FIFA 2008 World Player of the Year: Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA 2008 World Player of the Year: Cristiano Ronaldo


The FIFA World Player and FIFA Women’s World Player awards were announced in Zurich last night. Cristiano Ronaldo added the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year award to go with his Ballon D’Or and FIFPro awards, make a clean sweep of all awards he’s been nominated for this year.

Brazilian forward Marta, who will be playing in the WPS next season, won the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year award third time in a row.

The awards are voted on by captains and head coaches of every national team. The shortlisted finalists were:

2008 FIFA World Player Finalists

Kaká (Brazil)
Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
Fernando Torres (Spain)
Xavi (Spain)

2008 FIFA Women’s World Player Finalists

Nadine Angerer (Germany)
Cristiane (Brazil)
Marta (Brazil)
Birgit Prinz (Germany)
Kelly Smith (England)

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  1. Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal and Togo), Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid and Argentina), Andrei Arshavin (Zenit St Petersburg and Russia), Michael Ballack (Chelsea and Germany), Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus and Italy), Iker Casillas (Real Madrid and Spain), Deco (Chelsea and Portugal), Didier Drogba (Chelsea and Ivory Coast), Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona and Cameroon), Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal and Spain), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool and England), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan and Sweden), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona and Spain), Kaka (AC Milan and Brazil), Frank Lampard (Chelsea and England), Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina), Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich and France), Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United and Portugal), John Terry (Chelsea and England), Fernando Torres (Liverpool and Spain), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid and Netherlands), David Villa (Valencia and Spain) and Xavi (Barcelona and Spain).

  2. c.ronlado is the best he deserves the fifa award he is the superstar that made every thing in his ability to win the champion league and epl and scoring 42 goals and with talent and dripple with his team the red devils so he probably will take the award and others good luck…

  3. c.ronaldo is the world best nobody can get apart from him,
    other players knows is the best as he was voted the fifapro world footballer of the year carry go ronaldo you are the world best

  4. Lionel Messi is the most talented player on that whole list. anyone to think otherwise is silly and doesn’t know their soccer. Everyone on chelsea play well as a team but as individuals are just a little above avarage but i still believe that they are well collected as a whole and need to step up their game if they want to win any silver this year. So Go messi good and good luck!!!!!!!! u rock

  5. Ronaldo will win the award to add to his European player award, he deserves these awards, he has improved his game so much especially getting rid of all the diving. He should stay at United when he secures these player awards which he thinks so highly of

  6. c boy is the best player in the world when we talk of lovely football c boy is good. give it to c boy because deserves,make his dream come true like united state president OBAMA.let c ronaldo rule the world.ride on guy,u rock boy

  7. C. Ronaldo 7, Manchester United Portugal is the world best FIFA all the World top players knows that he deserved it this season even Jose Morinho would testified that this young God given talented player has really proved.

    And is fed for the WORLD BEST PLAYER 2008.

  8. Yeah, for sure of all the names, CR7 stands tall and deserves the award, no waste about that. He has over proved himself, a midfielder with 42 goals a season, and winning two important titles in the wake, he simply deserves all the awards coming his way. RONALDO FOR REAL

  9. Ronaldo.he is d master.he’s achieved even double of what Kaka did the previous doubt,its his year.

  10. Lionel Messi is the best Footballer of our time. There is none like him. Lionel Messi deserves this award without a doubt

  11. Lionel Messi is the best footballer i think i will ever see in my life time, but Ronaldo deserves the award. The award is given for performances in the year 2008 were Messi was out injued a lot, its not given out on present talent.

  12. Casillas deserves to be in there ahead of Kaka too, Steven Gerrard also had a brilliant 2008, better than Michael Owen or Frank Lampard the years they where drafted. Maybe the standard is just higher? I still think Gerrard should be in.

  13. Lionel Messi

    student more famous than teacher

  14. ronaldo really deserce it at most even if he wasnt good at euro 2008 he still deserce it 42 goals are no words to say for that he is a legend and for a winker unbelivebule

  15. The winner will be C.Ronaldo… but in my opinion L.Messy is way better… but what can u do…
    Anyway does anyone Know the time the award show starts??
    if u do send the answer to “” thanks…

    PS: my favourite player is Ronaldinho Gaucho!!!!

  16. if not c ronaldo who else. messi keep on going on injury and ma man will keep on perfoming he derserve it and he will get it

  17. If the price for who is did the most in 2008, no doubt the price is for Ronaldo, now the price is for the best player a Messi is far far away better player than ronaldo. As a player ronaldo is not far away better thatn his team mate rooney

  18. There isn’t one English or British player nominated in the Top 10 for this award. So much for the alleged positive benefits for English soccer of the foreigners in the Premier league.

  19. Lionel Messi will win 2009 FIFA World Player of The Year and Ballon d’Or or someone make him injuried,hahahaha!!!congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aviero…

  20. This is a never ending story. Messi and Ronaldo are the best players out there right now. Bottom line is Ronaldo won everything this year and Messi hasn’t won anything for two straight years. Be realistic, if Messi was the best Barcelona would’ve kicked ass the past two years, they didn’t, Man Utd did leaded by Ronaldo. For as much as you guys love Messi and his style, he’s not the best. Even Torres had a better year than him, but the achievements apparently mean nothing when the world is stupid enough for being in love with a dude that is starting to carry his team after Ronladinho left. Messi scores terrific goals, but in the end, he can score a 100 goals in one season, but if he doesn’t win any titles then it doesn’t make sense. Now see the facts before running your mouth. Messi is good, very good, but not the best yet.

  21. yeah, i agree ronaldo had a great season last year but that doesn’t make him world’s best. We’re talking about a standing form here and that’s what lionel messi’s got. He is the one who deserves to be footballer of the year and infact, messi is the world’s best footballer, now or ever. You can quote me any where!

  22. i think the man deserved to be crowned as the best player of world coz he work hard allthe season with maximum sucess for him self and his team bravo ronny

  23. Man Utd > Barca as a team last season.

    However, Messi > Ronaldo as a player last season (and this).

    Thus Messi deserved to win the award of best PLAYER. Team-wise Man Utd wins hands down, however player wise, Messi wins.

    Remember football is a team game and the best TEAM wins. Not player. CRonaldo couldn’t win the double all by himself could he?

    And if Messi scored an average of 100 goals per month last season, I don’t doubt he’d have won the Ballon D’Or in addition to the FIFA world player of the year, even if Barca didn’t win anything.

  24. my opinion is that, every body knows that c.ronaldo deserves the world best player of the season, even lionen messi who contest the award with c. ronnaldo.

  25. in times of total performance an result attained in 2007-2008 C.ronaldo deserves d FIFA WORLD BEST AWARD.but believe it or not with injuiry free on both players;with equal playing times;for a full season;C.RONALDO will never be able to measure up with LIONNEL MESSI.MESSI is more skilfull more speedy more trickish more experience kind of player than C.R….In brief 2008 was GOD Ordained year for BIG C.MESSI IS D WOLRD BEST PRESENTLY.

  26. My point is the entire world loves Messi because of the way he plays. I agree, he’s fantastic, but his displays didn’t brought titles. My 100 goal comment is just an example, I bet that if for example a Costa Rican player, an Egypt player or someone outside Europe scores an incredible amount of goals he wouldn’t even be nominated. Perhaps nominated, but wouldn’t make it to the top 5. The Messi-ah and CR7 are completely different players with different characteristics. All I say is Ronaldo’s displays right now brought titles and worldwide recognition along with a bunch of individual awards. Sad for you all Messi lovers, he didn’t won anything and that’s what makes Ronaldo better right now. Next year, I don’t know, maybe Elano will be the worlds greatest. Again, Messi is terrific, but the best is the one that wins everything or at least the biggest prizes. But, I have no doubt, Messi will win the award at some point. Maybe, more than once.

  27. One more thing, neither Messi or Ronaldo can win the trophies alone, that’s completely true, but the Barcelona team from the past two years was way better than Man Utd’s and still Ronaldo’s team won. And also, the Premiership is more competitive than La Liga. And again, Man Utd came on top. That proves my point I hope.

  28. D current world best is cr7,you critics,keep on,hence you don’t achieve ur aim on messi if Barca is trophiless.You better accept d verdict so dat u concentrate on d current campaign.

  29. Ronaldo happened to be in the right team at the right time. He’s a good player but not the best; Man U is a good team but not the best. In my opinion Barca played better football then Man U in last year’s Champions League. Chelsea, for that matter, was actually the best team on the night in last year’s final. That’s what makes football so great and interesting. And if anybody really thinks the Premiership is more competitive than La Liga then I suggest they get sky and watch the Spanish games on the weekend. Spanish footbal has always underachieved in terms of trophies but the style is miles better than anything I’ve seen in the Premiership the last few years. And as far as Alex Ferguson is concerned, he never would have lasted in a top Spanish team for more than a few years. They’re expected to win the European Cup every year and on top of that play good football.

  30. CR7 deserved the award for last year, nobody can even argue against that. However, no-one can argue that Messi is the best player in the world. If you don’t agree, then you simply haven’t watched enough Spanish football. Messi shines in a team including Eto, Henry, Iniesta, and Xavi who are that good they would get into most peoples top 10/15 in the world! In fact Xavi did get into the top 5 FIFA World Player this year, Henry has in the past(2003 & 2004) as has Eto(2005) and Iniesta will be there before too long(maybe even 2009). Yet Messi looks a completely different class to these already stunningly good footballers.

  31. Yet again, after watching more La Liga and Premiership football, I still think Messi and barcelona are miles ahead of CR and Man U. It doesn’t mean Barca are going to take the Champions Cup off Man U, though. It’s clear factors other than pure skill are taken into account when awarding the FIFA world footballer award; it seems to be linked with European Cup success. That is probably why a Barcelona player hasn’t won it since they last triumphed in that competition. Messi 2 years in a row in second place in an anomaly that should be put straight next year. He has been by far the best player in the world the last 2 years, in terms of raw talent, but unfortunately doesn’t have the award because he hasn’t won anything with Barcelona. Does this mean CR will win it again if Man U triumphs in Europe even though he has become pretty average and Man U play ugly but effective football? I fear the answer is probably yes.Just look at Torres: a good player but is he really better than the likes of Xavi and deserve to finish 3rd in the world this year? No, I think not.Politics and knee jerk reactions seem to play a major part in deciding who deserves to become FIFA’s best player in the world.

  32. Everyone can discuss how Messi might be better than CR but the bottom line is that people forget the criteria for such award: CR met all the criteria requirements to witn this award. The professionals in the field picked CR and it was not even a close race as CR got more than Messin and Torres points combined. Let’s be real here !!!
    As for comments re: Messi and Barca being better than CR and MU, what matters are the tittles. If Barca is a better team than Mu and if Messi is better than CR and if Barca has better players than MU, how does anyone explain the lack of wins/titles by Barca?? These comments just prove how good CR really is … according to some he is not the best and does not play on the best team, imagine if he was the best … Please people, let’s leave our “love” for a certain player and see reality!!! CR & MU were the BEST in 2008!! Congrats CR – You are truly the best in the world!!

  33. What a joke! These people that think Messi is the best in the world need their IQ’s tested. If people can simply be honest and provide some unbiased opinions, your posts might be worth reading. It is clear that their are two players in the world that are simply in a class of their own….those two players are clearly Ronaldo and Messi. To say Messi has far more skill than Ronaldo is complete rubish and those who voiced that thought have shown they can’t have intellegent, unbiased conversations. Watch Ronaldo with the ball at his feet and tell me anyone in the world is FAR better than he is….complete rubbish. Bottom line is Messi has far more weapons on his team and still can’t score as many goals as CR7 does. There is no measurement that would reveal that Messi is better than Ronaldo….not stats, not team success, not skill level. Ronaldo was clearly the best in the world this year. My final point is, do any of you even know how this trophy is awarded????? This is voted on by the national team coaches and captians and the OVERWHELMING majority chose Ronaldo….Case Closed!

  34. Yes, a team that plays beautiful football in now in the final with us. Even I have to admit we were soooo lucky to win the champions last year;afterall, we were dominated by |Barca in the semifinals and only a lucky strike by scholes saved us.In the final itself we ended up the victors out of sheer luck;chealsea had a few balls off the post and even slipped up on penalities.As much as I had to admit it, we are good but we are even more hype!! Yers, I hope we win, but i also know Barca plays the way we all dream about.Chelsea can moan but at the end of the day they only had 30% possession and could hardly keep the ball for more than 4-6 passes.barca are not only good at keeping the ball but also at getting it back.And also messi does seem to outshine Ronaldo.I hate to say it but barca are better than us.

  35. I think the facts are clear regarding the tie with Barcelona:we were only able to play one game strategy i.e defending.i saw he game on sky and am shocked by the way the media (TV and newspapers) totally gave a biased summary.The way they described the match it was as if we were dominating the game.i do feel we should have had a couple of penalties but in the first match Barcelona should have had 2 also.I think the best team went through and we should start realising that the premiership isn’t as technical and free flowing as european football. We know how to play for results, barcelon knows how o play football.Congratulations to Barcelone.They should go win the final but ManU is a feisty team and Barcelona although they have reached the final 5 or 6 times they have only won it twice. As far as messi vs Ronaldo, I agree with |\manuFan before me, Messi is far better than Ronaldo

  36. I can’t believe we’ve made the final again.Luck is with us!I honestly think Chelsea deserved to lift the trophy last year as not only did they outplay us we were lucky to beat Barcelona anyway. Such is life, I know!
    This year i think we’ve played not great football but we’ve churned out the results.In terms of play and skill I think barcelona outclass us but we’re better at finals!
    I just want a good game of football and, hopefully, we’ll win through play and not by a holding strategy.

  37. It’s nice to read some objective opinions even more so when they come from Man U and Chelsea fans.
    I’ve followed the Premiership, La Liga and the Champions this year and can say, in my opinion, Spanish football style is a joy to watch. Don’t forget that Spain is the current European Champion and for once lived up to their footballing skill. Unfortunately I think the Spanish national side and teams like barcelona are prone to underachieving because their style is art. They just refuse to defend. The Premiership is monotonous, bland and all hype. Look at our national side, we can’t compete with the likes of Spain.
    Anyway,I hope to see a cracking game of football in this year’s final and I sincerely hope the team which has played the best football throughout the competition wins. Sadly physical graft is likely to overcome footballing skill.
    As far as Ronaldo is concerned perhaps he deserved the fifa worldfootballer award but only because United managed to win the Champions and the Premiership. This year he’s been mediocre. Messi, on the other hand, has played to the same level the last 2-3 years. i think his time will come next year.

  38. Hopefully all those who maintained, up until lastnight, that ManU are better than Barca and Ronaldo better than Messi are now eating humble pie.Real football was the winner lastnight and Barca, as a team, and Messi, as an individual, proved without a doubt that ManU, although a good team, is no where near the levels demonstrated by Barsa.
    Well done Barsa! Well done Messi!

  39. Man, Messi got robbed for world player of the year in 2008. If he doesn’t get it for 2009, I don’t know wtf I’m gonna do!!! GO MESSI U ROCK!

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