke.. cos they but a Man Utd side that was missing important player. Why the double standard???. Huh

    I am not a liverpool fan.. but they are not as bad as try to said they are.

    Yeah… and the way u said how Liverpool fluke there last 2006 final. There I should start saiding Milan fluck this year semi. cos Gattuso should of be red carded long ago.. and at lease 2 PENALTY should been awarded.. I mean the guy hack the back of C.Ron legs so many time that i lost count and got away with it.

    For-god sake…… grown up.

    Liverpool got a chance of winning.. they are a good team face the truth.. I dun know either u are a milan or a chelsea to start talking shit like that

  80. Milan will win today for sure. It takes one match to decide that and that was their 3-0 win against ManU. Liverpool could never beat them like that this year, and im sure they will lose to Milan in the same way.

    And to all those talking up Jose Reina, what about Dida? He’s been amazing this year, and if it wasnt for the italian scandal, Milan would have won a scudetto.

    Milan 3-1

  81. I think Ac milan have a better chance to win this year
    the team is improving beyond expectation…this is going to be a tough game because liverpool is unbelieveable in the last minute as well…but the winning flags is going to milan…cheers…

  82. Can’t wait for the starting kick, so we all can finaly move from the “you suck, me win” to a more factual world..
    Ps. Liverpool is going to lose 3-2 in 90 min.
    Pss. Everybody enjoy a great game!!
    Psss. Actually, i see meny realy informed African fans in this site.. more than many others…

  83. kick off is 19:45 english time which is 2:45 eastern american time right? there 5 hours ahead right?

  84. I’m a Liverpool fan and I think it’s going to be a flippin’ close match. Unfortunately I can’t watch it myself. Personally I don’t think Benitez is a genius, I think he’s an idiot but there you go. Thankfully we have good players, good enough for us to win. Should be a good game though.

    Go Liverpool

  85. well I wouldn’t go into who win or who lose……
    I said I back liverpool.. but I would never said they will win for sure…….

    They both have there chances it really depend which side is more determine… but it should be a great game

  86. Firstly, as the kick off time draws nearer, I would like to wish all good luck, both from Liverpool camp and from the Ac Milan camp. To set the record straight, I am a diehard liverpool fan, yes I am from Africa, ‘the truths’, and all I can say is it will be a close one but Liverpool will snatch this final! Enough said (As a DieHard fan, I dontt need to justify my predictions to anyone! Trust me, I hav been following Liverpool’s progress through out the season, and 98% predictions sit on ‘The Crouch’ placing the deciding goal to seal the Ac Milan coffin! But at the same time, we must shut down Kaka, that little guy is too leathal to allow any space). GO LIVERPOOL

  87. man united trying for 14 seasons win cup and done it just once liverpool 4th try 2nd final says it man u fans bitter the big one you cannot achieve and you chelsea nonses.
    liverpool showing you how.And im not liverpool supporter.

  88. We don’t need arrogance, we don’t need millions in cash, all we need is our history, our fans and our spirit. Together we stand, united we fall, Liverpool FC, the greatest team of all.

    A = Athens P = Paris R = Rome I = Istanbul L = London

    1 tonight + 5 in our history = 15


    DESTINY???… You decide…



    Thanks. Jgearz.

  89. i hope liverpool win cos i dere no 1 fan i have supported em since i was born!!!!!!!!!!! n ere i hope acmilan loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Congratulations to AC Milan on their win. Liverpool had several key opportunities which were denied time and over.

    At the end of the day, a goal is a goal is a goal; a no goal is a no goal. AC Milan managed to capitalise on their efforts.

    Liverpool fans, brace yourself. There are no winners if there aren’t no losers; and to lose, one has to take the plunge. Liverpool ran the race and fought the fight. A true soccer fan whilst supporting his team, also respects the game of football and champions sportsmanship.

    Once again, congratulations to AC Milan and it’s fans. Well done! Champions, 2007!

  91. the first goal shouldnt of been counted, inzaghi didnt score it was a handball. i think liverpool played ten times better than ac did and they still couldnt beat them. Benitez brang Crouch on too late in the match. Liverpool should of won.

  92. For Milan is a great team and most of their player is playing very well and especially they strong in their team work so it easy to make liverpool team defeated. Liverpool’s player seem to be young and not strong enough for inside forward and can’t break through Milan’s defender.

  93. FORZA MILAN , we got back what you casually won in Istanbul , and now


  94. so the most dreaded has happened, there was no coming from behind this time around, maybe the remaining 1 minute of the 3 added would have made a big difference, why ref? all days are not sundays liverpool there is always next time, who knows you might meet again next year in the same, definetely you too will avenge, good luck.
    (remeber you missed three golden chances in the first 45 minutes- thanks)

  95. Congratulations to Milan!
    To all the liverpool fans… sory to say this, but from a ManU point of view, naturally I am relieved that Milan won (6times would have been a nightmare), but, in saying this, I give you that your team did itself proud (even in defeat). This game was much better than the United-Chelsea final, and a way better performance than the United-Milan one.

  96. Rafa got it completely wrong last night. Why play to take out the strengths of Milan in stead of trying to play to your own strengths…I don’t get it. And of course there’ll be no players in the box for crosses, when you have Mascherano and Alonso sitting in your own half.

    And about not bringing Crouch on earlier…well Rafa answered that question to a danish reporter. He said it would leave too much room in the midfield for Milan to explore. Is Rafa getting overly tactical? i think so. It’s a typical statement from someone who analyses too hard. Why wouldn’t Liverpool go for the victory? I’m pretty sure they sat in the dressing room at half time aiming at a penalty shoot out…what kind of tactics is that.

    I’d blame Rafa for this one…or at least for their lack of real opportunities. They had a couple, but none of them came from own creation…all from Milan mistakes. Liverpool are the least creative team, I’ve seen in a final, and it’s all down to too tight tactics. Rafa has a huge fear of releasing players from his tactics, and it’s a real shame, because their matches are boring to watch, and when they loose, there’s nothing exiting about them.

    Liverpool’s season has been a wreck, and even though I know it’s hard for Liverpudlians to admit, it’s a fact. No trophies, out of both cups real fast, and not a contender for premiership after 9 matches. To add to that, they threw away a lot of points almost deliberately in the last 4-5 games in the premiership to prepare for the match last night…OMG I’d be pissed had it been Man United.

  97. Tomas – Pool have no strengths to play with.

    Karl – agree with you, although I think we’re all too harsh on the man utd – chelsea final. It was a tactical game, less open than this one. If it’s free-flowing entertainment you’re looking for, go watch Arsenal….oh wait :)

  98. Ahmed – I partly agree, and I’m glad it is that way. But still I think they could have been more of a threat to Milan last night, because Milan were very very shaky in defense. My point was more of a critical nature of Benites, who I think has gone overboard with tactical thinking. Their whole team is locked down in assignments aimed at controlling the game. Once in a while you win, but when you loose, you look real boring, which is basically how I see them.

    It’s a rare occasion that I celebrate goals from other teams than United (and it’s definitely never happened when Inzaghi has scored), but last night I truly felt happy, when Milan beat the dippers.

  99. roberto….keep ‘forzaing’ , but meanwhile, read this:

    and we didnt win it in that blessed land 2 years back, WE CLUTCHED IT FROM UNDER YOUR NOSES SON!!

    admitted we lost last night, but, i would advice you (along with Gattusso)to watch a re-run of istanbul, admit that those scars wont ever heal for you….you can forza alll you like son.

    ad was last night’s victory as good or ‘lucky’ as you would call it, or stunning as istanbul? or was it pied pipper just running blind into a wall of fortune?

    where was kaka, or seedorf? or were they like jose’s pet dog, and that falling portugese family-circus, dissapearing when most needed?

    answers matey?

  100. Kapil just except the fact with dignity that you lost fair and square, like Milan in 2005 and I had to when United got beat by Chelsea in the FA cup although I guess we did win the premiership which softens the blow a little! It just’s sounds sour grapes! Maybe Rafa will go for the Premiership next year who knows? I think it will take a few years for Liverpool to catch United and Chelsea on that front but Football is a funny old game!!! My lady is a scouser and a Liverpool fan so under gritted teeth I was supporting the reds for a one time only occurrence but did actually feel for them when they had actually played well!

    Anyway United for the treble next season – Hargreaves will add ateel!!

  101. danevvo, accepted we lost, and as a scouser, no hard feelings too, just to make it clear…i was applauding that legend of a man when he lifted the trophy, to justify, and was up until 4am indian time, when all the scousers had left the building..

    yes, football is a funny game, and youre spot on in saying that liverpool will take time to catch up. we need finishers. anyway, thats an issue that is most likely to be dealt with..

    my point was that if my ‘forza’ friend has crappy (“we got back what you casually won in Istanbul “)arguments, i too, have some justifiable ones.

    people need to grow up, thats all. and use their top floors a ‘forza’ boy. and to end it, respect and modesty is something.

    maldini and co. lined up last night to applaud in the scousers. ‘forza’ baby needs to learn something maybe…

    that was my only point Danevvo, no sour ones here mate.

  102. Kapil,
    in Athens we had the same lucky you had in Istanbul where we only had a blackout of 6 minutes.
    Then look at the semi-finals and see how we trashed Man Utd and how you succeed in beating Chelsea.

    No comparison

    PS : Where was the over-evaluated Gerrard yesterday ?

  103. he was alive just behind kuytee boy, in case youre blind in the eyes too son.

    for now, here you go,

    This is the ART that pied-pippo claims he rehearsed with the coach :)

    members please have a look at it too.

    PS : OVER-EVALUATED…..did you inform the OXFORD about this new terminology yet, mate? if you have’nt, do it fast and get the patents !! before we GET LUCKY again!! off you go son!

  104. AC Milan????What is this?Are they football team.I’m asking couse the game they are playing is not footbal!Milan show us,
    how team plaing so bad can win the champions league final.

  105. I assume you look at another match … Gerrard was behind the dutch guy but … he didn’t really made anything special my friend …definitively not at the level of kakà , ibrahimovic and so on … this is what i mean by Over (too HIGH) – EVALUATION (if you prefer reputation).
    If my english is not good enough , sorry for this but at least I can speak so and so 3 foreign idioms , don’t know ’bout you boy …

  106. “Sign on, Sign on,
    with your giro in your hand,
    and you’ll never work again,
    Yoooooou’ll neeever work again!!

  107. No I disagree I am a United Fan and will say Kaka was none existent and before you say ….yes he did play well against a very tired United team… I will also say I saw more of Gerrard than of Kaka.

    Hey remember AC Milan shouldn’t even be in this tournament as they should be in the Italian serie b division due to the Italian corruption. How much did the Champions league cost you??? Anyway when you compete for all the domestic and European competions lets see how you fair against a revitalised strengthened United , Chelsea and Liverpool teams – who might I add are not corrupt.

  108. So its the afternoon after the night before, and thousands of scousers all over the world, including myself will be gutted, hearts ripped out of us, feeling way below our best. I for one, can not think of anything else, totally taken over by a defeat. I have to hand it to milan, they won and won well.

    We can all rise to the chelsea / united fans daft comments, but the truth is with them lot, jealousy is a torrid thing. You will never work again, what and people in Manchester and Chelsea have all got jobs, hmmmmm have they really. Dont rise to them, let them have their moment.

    As for the game itself, well in my opinion, we had no quality on the wings, zenden has passed it, Pennant for me isnt the player who can deliver and there wasnt enough in the box to be a threat. But who am I to gloat, I am not the manager, I am not a football coach, I never will be, so who am I to criticise. I can try and say where I think the team went wrong, like many other people with opinions, but am I right or wrong, I will never be able to tell.

    We can moan all we want about it being hand ball, and did Benitez get it right etc, but we lost and that is that. The first goal may have been hand ball, and if we did this or we did that, and milan should have been kicked out………It just doesnt answer anything, the result is the main thing and we were not on the right side of that. I beleive the players will take this on the chin, and learn a valuable lesson, might even be a good thing, dare I say it. I am sure Benitez will reflect on this, find the weakness of the defeat and make the team stronger come next season.

    Liverpool over the past few years, have proved that we can supply what is needed in europe, and with that experience, I am sure there will be many more great european nights, weather it be a CL final or a battle just to get through the qualifying rounds, scousers, dont worry we have it all to look forward to.

    Istanbul was 2 years ago, still fresh in the memory, but that is now histroy, same goes for the defeat last night, still hurts like hell. but time to move on. Season 2007 – 2008 is around the corner, no doubt it will be full of twists and turns, if and maybes, that was miles offside etc, it all adds to the drama and passion of the beautiful game.

    Well done Liverpool for getting to the final, it was a long road to get there, and we just didnt have it in us for that final push. You did us all proud, and may there be many more years ahead of us like that. Well done Milan, enjoy the moment, we will be chasing you next year.


    AC Milan dared Liverpool FC to take the CL cup and they failed at the challenge dismally; like Ahmed said they simply lack the quality to match AC’s class.

    It is true that tactics overshadowed excitement, but when it all came down to the final whistle, AC Milan had managed to outwit Rafa Benitez and to secure the championship.

    However, despite the lackluster finale, this AC Milan team will still go down in history as a legendary one for their immense presence throughout the last decade; with the exception of Maldini who has done it for a couple of decades.

    On the other hand, Liverpool have a lot of class-considerations to carry out if they hope to attain either or both the domestic and continental trophies. In simpler terms, they need to purchase world-class players to strengthen their squad. Nonetheless, in reaching two CL finals in three years, the current squad has an undeniably excellent core to build upon.

    For the time being one can only say FORZA MILANO, and good luck to Liverpool in the future!


  110. Ok once again I state that I am a Man Utd fan not a Liverpool one and I will once again state they were not out classed, if they were out classed then why didn’t that show to us neutrals???

    Anyway lets see Milan next season rise above united and Chelsea… United have already stipulated they will be signing 3 big players lord knows what Chelsea will do!!! But United will have another years experience with this young squad along with Hargreaves giving the defence some much needed cover.

    I think United can repeat the 99 treble… We have shown our undoubted quality this season domestically and next year we will show it in Europe as we will have a bigger squad to keep key players fresher.

    Milan remember were only playing for that Champions League the whole season due to some very corrupt people in Italy, You should be in serie b my friend 😉

  111. What a terribly anticlimactic final. These are some of my thoughts:

    Liverpool were bad and Milan were worse – the “best” team doesn’t always win. Milan had massive good fortune in getting that first goal, which they did not deserve, and it tilted everything from that point on in their favor. But on the whole they put in one of the poorest performances I’ve seen from a final winner in my life, up there with Greece 04.

    Liverpool are toothless – Kuyt is nowhere close to being world class and never will be, and their other attacking options don’t inspire much confidence

    Benitez had good tactics but poor team selection – this was covered well in a Guardian article and I fully agree. Zenden? Kuyt? Arbeloa on for Finnan with 5 minutes left…? Beware, those of you who think that now that he has “money” Liverpool are going to mount a serious challenge in the EPL. Most of his purchases to date have been substandard in my opinion, the few he’s bought that I think have clearly succeeded were no-brainers; in his time at Valencia, he was not the one who bought players.

    Milan had difficulty most of the night stringing 3 passes together – some players were absolutely brutal last night such as Seedorf. They defended more or less well, but the football they produced was horrendous at times.

    It was only exciting in the last 5 minutes. Other than that it was a dull match, with few opportunities, a host of imprecisions, and very little quality to be seen from either side.

    It’s only due to a lack of foresight on the part of UEFA that Milan was even able to play in the Champions’ League in the first place. UEFA has amended its statutes and the next time Milan cheats – I should say is caught cheating, God knows how many times they have actually cheated – they will not be allowed to compete.

    And believe me there will be a next time.

  112. Avrv I agree with your view on the cheating I wonder how much they paid Liverpool last night for that game to be fixed!!! Hey maybe that’s why Liverpool and Rafa have come out saying they have loads of money to spend because it cannot have come from the owners as they have basically done the same as the Glaziers did and they haven’t won anything??? food for thought eh???

  113. The game was what it was, because Liverpool playd as they did with Chelsea.. Killing the game at any cost.. (Such a one trick pony). Milan is not chelsea.. so, 2-1. Without Liverpool paying the referee (joking..)it could ended 3-1.. That “offside” of kaka at 70° min?????

  114. I thought lasts nights final was crap, infact i fell asleep for some of it. I blame the ref for a poorly run game with no flow although the teams did not help the situation.Am i right in thinking liverpool have won nothing this year? shame.

  115. .. sorry been busy for sometime … no need to give light to people that cannot accept to loose

  116. Roberto what are you on about?? you still havent explained the corruption in italia??? I hear Milan are funding Liverpools new signings!!!

  117. Robert, you write a long email, I think you oth protest too much, nice to see LFC get so much under your skin ! Almost since the game began, the history record reflects our team’s glory. Which pissy team do you support then, that you have to feel so bitter against this stallwart of the world game ?
    Socca – brilliant synopsis, inciteful and even-handed and thats AFTER I watched the game. My self I think on the day our ‘giro boys’ gave it all they had, nothing fancy but definatel had the majority of the game and Milan played ‘professional’ slowed it down – pulled out all the tricks, got a dodgy free kick leading to a flucky (hand-ball?) deflection and a cynical sit on the lead approach with flashes fo multi-million dollar genius for kaka et all. end of the day, win or lose, supporting Liverpool is always worthwhile, we will NEVER walk alone ! See you next time Milano

  118. Franz,
    You are obviously a total tosser. you take the piss out of the Giro boys so I like o imaginee you speak like you’ve a plumb up your arse and support some poncy london team (god please not chelsea), I love it when people like you get so bitter about how lucky/poor/boring/Eurpoe focused.whatever LFC are to the point of any excuse to explain why our little relatity poor team (by world/)Milan?) standards can bring it them, win OR lose. We WILL never walk alone :)

  119. how about you start firs writing an essey about EPL scandals..
    “Sign on, Sign on,
    with your giro in your hand,
    and you’ll never work again,
    Yoooooou’ll neeever work again!!

  120. Ops.. Utd fan….
    Well, well…… Look who we have here…. Brian of Nazareth’s mom with fake beard at the stoneing..
    Danevvo, please, after that Everton shit?? You of all coming to point a finger??? HAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

  121. Utd + Liverpool fans, you are allready are about to jump from the bridge.. just the last step.. Admit you lost to better team.. Accept the lost with crace. more step…

  122. liverpool should pull their socks to redeem themselves from the mess they are currently facing in UEFA. remembers your 6 minutes of madness, please be extra serious to improve your position the 2007/2008 UEFA champions calender. the forth coming finals will loose flavour if you don’t show us your known fighting spirit. GOOD LUCK LADS

  123. liverpool to win champions league. liverpool are quality in europe and everyone knows that, inter Milan will be worried about us i think we are the best english team in europe we can beat anyone specially at anfield. chelsea have a good chance so do manchester united. the manks are a good side but not better than liverpool in europe and am sure everyone knows that. the manks will win league title and it hurts me saying that becuase i want that so bad and at the moment we are not good enought at all. few years time we will have it and am sure we will. manchester united are good but i hate everyone from there specilly the manager chewy gob and fat boy wayne rooney. he thinks hes a scouser no chnace he is a wull like every mank cunt from manchester. liverpool shit all over them in europe and i hope we play them in semi final so we can fuck them and laugh at the manks.

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