EU calls Blatter’s proposed “6+5” rule illegal

EU calls Blatter’s proposed “6+5” rule illegal


Sepp Blatter yesterday made it clear that he wants to impose the “six plus five” rule in football by 2012. The rule states that teams have to have at least six home-grown players and at most five foreigners in their starting line-up in every game. However the move has now encountered public opposition from the EU.

Despite Blatter’s best efforts to try and make the move work with UEFA and the European Union, the rule now seems to be unlikely to go ahead. Europe’s Commissioner for Equal Opportunities said that such a rule would be discriminatory and illegal. However the EU have given the go-ahead for another rule, called the “home grown-players” rule, BBC reports.

This rule states that teams must register eight home-grown players for each Champions League or UEFA Cup campaign. By that ruling, a home-grown player would be a player of any nationality who was developed by the club between the ages of 15 and 21.

Sepp Blatter is not one to back off from his plans, especially with the influence he holds as far as everything football is concerned and he will look to do more to push his rule through.

[Source: BBC]

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  1. Finally! There is a use for the EU! It’s about time someone told Blatter his comments are ridiculous!

  2. I think any rule which basically forces managers to play certain players is a bad idea, players should be picked on merit only not passport. Why not bring in some incentive to develop local youth players?

  3. Anyone believing that Blatter has had some outbreak of conscience about the number of home grown players is living in cloud cuckoo land!
    The genie was out of the bottle when he stated in a Sky interview that he was unhappy at one nation having all of its teams still in the final stages of the champions league.
    On the face of it OK, except that he never mentioned this when it was Spanish teams or Italian teams, only when it is Premiership teams.
    Blatter hates the English. This stems back to when he illegally gerrymandered the voting of the FIFA presidency and the South African candidate, who actually won the vote (Aided by our FA) was disallowed from the competition by Blatter, who then basically took it over himself unlelected!
    He is a spiv of the worst kind, and any of his suggestions should be consigned to the round file at all times.
    The sooner this charlatan is removed from office, the better for all of football.

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