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08-09 Champions League 2nd Round Draw


This article refers to an earlier version of the Champions League draw. Go to the latest Champions League draw article.

The draw for the 1st knockout round (Round of 16) of the UEFA Champions League took place at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland, at 12:00 CET Friday.

Keeping with its tradition, Soccerlens brought you the draw LIVE as the 8 matches were drawn.

Full Playoff draw table after the jump.


2008/09 UEFA Champions League
Round of 16
to be played 24/25 February & 10/11 March


Sporting Lisbon
Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid
FC Porto
Olympique Lyonnais
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
AS Roma
Inter Milan
Inter Milan
Manchester United
Man Utd


12:22 This concludes our live webcast of the 2008-09 Playoffs draw on Soccerlens. Thank you again for joining us, and we’ll see you all in 2009 for some very exciting UCL action.

12:20 Some pretty fantastic match-ups in this year’s UCL Playoffs draw. The recurring theme of the day seems to be “Italy vs. England”, “Serie A vs. Premier League”. Can the Italians claim back their throne as the best European league, a title which was has been eluding them since the late 90′s? We shall see in February!

12:18 And lastly, INTER MILAN vs. MANCHESTER UNITED!! This, ladies & gentlemen, is undoubtedly the clash of the 2nd round. Serie A champions vs. EPL champions. Can the Nerazzurri finally put the European naysayers to rest?

12:17 Then we have ARSENAL vs. ROMA!! And yet again, Roma picks an English team!! Let’s hope for Spalletti that Emirates Stadium doesn’t turn into another Theatre of Dreams Nightmares.

12:16 Three more to go, most of the English teams left. REAL MADRID VS. LIVERPOOL!! The Merengues are hurting, but can the Reds’ incredible form in Europe continue?

12:15 Atletico Madrid vs. Porto. Iberian peninsula draw, with the “other” Madrid team facing the Portuguese 2007-08 Liga Sagres champions.
Lyon vs. Barcelona!! That’s another very good one! Les Bleus à l’honneur: it’s Thierry Henry vs. Karim Benzema, France’s current striking partnership.

12:13 Two more matches drawn. Villarreal vs. Panathinaikos (good pick for the Spaniards I’d say), and Sporting vs. Bayern Munich. Also good pick for the Germans.

12:12 First match: CHELSEA vs. JUVENTUS!!! Claudio Ranieri facing his old club!!! What a match-up!

12:10 Draw procedure is being explained again. For reference see below. The draw BEGINS!

12:05 The FINAL of this year’s UEFA Champions League will take place in Rome this year. Representing the glorious Italian capital, Roma legend Bruno Conti.

12:02 Thank you for joining us. Pre-draw ceremonies have begun, namely a presentation of the 16 qualified teams, highlights from the group stage.


Draw Procedure

  1. 1st-ranked teams from the Group Stage will be drawn to play against 2nd-ranked teams (i.e. the group winners cannot be drawn against each other, and the group runners-up cannot be drawn against each other).
  2. The winners and runners-up of the same group cannot be drawn against each other.
  3. Clubs from the same country cannot be drawn against each other.
  4. The group runners-up shall play their 1st-leg match at home.


2008/09 UEFA Champions League
Group Stage Results – Group Winners & Runners-up
Group winners
Group runners-up
Roma (ITA)
Chelsea (ENG)
Panathinaikos (GRE)
Inter Milan (ITA)
Barcelona (ESP)
Sporting (POR)
Liverpool (ENG)
Atlético Madrid (ESP)
Manchester United (ENG)
Villarreal (ESP)
Bayern Munich (GER)
Lyon (FRA)
Porto (POR)
Arsenal (ENG)
Juventus (ITA)
Real Madrid (ESP)


The table below outlines all the possible pairings for the draw. First knockout round is to be played on February 24/25 and March 10/11.


Possible pairings in Friday’s Round of 16 Playoffs Draw:


Arsenal Arsenal Chelsea Chelsea Liverpool Liverpool Man Utd Man Utd
     Roma      Panathinaikos      Inter Milan      Inter Milan
     Panathinaikos      Barcelona      Sporting      Sporting
     Barcelona      Bayern Munich      Villarreal      Atletico Madrid
     Bayern Munich      Porto      Lyon      Lyon
     Juventus      Juventus      Real Madrid      Real Madrid

Atletico Madridl Atl. Madrid Barcelona Barcelona Villarreal Villarreal Real Madrid Real Madrid
     Roma      Chelsea      Roma      Roma
     Panathinaikos      Inter Milan      Panathinaikos      Panathinaikos
     Manchester United      Lyon      Liverpool      Liverpool
     Bayern Munich      Arsenal      Bayern      Manchester United
     Porto      .      Porto      Bayern Munich
     Juventus      .      Juventus      Porto

Inter Milan Inter Milan Juventus Juventus AS Roma Roma FC Porto Porto
     Barcelona      Chelsea      Sporting      Chelsea
     Liverpool      Sporting      Atletico Madrid      Inter Milan
     Manchester United      Atletico Madrid      Villarreal      Atletico Madrid
     Bayern Munich      Villarreal      Lyon      Villarreal
     Porto      Lyon      Arsenal      Lyon
     .      Arsenal      Real Madrid      Real Madrid

Bayern Munich Bayern Olympique Lyonnais Lyon Sporting Lisbon Sporting Panathinaikos Panathinaikos
     Chelsea      Roma      Roma      Chelsea
     Inter Milan      Panathinaikos      Panathinaikos      Sporting
     Sporting      Barcelona      Liverpool      Atletico Madrid
     Atletico Madrid      Liverpool      Manchester United      Villarreal
     Villarreal      Manchester United      Bayern Munich      Lyon
     Arsenal      Porto      Juventus      Arsenal
     Real Madrid      Juventus      .      Real Madrid



So what do you want to see out of the Round of 16 draw? Let us know in the comments.

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Comments (27)

  1. suprisingly, I agree with the liverpool prediction. Rafa would absolutely love to take down Real Madrid and he would put his all behind it. However, for us dedicated Liverpool fans who suffered through the painstaking preseason, I would definitely not like to draw Villareal.

    Honestly, I’d like Sporting or Lyon.

    We’ll just have to see.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Woop woop i think we will get thrashed by Panathanikos 4-0 in the 2nd round and the mighty POOL will win it.

  3. Bring on Inter or Madrid. Jose vs Benitez or nando and benitez to gun down madrid. Looking at the Inter and Madrid forums they are absoloutley adament not to draw us but i hhope they do because ties like that are what the champions league is all about

  4. I would like to see Manchester United v Real Madrid. I have wrote my own review about the draw.

  5. I personally think that this season anyone in the second position has a better chance of progression!!!

  6. Any of Barcelona’s possible opponents seem like a Champions league final already. There are a lot of good 2nd placed teams this year. I’m particularly interested in how far Juventus and Bayern will go this year… they were absent from the competition last year and to become group winners is a feat.

  7. Despite a lot of the talk going on I don’t believe for a minute that any of the English teams, Barca, Real or Inter would choose to face each other at this stage. Why would you want to run the risk of elimination compared with facing (say) Atletico, Sporting, Porto, Lyon etc.?

    Some funny choices in the article though. Roma would prefer Real to Atletico?
    And why all the Least Wanted slots for Liverpool? Wait and see what difference it makes if they are still in contention in the PL with all the pressure that brings!

  8. I agree Villareal in pre season was painful to watch. Based on form right now Liverpool and Barca are the top teams he cant take a guess at the future he has to do it on current form

  9. @Brain – I don’t trust Pool to do anything in the league, but I do trust them to do the business in Europe as they have in the past few years. Its based on past and current form.

    Roma v Real – they beat them before, plus Real aren’t exactly the hottest ticket right now.

    United for Real – that was put in for fun, I think it would make for a great match and the psychological factor behind it would give United an edge (if there’s one match Ronaldo better perform in, it would be that one). But as someone said via email (will put that article up in a bit), without Rooney a big game like this could be lost just as easily.

  10. I want to see the Rainieri vs Chelsea draw.. then hope so we have to face Barsa and we will win that match :D

  11. I would like all England Team qualified so as to meet again in the Final but i trust my Team, i want to see Ronaldo, Evra, Rooney, Tevez, Ferdinand and Baban Yaro Anderson and Rahpeal De-silver performing well. Sir use your initiative to carry again. Real Madrid and Inter Milan can never be a stable block to Manchester United.

  12. I ‘m a die hard realmadrid fan and i will prefer to meet man u in the second round. I knw we will beat them just like old times.

  13. C’mon Bayern. Show the world the Deutsche Fussball

  14. given the blues form in europe this season i dont think we can survive in this ko phase

  15. Huge draw! It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that ALL 4 EPL teams could go out! Of course a lot depends on form/injuries etc. when the time comes.

    You’d have to say that Arsenal and Chelsea have the easier ties but neither Juve or Roma will be push-overs. Ranieri back to Chelsea will be nostalgic. A true gentleman.

    Liverpool v Real is a huge game. Stuttering from from both at the moment.

    But the pick of the round has to be Inter v Utd. One potential competition winner will bite the dust here! AND the added spice of Mourinho returning to Old Trafford. How long before the mumbling parrot starts to utter his gibberish in the build-up? It has probably started as I write.

    But for those who get through……will anyone fear the winners of:

    Villarreal v Panathinaikos
    Sporting Lisbon v Bayern Munich
    Atletico Madrid v Porto

    in the quarter finals?

    Yes, a real test at this stage for the English teams but get through and they’ll have a very good chance of getting to the semi’s.

  16. these are my predictions:
    A. juventus to qualify.
    B. villarreal to qualify.
    C. bayern munich to qualfy.
    D. atletico madrid to qualify.
    E. barcelona to qualfy.
    F. liverpool to qualify.
    G. roma to qualify.
    H. inter milan to qualify.

    but the finals will be liverpool vs barcelona.
    i will bet my last coin on liverpool to lift the cup again.

  17. Really ohene? I’ll gladly take your last coin!

    Very balanced predictions. Kudos. :)

  18. predictions for these ties should be fun, the results not so much.

  19. hahaha…inter vs man utd…champions are going out early it seems

  20. Very cryptic Ahmed…meaning??

  21. I think he means this time, Man Utd is running a serious risk of not making it past the first playoff round. :P

    Then again, Inter are well-known European chokers, so…

  22. I mean that there are a lot of potential finals being played in these playoffs, and we’re going to see some big teams go out very early.

    Of course United will wipe the floor with Inter, that’s the last game I’m concerned with.

  23. Whao! a suprised one.Come next year a tough and interesting match is will be seen.But at Rome in the final FCBarcelona will be the champion(amen)

  24. i hope ahmed doesnt hate and erase my post but united must be shaking in the nickers u have a coach who has butcherd uniteds midfield chelski and fc porto and far as arsenal oh god either arsenal will hit or miss roma will drop back and wait like always arsenal to expose there back four and make menez look like the second coming of franck ribery this is where technique composure and tactics are valued the most not brute stength or speed chelsea juventus barely beat FC Cluj last game london was about to begin a riot….this the only thing that matters now fellas the big european crown!! lets go to the war as in the movie gladiator…gladiators i salute u!!

  25. i couldnt even read half that paragraph (guy 1 above). Might as well have written blahblahblah 30 times.

    It looks we might actually get an entertaining knockout this year, instead of English domination. I could easily see a semi-final of 1 Italy, 1 Spain, 1 England, 1 Germany/Portugal. Bayern won the lottery that and got Lisbon which every 1 seed wanted. Let’s hope we don’t choke on the christmas present.

  26. Real againts liverpool…. that tough one.. but i think real can handle it…. juande ramos transform the team 360′ but… liverpool seriously good at europe…. last time they meet is at 1982 i think, and M.U will lose againts inter, believe me. Real againts liverpool already look likes a final match…. ><