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Beijing 2008 Olympic Football Squads


Olympic Football squads for the 16 teams participating at the 2008 Olympics:

Squads for the 2008 Olympic Football Tournament can be submitted till 23rd July. As the remaining squad lists are published, they will be added to the site and linked to from the list below.

Group A

Ivory Coast

Group B


Group C

New Zealand

Group D

South Korea

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Comments (9)

  1. Nigeria is going to win the cup. I believe in them. In God we trust.

  2. it is pretty good and excellent condition that feel so confident with this wonderful nigeria olympic football team which has being keeping together as a team after 2005 world under 20 youth competition and team kept moving from strenght to strenght. infact for the first time after 1996 game,a new hope of olympic gold is on the rise.Up dream team4,Up Nigeria.

  3. SERBIA all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the best team and the team i’ll be rooting for will be the serbians. They are just truly amazing athletes and competitors and do their country proud.

  5. I wish nigeria the best of lucks, but disappointing us has recently become a tradition.I pray to GOD for a better transition this time (AMEN)

  6. Am die hard dream iv.i bliv wt GOD on our side,d gold s our.

  7. Am die hard dream iv fan.i av so much confidence in samson siasia nd his boys.the team has never failed us b4,nd ds time around they wil not dsapoint. i bliv wt GOD on our side,d gold s ours.

  8. Samson should just maintain the positive and dispassionate code of conduct he has been adopting and the guys should also strive the more to achieve. I believe, God on their side, they will print their names on the golden plate of history.

  9. goand get the cup in the name of jesus ;;;;;;;