4 Alternatives if Arsenal lose out on Suarez

4 Alternatives if Arsenal lose out on Suarez

Arsenal must strengthen in other areas

Luiz Suarez

With the Luis Suarez transfer on standby as the contract dispute carries on, Arsenal may need to start thinking of alternatives if the Suarez transfer doesn’t materialise. There are many other striking alternatives that arsenal could look at and here are 4 of them.

Christian Benteke

Despite withdrawing his transfer request this young Aston Villa striker may still be open to an offer from a champions league club. Benteke had an amazing debut season for Villa finding the net on 23 occasions, and at the young age of 22 he looks to continue improving as his career progresses. This would certainly be a good signing for arsenal due to his young age and premier league scoring record. Benteke is valued at around £25 million by Aston Villa.


Another potential target for Arsenal is Swansea’s Michu. Commonly known for his bargain price of £2 million pounds Michu had a Sensational debut season in the Premier league scoring on 22 occasions for the club. Michu is one of the biggest talents in England and he would certainly bring that much needed firepower in Arsenals attack. Valued at around £15 million this could be a real transfer bargain for Arsenal.

Wayne Rooney

Arsenal were heavily linked to Rooney at the beginning of the transfer window but a bid was never placed. Rooney is a proven premier league goal scorer and he has shown this season after season. He has scored 197 times for Manchester United and would certainly be the big signing Arsenal fans have been waiting for. If Arsenal were going to enquire about Wayne Rooney then they need to get a move on because Chelsea have already had two bids rejected.

Edin Dzeko

Manuel Pellegrini has insisted Edin Dzeko is in his plans this season, but that could all change following the arrivals of Alvaro Negredo and Stevan Jovetic. Despite the limited game time he receives, he comes with a record of 40 goals in 104 appearances since arriving in England in January 2011.Measuring in at 6 foot 4, Dzeko is hardly the epitome of the Arsenal style, but his strong and lanky frame could provide a platform for the likes of Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott to play off of, whilst he could also balance out the first team’s lack of aerial ability. Because of the new signings made dzeko may be available at a reasonable price too.

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  1. I’d take any one of those four apart from the vastly overrated one season wonder that is Michu, but Benteke has signed a new contract, Man United WON’T sell Rooney to Arsenal or Chelsea and Dzeko seems to be Pellegrini’s number one choice striker at Man City, so it’s back to square one. Jackson Martinez is an option or Benzema if Suarez goes to Madrid but time is running out and we are in trouble of falling behind Spurs rather than the supposed attempt to catch the top three. This is an embarrassing time to be an Arsenal fan, that is for sure.

  2. All these guys are ridiculous nominees. Almost all will be difficult to acquire and you know it!! Benteke just signed a contract extension, rooney wont be sold to an epl club,michu who? and dzeko that is lined up to play arsenal on sunday?
    i think your article has a sensational heading but lacks substance!!!

  3. Anzhi’s current financial situation could be a wonderful bargain for clubs around the World particularly in Europe.

    Samuel Eto’ is also on their transfer list along with Chris Samba and many others.

    Arsenal could break a deal with some of the players if they really want to challenge for titles this season.

  4. I would actually go for Benteke and he can add Rooney as well either of the players can be a striker or play behind a striker. Wenger should not waste any other chances and sign Benteke whether or not Suarez deal goes through

  5. We are running out of tym cos transfer window is getting to a finishing level…wenger pls act fast…

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