5 ‘Box-Office Superstars’ Manchester City will try to sign

5 ‘Box-Office Superstars’ Manchester City will try to sign


First Ronaldinho, now Henry – it seems that Manchester City, like it or not, are hell bent on making a star signing who can help raise the club’s profile across the world. Jo and Kompany are starts, but to really get things going Cook and co. want a BIG name.

With that in mind, here are 5 players who Manchester City should go for – even if they get just one, they should be top of the world, right?

The unspoken requirement is that these players must actually improve the current squad and at least last a couple of years.

Michael Ballack – his 3-year contract with Chelsea expires at the end of this season. He’s one of the best midfielders in the world and at City he’ll find the room to stamp his authority and sign off his career in style (and with a lot of money). He’s not going to win the Champions League though, unless he does that with Chelsea this year.

David Villa – The asking price drives suitors away but Manchester City have no such qualms. Villa’s pace and predatory finishing will make him an instant favourite in the Premier League and he could be the key to driving them to Champions League qualification.

Kaka – Of course it depends on how Milan do next season (another year out of Europe and he’s leaving) and how big a loan Shinawatra has to take out to pay for the transfer, but this one doesn’t even need explaining. Kaka will put City on the map.

Cristiano Ronaldo – To the man who has won everything, sometimes you need to give him a challenge big enough to suit his ego. In Ronaldo’s case, it’s the challenge to lead City to the Premier League title. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Igor Akinfeev – Best player to come out of Russia – Arshavin may hog the headlines (mainly thanks to the whoring of his agent) but Akinfeev is the Russian Peter Schmeichel and more than Kasper can ever be (sorry Kasper) – if Banks and Shilton and Schmeichel and Buffon and Casillas are legends of the past and the present, Akinfeev is the legend of the future.

All 5 players are just as likely to sign for City as Henry and as close to signing for City as Ronaldinho was. A very exciting time to be a Manchester City fan (sorry :) )….

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  1. Perhaps the only likely candidate is Villa, seeing as how he may make a stopgap move like Tevez did with West Ham.

    There’s no way Ballack will be sold by Chelsea (I’m a Blues fan :) ), or Kaka coming (he’ll leave only because of lack of CL, and how can City offer it?).

  2. yea I agree…I don’t think there’s any 1 name on that list that would consider Man City. This has to be a sarcastic blog and meant for laughs. Ronaldo, Villa, Kaka and Ballack would certainly add revenue for the club, but there’s that other think called a slim-to-none chance that any of them would join the squad. I don’t know too much on the Akinfeev guy. Oh, and incase you were wondering… Man Utd fan here.

    Thanks for the laugh and keep dreaming.

  3. wat u mean u dunno akinfeev!he’s the best keeper in the world and we’re gonna see lots n lots more from him soon!

  4. ok so I just saw some clips of him. Yea I agree. great Keeper.
    and to reply further on my message earlier…
    5 names I can think of that won’t exactly put City on the map but would be decent signings and more realistic for the club.
    1. Gudjohnsen – maybe not the greatest strike, and he’s not available according to what I hear, but he would be a decent striker up top.
    2. Quaresma – probabaly won’t happen but he’s more realistic than getting Ronaldo.
    3. Kompany – I know they got him already, but he is probabaly best pick up this summer. Jo was also good, i know.
    4. That Akinfeev guy – 😛 Hart did well this past weekend but it was against West Ham and an injured playing Ashton.
    5. Ashley Young – If you can get him away from Villa. He’s a great addition to any team.

  5. This is so stupid. Man City want Ronaldo, not cristiano Ronaldo. Would you ever get your facts straight. I hope he does come btw.

  6. Ahmed,

    hahaha…you’re right. I should’ve known better. Looks like Man City did make a point tho with the signing of Robinho.

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